3 Inspirational Women From STEM Courses To Motivate Your Child: International Women’s Day

STEM or better known as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is a combined discipline that supports an individual’s career choices in respective fields. All the four studies that are required in the STEM degree program are crucial for real-life challenges and help a student to get fruitful learning and obtain hands-on experience for different professions. 

STEM is popular to provide academic support and mental nourishment in terms of logical thinking, critical analysis, problem-solving techniques, which are required to discover one’s professional interest. One who is pursuing a STEM course would find it easy to portray things via an analytical mindset, calculate the pros and cons of an opportunity, and summarize effective solutions. This comes from practicing STEM and can be used at every stage of life.

The prime advantage of taking up a STEM course is the development of the creative mindset of a person, which otherwise would not have been done. It is completely evident that students who study STEM tend to make career choices in a very efficient way and explore different skills with utmost curiosity. As it gives you access to quadruple fields, you learn to develop innovatively and foster team skills that open your way to a large number of occupations. 

Being a modern woman, it is of utmost significance that you should develop skills for your choice of career. Women from across the globe have realized the importance of making a stable career choice, which is why they seek mentorship for STEM courses to hone their skills and get qualified for services. Women and girls have always been kept away from technical studies, as it was said to be a man’s pursuit. However, with the demolition of the gender gap in occupation, the STEM fields are employing more and more women to eliminate the gender biases in order to set role models for the rest of the female folks. 

  • Margaret Hamilton

Margaret Hamilton was one of the first female directors of the software engineering division that helped NASA to develop an on-board flight software. Her contribution to science and mathematics is renowned for the guidance and navigation system she created that helped astronauts to land successfully on the Moon. She is also renowned for decoding the program in only written format, that led to a pile of multiple books, tall enough to contend with an individual standing next to it. Since there was never enough time for astronauts to react to a hardware failure in space, she came up with an idea to build a software program that not only compensated for the hardware concern but also supported the skillful Moon landing.

She specialized in Computer Science and learnt Mathematics at Michigan University to conceptualize the software program for Apollo Moon landing. If we take the subjects that she pursued into consideration, it is evident that STEM supported her plan to instrument the moon landing program and successfully marked herself in history with an exceptional coinage. 

As parents, you can definitely motivate your child to pursue what interests her and consider options for career in the future. STEM is experiencing a great inflow of jobs across various platforms and professions, be it data scientist, software program and development, mathematician, etc. 

  • Sally Ride

Nicknamed as ‘Bear’, Sally Ride was the first female astronaut who went into space via a shuttle mission and her primary work consisted of monitoring and functioning the robotic arm that sent satellites into space. She pursued Physics and made history in the year 1983 when she flew into space. Her fondness for engineering science, and mathematics helped her pursue her dream to become an astronaut. Her role significantly sheds light on how women should chase their dreams and believe in the ideas. STEM encouraged her while she studied physics and mathematics in the initial days of her career and was termed the first female American astronaut. 

  • Mary Maynard Daly

Marie Maynard was famous for her interest in biochemistry and became the first African American female to successfully earn a Ph.D for her contributions to the field of Chemistry. By overcoming racial discrination and social-race biases, she led with example to develop special programs and pursued to increase the minority population in the medical fields in schools. With STEM, she mastered health hazards caused by cigarettes, how it could affect the lungs, sugar control in the human body and diverse scientific researches related to it. 

STEM significantly talks about four different fields but is brought together so it can be learnt via a degree program. There are ample benefits of encouraging your child to study STEM so as to enhance their critical thinking abilities and help develop a skillful mindset. If you plan to do so, try consulting a private tutor for this cause. Landon Schertz has the expertise in providing information and curriculum related to STEM and has helped many students ace their entrance assessments. As a tutor, it’s his passion that drives him to solely help your child realize his/her potential and the sheer importance of STEM courses for their better future. Contact us soon for more details and we would love to be your child’s guiding light!