5 Reasons To Study English Literature

English Literature has been part of the education system for years. There is a lot of value in studying English Literature because it offers people an opportunity to explore, express, and communicate. Knowing English Literature is vital as it makes you able to handle complex ideas, find patterns, and interpret information in a broader setting.

Studying English Literature encourages a philosophical debate as well as diplomatic responses to many issues. Studying English Literature enriches your life. This enables you to be compassionate regarding a range of people across cultures and time, as well as a sustained immersion in literary arts. English Literature enhances your understanding of various intellectual traditions and cultures. Studying English Literature helps you develop a thorough and extensive knowledge of literary history, critic, and theories.

5 Reasons to Study English Literature
It develops critical thinking

Studying English Literature aids in sharpening your analytical skills; you also develop your critical thinking. English Literature enables you to have critical thinking regarding complex issues and from different perspectives; for example, you learn to consider literary texts from many different perspectives. It opens your mind to a world of creativity and inspiration, which helps you make better sense of the world through novels, plays, poems, and stories. There are also advanced seminars for English Literature Students, which exposes them to new horizons. As such, they consider a variety of literary studies’ special topics. Such topics are Literature and religion, Literature and Gender, Literature and the visual arts, etc.

Broadens horizons

Studying English Literature helps you to broaden your horizons from the texts of literary classics and slave narratives, prison testimonies, protest Literature, and working-class writing. It exposes you to specific modules and genres. These modules focus on adolescence, masculinity, the crisis of contemporary capitalism, race, terrorism in America, madness, and place and belonging, among others. English Literature students who do creative writing get published instruction from published fiction writers and poets as they work on their original thesis project in either creative non-fiction, fiction, or poetry. This aids in broadening horizons.

Develops transferable skills

Studying English Literature helps you develop skills that employers are looking for in employees. You get to develop transferable skills by engaging in planning and leading activities, annotated bibliographies, group presentations, and group presentations. It gives you a platform to participate in collaborative blogging and contribute to archives online. All these help you develop skills that are very vital to employers, such as report writing, presentation skills, teamwork, digital skills, and analytical skills. It also sharpens your ability to write, read, persuade, analyze, and make decisions, which are very crucial and transferable skills.

Exciting placements

Students of English Literature who take up the English Work Experience modules can get exciting placements and traveling opportunities. Such placements are in, for example, creative industries and heritage, international development, charities, and teaching, among others. It also gives you a chance to study abroad using such modules as the Working in the USA module. Studying English Literature ensures you get a cultural education and appreciate such things as philosophy and art, and cultivating a cultural appreciation is vital in the modern-day.

Aids in every career option

English is considered the language of most careers such as science-related, aviation, technology, tourism, and hospitality. As such, studying English Literature improves your chances of getting a job in a global economy. It helps you advance transferable skills, which are crucial for career options and job placements. English is considered one of the traditional subjects, and just like mathematics, it will always appeal to employers.

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Studying English Literature helps you develop skills that are vital to the global environment today. Students of English Literature get into programs that offer them opportunities to participate in a high-level study of Literature. This is crucial in cultivating their abilities in innovation, writing, and advanced interpretation, among others. It grants a sense of high achievement in critical reasoning and analysis.