5 Ways a private tutor will help your child with a learning disability to transition to college

Landon Schertz knows that transitioning from high school to college for anyone is an exciting, but yet exhausting and sometimes frustrating experience. Heading to college is a definitive mark signifying moving from adolescence to adulthood. Add that dynamic to the young adult suffering from a learning disability. The stresses and frustration of prepping for college can be a bit more magnified.

The good news is that if your child suffers from a learning disability he or she is not alone. Over recent decades learning disabilities have increased. Thus, more solutions have been discovered even as it relates to college. Your child does not have to figure out this journey alone, but can you use the power of having a private tutor at their side.

This where Landon Schertz can be beneficial to this process. This service seeks to show you very specific ways that a private tutor can be a great benefit to helping your child transition into their college journey.

A Private Tutor Will Break Down the Process Regulating it in Line with Their Needs

It’s widely known that the process of getting from the last year of college into the first year of college is hard. There are lots of steps. There are lots of requirements. There’s lots of information to intake. It is quite an overwhelming process.

Having a private tutor can help break down the process into a structure that is much easier to follow and understand. A private tutor can help create a roadmap out of all the noise and bring things down to simple steps. Not just any steps, but steps that are in line with what your child needs. Someone like Landon Schertz can be that one to bridge the difficult gap between the last year of high school to successfully entering college.

Help You Find the Right College that Matches the Needs of Your Child

Finding the right college that helps your child succeed while managing learning disabilities can be like jumping through hoops. However, when you have a private tutor with a long history in education and college prep, that actually will never need to be the concern of you or your child. Landon Schertz understands the pressure, and strategically alleviates it.

A private tutor will already have a mental list of colleges that are keen and set up on knowing how to handle those with learning disabilities, with a combined knowledge of the intricacies of your child’s needs. The process of finding the right connection just got a lot easier.

Work on Highlighting Your Child’s Strengths

Private tutors help to improve areas of struggle. However, when it is time to focus on transitioning to college, it is more efficient and productive to focus on amping up and developing your child’s strength. At times certain young adults can have insecurities about their learning disabilities. Having certain types of insecurities can decrease motivation, and cause paralyzing fears and stepping forward into their college career. Making it almost a fearful endeavor trying to pursue a college education.

That’s why it’s so important to focus on developing their strengths. It greatly boosts their self-esteem. They know what they have and there is an arsenal to be successful in the long run. It could be used as a tool of motivation to keep going through every phase. Landon Schertz provides those tools.

Carry Out Necessary Evaluations

College evaluations can be nerve-wracking for anyone. The way to circumvent the weightiest of that is to do some trial runs beforehand. With a private tutor at your child’s side, mini mock evaluations can be implemented to help with the learning curve of how they work and to build confidence in doing it when it comes to the real deal.

When it is time to take those real-life evaluations, a private tutor can be there to reinforce and remind your child of certain protocols and things worked through during mock evaluations.

Work on Increasing the Grade on Result Charts

Carrying evaluations are great because one can actually see where their child is really at. Then a game plan can be constructed to help increase grades. To help ensure readiness for the next round of evaluations. Having a private tutor is incredibly beneficial to helping your child be ahead of the competition because customized solutions in line with your child’s needs can be made.

How Can Landon Schertz Be of Service?

The great thing about how Landon Schertz can be of help to this whole process is the years of experience in getting young adults ready for college. Whether they have learning disabilities or not. Having someone like Landon as support for all of the college evaluations, updates, and acceptance process, and enrollment is a powerful resource to have.

As times are changing because of what our nation is facing, having a private tutor that is in touch and in tune with the changes is priceless.