5 Ways learning advanced vocabulary will help you prep for college

There have been many programs over the years that have sought to boost adolescent’s educational skills and learning abilities. For many years now there has been no shortage of college prep courses, classes, and workshops. All of those can definitely be beneficial to prep young adults for college.

Unbeknownst to many, there is another powerful route to go, and that is at advanced vocabulary. Landon Schertz applauds this method of college prep. The ones that do know that advanced vocabulary is a multi-faceted way to be more successful in life use it to their advantage. This resource serves to show you five ways that advanced vocabulary is a powerful method to prep young adults for college.

Improves Reading Comprehension

Landon Schertz believes that reading comprehension does well to increase one’s communication and intelligence. The more you can remember what you read, the smarter you become. Additionally, when advanced vocabulary has been pursued it makes reading comprehension speed up quite a bit.

Why? Well, one is not going through the dictionary trying to understand what a word means and placing its context. Having a solid and well-rounded vocabulary eliminates a lot of that and makes reading comprehension a lot more smooth and effective.

Improves Writing

The English language is indeed a complicated one. Vocabulary is so expansive and one word can have various meanings. The more one can grapple with all that English vocabulary has to offer the better writer they will be. Writing is a fundamental pillar in every industry. Having advanced knowledge of vocabulary can help one succeed on many different paths. As any given industry is drawn to those who can write and speak well, having an advanced vocabulary puts one ahead of the game.

Landon Schertz supports the thought that great vocabulary will make college prep duties like college entry assignments that much easier, and be more impressive to administrators. Having a wide vocabulary helps to prep pre-college students to stay on the same page with their professors and the assignments at hand. Having an advanced vocabulary means you are able to understand a lot more than the typical person. So when it comes to relating to different types of professors, one can be more at ease and better get into the flow of their teaching style.

Helps You Communicate Better

Good communicators are always impressive. Especially amongst young adults, it is almost caused for a double-take when a young adult can speak well. Having advanced vocabulary skills can cause one to be more respected, more listened to, and given more opportunities. When one is considered a great communicator, it also can equate to people seeing you as a leader.

When you come to your college journey backed up by a history of advanced vocabulary learning, presentations become more dynamic. Debates with other college students in class settings become more effective and well rounded. Discussing learning objectives and concerns with your professor or counselor become so much easier.

Vocabulary is a major key to making the college journey more effective, efficient, and even strategic.

Boosts Confidence

Having a wide variety of vocabulary, allows one to be more confident. The more advanced vocabulary one has under their belt the more confident they are in being able to communicate with just about anyone. Also, it builds confidence knowing that you will be able to understand more people better. Why? Because you are more familiar with the type of vocabulary that could be used in various settings.

When it comes to being present amongst classmates and professors, having a well-rounded plethora of vocabulary puts a student in a place to excel. The ability to address professors with questions and concerns with confidence increases. Which in return increases the bond and connection with professors.

Keeps You Motivated

Starting college is an exciting frontier because it’s a whole new beginning where adult life is shaped. However, it doesn’t take long before it is evident that college is a real challenge at times. Studying new concepts on a regular basis can become wearisome.

The benefit of having the advanced vocabulary, in this case, is that it provides an understanding of all realms of life. So vocabulary learned in the past may have prepared one for a biology class or an economics class period. Although other things might be challenging, the understanding of the material will not be, because of how much vocabulary you already know and understand.

How can Landon Schertz help?

Landon Schertz has a renowned reputation for helping college-age students prepare to step on to a higher education journey. With multiple angles of private tutoring, there are plenty of opportunities that can be customized to fit a particular goal in college prep. With as many years of experience in preparing young adults for their college journey, he can provide the right tools for the right college situation.