5 Ways you can improve your child’s remote learning experience

Remote learning has now officially dominated our educational systems and models. It is great to know that in this day and age we can flip over to remote learning when our circumstances demand it. However, Landon Schertz knows, it no doubt has put a strain on how our children are learning today.

Remote learning at large is not what our children are used to

(when it comes to serious, educational learning). As parents, it can be frustrating to see and experience the impacts of dealing with remote learning on a day-to-day basis.

Not to worry. There are workarounds that can be used daily to keep your child stimulated and ready to learn. They’re little hacks that can be incorporated to reinforce and encourage what is being learned at home.

Break-up the learning to increase dopamine levels

Overtime, Landon Schertz has come to understand the power of Dopamine for learning. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is a determining factor and how we feel pleasure. Being able to help boost dopamine levels in your child during school hours can be beneficial to getting solid learning done.

Landon Schertz recommends a strategic way of doing that is to break up times of learning with small activities. This will help to reinvigorate your child’s excitement and dopamine levels. You can even try taking some of the lessons being learned and make them into a fun activity for 5 to 10 minutes. Then go back to doing things in your typical remote way for about 45 minutes. When you see your child’s vigor waning for learning, break it up again.

To save time you can even do some activity planning with your child at the start of the week. You can provide them with various options for quick activities they really like. That way when it comes to actual learning sessions, there is no time being wasted figuring out what the activity should be. The activities do not have to be anything overwhelmingly, special or complicated, but something to create a quick and effective boost.

Get Them to Exercise

One of the activities that you can incorporate is exercise. Exercise is also a great way to increase dopamine levels, and it also helps to clear the mind and reset energies. Sometimes when kids are being sluggish within their studies a quick exercise, running around the block, chasing a pet or jumping rope can be beneficial. Doing something healthy, and active can help to reset energy and focus.

Reduce Visual Stress from Computers with Regular Breaks from Screen

The visual stress that comes from licking at a computer for long periods of time negatively affects adults. so, the need to be extra aware of our children is very important.

Long breaks or short breaks. one strategy that you can use is just to distract your child when you feel it is most advantageous. like if there is a short break or transition in the learning process, you can have them look up and talk to you. You can ask questions about what they are learning without having to be engaged with the computer.

Of course, you will have the normal breaks for exercise at mealtimes but to have some quick interruptions here and there can also help to not create the visual stress that computers have on everyone eventually.

Work on Retaining What is being Learnt

According to Landon Schertz, working on retaining things that have been learned doesn’t have to be strenuous or complicated. Questions or discussions can be had while doing chores, cooking lunch, or dinner. You can create an easy point system. Where when your child answers a question correctly, they gain a certain amount of points that add up to a prize at the end of the week or the end of a day.

Doing this will help you to learn what they are retaining and what they are not retaining. Based upon that knowledge you can create strategic activities to help your child retain what they are struggling with.

Set a Time-Table

Landon Schertz recommends setting a timetable for when school starts and when it ends can be very efficient. With remote learning, it can be easy to let the schooling go all day long for convenience’s sake. That may not always be in the best interest of the child. In helping to retain information and be motivated to do it the next day, if schooling happens all day long.

Setting a timetable can be beneficial and helping to create a structure of when every part of learning needs to happen and how. It can create a sustained motivation in your child because he or she will know what to expect and when things will end.

How Can Landon Schertz Help?

By being an excellent support to what is going on at home. Remote learning has its own learning curve and challenges. Having a private tutor can fill in the gaps caused by these new challenges by adding an educational framework and reinforcements.