About Me

I’m Landon Schertz and this is my blog, which not only gives you an insight into my personal and professional life but also acts as your regular dose of information & motivation. I am the kind of person who invests himself in both academics and sports: as a kid, I loved playing soccer and swimming; now, I enjoy running. I have loved reading books since I was a kid and my favorite authors are Albert Camus and Isaac Asimov.

I have been a U.S.S.F soccer referee since the age of 14, and I currently work for the Northern Counties Soccer Association of New Jersey as a referee and mentor for new referees. I also referee high school soccer for Bergen County Soccer Officials Association.

During my high school days, I was a fencer, with foil as my weapon, and I was captain of the foil team at Don Bosco Preparatory High School since my sophomore year. I qualified for the state high school championship twice, in 2011 and 2012 (fencing left-handed during my senior year due to injury to my right shoulder).

Higher Studies

After graduating with honors from Don Bosco Preparatory High School, I went on to do EMT (Emergency Medical Training) at Michigan Academy of Emergency Services and Allied Health, and I became a licensed EMT and paramedic in the state of Michigan. I worked in the Detroit-metro area and in a number of hospitals in the surrounding region.

During this time, I studied biomolecular sciences at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus, in order to prepare me for medical school.

Profession & Passion

During high school, I worked as a lifeguard and water safety instructor (swim teacher) for the Wayne Town Pool (of New Jersey) and Spring Lake Day Camp. I have also mentored and tutored some of my classmates at the University of Michigan and a student at Notre Dame University, and I have volunteered my time as a tutor since high school. Furthermore, I have helped some of my friends and coworkers make the jump from EMT to paramedic.

From 2015–2017, I have worked for Rapid Response Emergency Medical Services, located in the Detroit-metro Area. I enjoyed giving back to the community as both an EMT and a paramedic.

From 2018 to 2019, I worked for a high end tutoring agency in Montclair & I now work as a private tutor. I have tutored students of all ages in a wide array of subjects: english & literature, math (elementary school through calculus), chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy & physiology, environmental science, U.S. history, world history, economics, health, and writing.

Along with this, I also tutor for various test prep subjects like ACT & SAT, PSAT & PACT, SSAT & ISEE, Catholic School Entrance Exams, MCAT, LSAT, AP classes (see above), and GRE. I sincerely enjoy helping students of all ages achieve academic success and find it very stimulating and fulfilling.

While I am really interested in the medical field and my dream is to become a doctor, I find that there is no other profession like teaching/tutoring because, through my work, I am helping to shape the future of our society in a positive way.

This thought, and the satisfaction I sense in my students, motivates me to go the extra mile and continuously seek to improve my skill set. Inasmuch, I have helped some of the students with which I work lead a writer’s workshop in Newark, New Jersey, and I have guided students through the college interview preparatory process. Currently, I am self-employed as a tutor at Landon Clark Tutoring.

Everyone has the right to gain knowledge, and school systems should not give up on anyone! I work with many students with learning disabilities and I have helped them achieve success by customizing my tutoring methods to bring out their individual strengths and help them overcome some of their difficulties. By understanding a student’s specific needs and designing a better tutoring structure for him or her, I make knowledge available for everyone. I get a deep satisfaction from helping people, whether in the paramedical capacity or as a tutor, and I intend to bring this passion into medical school.

Another area of work I invested in..

Volunteer Work

In 2018, I went on to a one-month long service trip to Ghana through the Blue Med Africa charity. There, I volunteered at a government hospital as a technician and went to different schools, communities and orphanages to help screen children for worms and diseases, help with dental hygiene, bandage and treat wounds, teach English, etc… During the Flint water crisis, I helped my company Rapid Response collect bottled water to distribute to Flint residents. In addition to this, I have also volunteered several times a week at a cured lepers colony- a place which carries a heavy stigma and which many of my peers were reluctant to visit.


I have emphasized how much I love participating in different types of sports and my passion for medicine and teaching. Apart from swimming and refereeing soccer, I watch both sports professionally. I am, first and foremost, a fan of Arsenal F.C. in England, and my favorite league to watch is the English Premier League.

I also enjoy listening to music, especially, but not limited to, classic rock and old-school rap, and I consider myself an amateur rock historian. I am replete with obscure facts and stories. Did you know that Syd Barrett once traded a car for a pack of cigarettes? Or that Led Zeppelin opened for Alice Cooper on their debut tour in the United States, but Alice Cooper decided they couldn’t follow Led Zeppelin’s act and instead opened for Zeppelin starting with the second night of the tour! I also have a vinyl collection, with over 1,000 records, spanning over a century and a variety of genres.