ACT 2020 Changes And How Will They Impact The Students

ACT or American College Testing is a standard assessment test that is essential for every college to conduct, to provide student admissions. The test comprises four academic sections, i.e English Grammar, Mathematics and analytical, logical reasoning, and essay writing/reading.

These sections act as parameters to judge the academic potential of a student applicant and help colleges to simplify the admission procedure. A higher score on your ACT assessment puts you in a better position at the time of initial admission sessions. The actual purpose to conduct the ACT examination is to realize the aptitude of the students who wish to enroll themselves in the college. As a student, you must score your level best in the ACT examinations as it will help you to upgrade your college application and invite better reviews from college faculties. 

Since ACT examination includes mostly the same concepts of your academic curriculum, students who had a better hand at understanding concepts and have in-depth knowledge are most likely to beat the game. Further, your high ACT examination scores will also be responsible to bag in great merit- scholarships, therefore it is essential that you accomplish high scores to refine your chances of admission to the best colleges. A higher ACT score will eliminate your peer’s chances and ultimately count against them. In addition to getting an admission, students who take ACT examinations get clarity over their future plans and propose a secured career.

Recent Changes In The ACT Examination

With the introduction of various new concept options, evaluation policies, and pattern of the examination, the ACT examination has brought a number of changes to its format in 2020. The following are some of the changes implemented:

  • Students don’t need to take the whole test again but just give a retest for the desired segments – Since the new test format enables the student applicants to divide their time and focus on each section numerous times, it has proven to be of utmost use and holds great significance from a student’s perspective. It ultimately saves their overall time and gives them enough tempo to clear the troublesome question from those sections.
  • Students need to take the test at least once before re-taking a segment – It is essential to give the complete test once, minimum, because of which students can realize what sections they are not comfortable with and consider an obstacle. Then only, it will be easy for them to prioritize and attempt retaking difficult individual sections. Further, having to complete the full test examination gives them an upper hand to understand where they are lacking and take corrective measures to avoid such mistakes, thus putting efforts for improvement.
  • Superscoring – It refers to achieving the highest possible score by collating the scores of each section and highlight his/her upgrade composite score to enhance one’s performance in a college. It also encourages colleges to give priority to your test application and puts it in a better scoring position.
  • Online Testing – With the help of efficient software/machine testing, ACT examinations have created ways to enable online testing that helps you obtain scores faster and is much more reliable. 
Impact Of Act Examination Changes
  • Offers Flexibility To Students – The primary impact of the ACT examination revolution is the ease that student applicants will get. They will be able to retake sections that they feel are difficult. It will help the students to flex their preparation time and gives them the advantage of managing the total allotted time as per each section’s requirement.
  • It’s Easier To Score Higher So The Competition Will Rise – Since the new changes have made the ACT examination a bit simpler for every student, it will give rise to enough competition amongst students and there could be difficulties in seeking admission to a college if there are numerous other applicants, with the same score as yours. Then, the credibility of your college admission would be the last resort, if scores are considered a secondary option.
  • Students Will Get Their Results Faster – With the help of the new change of online testing, students will be able to access their examination scores quicker. Hence, it will smoothen the further process and take lesser time for additional evaluation and the next step of the process. In addition to that, when students get their results earlier, they get enough time to plan their next move and evolve as an appropriate fit for the college.
  • Students Can Tailor Their Test Prep – The latest changes in the ACT preparation have given ample opportunities to the students to tailor their preparation style and work on how they will attempt the test. This is one of the reasons why the ACT changes have been applauded by the student community, as its impact is directly proportional to their efforts. Once they customize their preparation, set their time schedules, and consider the notable changes made in the examination format, they will be able to maintain efficiency and ensure the accuracy of their scores.