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Are you too shy to ask questions? Online Tutoring is the answer!

Landon Schertz


Education should always promote involvement from both sides (students and teachers), as sitting in the class and listening to the lecture confines the learning area. According to a report published by TEAL, it has been found that asking the right questions builds a deeper sense of learning for students. 

Asking questions doesn’t only give answers to the question at hand. Still, it also encourages the students to think critically, and it also allows students to store information in their brains for a more extended period.

Even the Journal of Educational Psychology published by Julie Bugg and Mark McDaniel shows that conceptual and detailed questions help the learner better understand the concept and encourage the learner to stay engaged. 

But then there are those students who feel shy to ask questions in a class full of students, and for those students, online tutoring can act as a savior. Keep reading to stay illuminated.  

What makes students shy in a class full of students?

There is nothing to worry about if your child is shy, but if this shyness prevents your child from asking questions in the classroom, then it can become a big concern. Most shy students can do many things not to get noticed, and seeing them participate in group activities is rare. 

Even when such students participate in group activities, you can see a lack of confidence in them. In most cases, people around such kids consider them unfriendly and disinterested, but this perception can worsen the situation. 

How can Landon Schertz help?

Landon Schertz offers online tutoring for a wide array of subjects, and since he has dealt with shy students and helped them to become outspoken, extrovert, and keen learners, even your child can benefit from online teaching as well. Here is how Landon Schertz helps shy students and encourages them to ask questions. 

  • Boosts confidence

Through online tutoring, students get all the skills and resources they need to excel at school, and thus, they gain back their lost confidence because of the challenges they earlier faced at school.

As discussed at the outset of the article, the main reason behind shyness is a lack of confidence. When students gain back this lost confidence through the effective learning program of online tutors, they feel motivated to ask more questions even in a class full of students. 

  • Your child gets 0ne-on-one tutoring.

There is no way the regular school education can offer personalized attention to every student since, on average, there are 23 students in every class of the U.S, and using a personalized approach. At the same time, teaching is not possible in such a case. 

But in online private tutoring, every student gets one-on-one tutoring. This means that in an online private tutoring class, your child will no longer be just a notes and instruction taker, but they can co-create the learning experience, and thus he can feel much more involved in the entire process. 

And when the students feel more involved, they will never leave anything to guesswork, and they will always ask questions to clear their doubts. 

  • Your child learns discipline. 

Online tutoring can always install a sense of routine and discipline in the students. For getting long-term success, it is necessary to introduce your child to revision and sustained efforts. It also encourages the student to ask more questions as they become more engaged. 

With an online private tutor, the student develops a habit of spending fixed minutes with the tutor every day. This makes children disciplined about other walks of life while boosting their confidence and interest in different subjects. 

There is no issue of irregular learning in online private tutoring, and thus boredom reduces. This also allows the student to ask more questions rather than just listen to the lectures.

  • Grades improve significantly

When a student finds a subject challenging, they start questioning their calibre, and thus they don’t have enough confidence to ask even a simple question during the lecture. But even this reason behind feeling shy can be solved through online learning. 

Through a personalized approach, students can improve their academic performance, which will allow them to learn the value of hard work, extra assistance, and perseverance. And with these values, students start getting rid of shyness without any issue. 

The only way you can solve the issue of shyness in your child is to enroll them in a reputed online tutoring program like Landon Schertz’s. Through such an online program, students can gain confidence, feel involved and get the tools required to excel at school. All this can help a student always feel motivated to ask questions in class, and thus they keep moving on without any doubt.