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Best Ways To Create A Culture Of Feedback At Home

With the introductory phase of distance education or what we call e-learning, it has become critical for students to have an ambient learning atmosphere at their homes to boost concentration levels. Not only that, homeschooling is a similar concept that allows parents to educate their children by themselves while keeping them at home. However, it too requires an internal environment that is capable of nurturing the student’s life and wellbeing. 

Therefore, it is an ideal approach to provide feedback and a thorough observation on their studying habits, progress, weak areas, etc. When students are told about their shortcomings, they are quite positive about them and try harder to improve the state as they have a better connection with their parents. It not only helps them shape their education but also hone their skills each time.

Feedback and opinion-sharing are quite imperative elements of the learning process, especially when the students are in their early grades. It aids them in working on the correct parts as well as working harder on the incorrect things that they are doing. As parents, it must be a routine at your home to explain to your child about the inaccurate things about their studies and help them adopt a strategic plan to recuperate from those mistakes to better themselves. 

Better known as feedback culture, the term is quite common at workplaces as well, where leaders work with their employees in improving the work standards. Similarly, parents create a culture of feedback at home to guide their children in polishing up their confidence levels, self-learning zeal, and other performance-related factors.

Having that said, let’s explore a few ways that help in establishing a clear feedback culture for students at home:

  • Encourage reflection, not correction – Oftentimes students are punched down by telling them their bad marks, areas they are weak in, and their academic insufficiencies. This makes a bad impression on their career and demotivates them to grow further on the path of success. Therefore, it is important that as parents, you help your child in identifying his or her strengths, and encourage them about how they have learned multiple concepts so far. It is called Reflection, which is a process of motivating a person by explaining to them about the worth of their studies. Not only does your child get help in exploring his or her learning perspective but, they also adapt such reflections to get ahead in life. 


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  • Deliver feedback that is specific – Content-specific and purpose-driven feedback are extremely imperative for students so they can learn from their mistakes. It allows you to focus on those areas where you need to work on, and can better your performance thereafter. Providing specific feedback is a great way to gather the deets about your performance and embrace performance-improvement strategies to monitor their learning potential. 

  • Model feedback, and suggest sentence starters – Sentence starters are generally used to provide constructive criticism in a positive manner by adding phrases like “Be more like”, “Next time it could be”, etc. These help you maintain a positive environment and help students take stern feedback in a much simpler way. The feedback statements and explanations must not be too harsh that disrupts their learning journey but must function as a catalyst to boost them along the way. They may think of quitting after repetitive failures, but after a personalized feedback session, they would feel elated and enthusiastic about not stopping to try.

  • Prompt deeper engagement – Last but not least, in order to create a healthy feedback culture at home, parents must connect with their children on a regular basis and engage in deeper conversations, sometimes even apart from their academics. An effective communication channel is an ideal approach to identify the limitations of your child and devise a healthy approach to remedy them. Initiate a conversation with your child about how he or she is coping with arduous concepts, whether or not they require tuition guidance, etc. Such one-to-one engagement is surprisingly necessary to pass on your wisdom, and experience to your child so they can custom-tailor it to their academic benefit.




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