Being A Tutor Is A Lot More Than Teaching Specific Subjects- An Account Of A Private Tutor

Providing academic assistance when students are not in school is a role private tutors play by addressing the concerns related to studies, additional programs, conceptual courses, etc. A tutor is responsible for enlightening the student’s path with the required guidance and knowledge. While they strive to encourage students to become self-learners, they also bring forth opportunities for students to grasp knowledge about the topics they have studied at school, clear doubts and queries that they miss out there, or raise immediate questions that boggle their minds. Private tutoring is also recommended for the benefit of one-on-one sessions that does help a student to avoid distractions, as a result of which they can improve their focus and recollection skills. 

It is rightly said that being a tutor is not just confined to providing knowledge about multiple subjects, it also involves mentoring the students, showing them the right path, and help them develop their personalities. As a tutor, it’s your duty to prepare them for degree examinations, and further advance them towards becoming self-help individuals. Being a tutor that provides external help, it can be morally said that you have to cover lectures beyond the curriculum structure and schooling books. Most parents consult tutors like Landon Schertz to help their kids adopt new habits, and develop motor skills along with seeking educational assistance. 

In an environment that requires constant molding of children, a tutor is the one who significantly strategizes the learning of the students along with performing various other roles. Here is a list of things that a tutor is accountable for – 

  1.  Teaching children about self-care and limitations – Self-care techniques are quite important for students to cope up with learning fatigue, emotional stress related to academics, examination anxiety, and whatnot! Tackling these barriers helps you to improve your mental state and enhance the ability of your mind to think, learn and recollect better. As a tutor, it is one of the primary functions to facilitate a self-care routine for students and give them enough break to allow their time to be mindful of other things that are present beyond the books. Self-care and limitations should be a key factor in every student’s life to avoid getting in stressful situations and support their physical and psychological health. Putting a limit to online classes, following a routine to become organized, and developing a healthy lifestyle are some of the things that one can learn from a tutor. 
  1. Help them with relationship-building – It refers to developing social connections with people you may know and have skills, or interests in common. Relationship building is quite useful for students to know their peers better, understand their psyche, and evolve through the social culture with immense knowledge and experience. Successfully building a relationship may prove beneficial in their coming professional years, when there’s a need to address the client’s concerns to close the deal. It also indicates establishing a connection based on a mutual understanding that influences respect and positivity. 
  1. Understand their learning pattern and develop study materials in line with that – Well being a tutor isn’t such an easy task. One has to walk the students through the concepts multiple times, provide them information beyond school education and resonate with their creative thoughts to fuel them. Understanding the learning pattern of a student helps a tutor to get to know their strengths and weaknesses, thus makes it easy for them to adopt the right approach. In addition to that, once the learning style is developed and understood, the next step is to align relevant educational approaches and study materials so they can learn efficiently. 
  1. Leveraging virtual platforms to boost participation and keep them engaged – This marks as another responsibility of the tutor to encourage the students to participate in online learning sessions, so they remain engaged with quality content and new opportunities to learn new things. Virtual platforms and video-conferencing are great ways that help students to step up and involve in interactive debates, one-on-one sessions, collective researches to enhance their learning potential. 
  1. Help them plan their next year, five years, and more – Besides fulfilling their academic requirements for the present term, a tutor is also accountable for helping the students plan the next few years of their lives by giving them the right guidance in regards to their profession. Planning the future years is quite hard for every student as they have several questions popping into their minds. For instance, most students are confused about which streams to pursue, which internship to apply for, and such. These things must be catered by your tutor as they’ve got much more experience to help you develop likeliness towards areas you’re worthy enough for, and love doing.

One is most likely to search online for qualified tutors that can aid one’s educational purposes and helps with personality development. Landon Schertz is one such tutor and has helped a large number of students in realizing their potential and things they love, in order to pursue it as a passion. His unique approach helps students to bring significant changes to their learning patterns and ability to study effectively. To know more, send us an appointment request now!

Interested In STEM? Here’s A Great Option For You!

STEM defines courses for the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics that are an additional learning approach, designed for students who want to explore opportunities in these industries. STEM allows you to develop a few of the most required skills for any profession- problem-solving, analytical thinking, creative thinking, and general reasoning. It is quite helpful for students to pursue STEM courses for their higher studies to evolve as successful adults. 

Since STEM is a broad term that further segregates four practices, a student must evaluate his/her strengths and weaknesses, interests, and areas of future opportunities before pursuing a particular discipline. A student considers pursuing STEM to hone the skills that are established, beyond the school premises. STEM incorporates four different yet relatable disciplines to help you develop likeness towards education, but with a unique and strategic approach. 

The four disciplines that summarise the STEM practice are not mere subjects or fields, these are the sectors of the profession, business, and entrepreneurship. These are responsible for cultivating the resources for globalization, steady market growth, employment, online movement of information and transactions, and healthcare for people. Not only will you get familiar with the textbook knowledge, but committing to a STEM course will broaden your thinking capabilities and hone your skill set. Usually, subjects like science and mathematics are considered boring and monotonous, due to their excessive content-rich textbooks. But, this isn’t the case with STEM. Enrolling yourself in a STEM course allows you to receive hands-on and practical experiences that play an important role, in real life too. 

Exploring Career Options In STEM

STEM courses offer a great array of opportunities to the youth and often help in admitting oneself to a degree college. It also opens doors for qualified and credible professions in healthcare, engineering, and other services. If you consider pursuing science, here is a reliable career option:

  • Neuroscience as a career option 

Neuroscience is the study of the brain cells and nervous system, to facilitate studies that prove the sheer understanding and functionality of the body, controlled by the brain itself. As a neuroscientist, your job is to remain focused on the cognitive and cerebral development of the human body, and the active participation of each component for its basic functioning. While you enroll yourself for a STEM course, opting for Neuroscience as a career is a great decision. Most neurologists have secured job roles, which makes neuroscience to the list of a role that people could pursue if they’ve admitted to STEM. 

With time and advanced technology, neurology is becoming much efficient in monitoring the routine of everyone’s lives, and how it impacts their brain and the nervous system. Having that said, the pace at which neurology is expanding its wings in the global industry is what has made it a well-paid venture in the market.

  • Reasons to choose Neuroscience as a career

The primary reason for choosing neurology as a career option is two-fold- the first reason is the opportunities for placement that you would get. It is because there’s always a shortage of human resources in these applied sciences sectors. And the other reason is the alluring compensation and job security that the role offers. Along with that, an individual who has a special interest in knowing about the nervous system and its functions could possibly choose neuroscience as a career path. Neurologists conduct various researches that prove the functioning of the nervous system and the brain, by simulating real-life conditions.

This discipline is also quite popular because of its universality- researches can be re-programmed, you can perform the same tests again with a different sample and get different results. 

  1. Exploring the complexity of brain cells

Neuroscience also deals with the study of brain cells and their actions on the human body. Exploration of the functioning of brain cells and their complex structure is what neurologists do and with this information, they tend to carry the research studies to further determine the physical and psychological movements of the human. These studies help them acquire information related to the diseases that affect the nervous system, or the brain. It is critical in neurology to examine the complexity of the brain cells to understand the fully functioning human body.

  1. Reward-centric career choice 

As we mentioned earlier too, neuroscience as a career is quite a rewarding choice because of its well-paying compensation, job security, and additional benefits that it provides. It is observed that the annual compensation rate is quite high in this sector, making it an effective career option. Along with the monetary benefits, neuroscience offers rewards like job satisfaction, opens up further options in medicine, or high-end research studies. 

  1. Ability to transform the health structure of the world 

The study of the human brain cells and their functioning allows neurologists to make reports on how the human body works, how a decision is made, and what part of the brain is responsible for those actions. These researches help the medical practitioners to come up with the psychological model of an individual, thus growing new pathways for society to transform and enhance scientifically. It also aids the understanding of the human race, its behavior, and physical actions.

Having fun knowing about neuroscience and considering opting for it as a career option? You are at the right place! STEM helps you analyze and project your likeness towards a particular discipline and later pursue it based on your potential. Landon Schertz is your solution to clear your doubts and help explore your kid’s new possibilities in the field of science. Our objective is to provide your little one with ample opportunities and we are here to help you in doing so! Feel free to connect with us for an appointment!

Here’s How You Can Tackle The Remote Learning Fatigue

Distance or remote learning is the way to virtually seek education from different sources, including schools and teaching institutions. It is a great way to fulfill the educational commitments of a student and fuel the purpose of additional learning in a much flexible manner. Remote learning can be done in various programs and courses across different languages that support a student’s academic requirements while he/she stays committed to their routine chores. In addition to that, the prime benefit of enrolling oneself in a remote learning program is the freedom of students where they can study as per their time, place, and state of mind. A flexible schedule is what the students like to have and with the help of distance learning, it becomes practical for them to learn the discipline. 

Having said about the benefit of distance learning, we do see that many students are likely to develop a dislike towards this approach over a period of time. Major reasons include lack of mobility, interaction with peers, and a continuous exchange of words/thoughts through the white screen. It is quite common for students to stick to their computer screens during their online sessions which trigger stress and discomfort. They often get tired due to sitting in the same posture, which causes fatigue and exhaustion. Although it is feasible for them to remain at their home, remote learning could bring in boredom and discourage students to interact with others. Online portals mostly require you to engage in video-conferencing sessions where the mentor provides coaching and the students have to sit, without getting distracted for hours. 

Hard to say that this would not be the case in the traditional classroom approach. Within a classroom, students get the environment that binds them, thus making the education interesting. However, creating a simulation for this has caused a trend that is referred to as ‘zoom fatigue’. Therefore, it is crucial as a student to avoid these distractions and cope with the online learning wash out and adopt some tips for that. 

  1. Avoiding screens for a part of your day – First things first, once you are off the online learning session, start keeping yourself away from display screens, be it a computer, mobile phone, or the television. The less you put your eyes in front of a white screen, the more it is better for you to remain focused during the learning sessions later. Excessive screentime could give your eyes a strain and potentially degrade your vision with time. This also affects your retention powers and could cause difficulty in concentrating. To eliminate the harmful effects of continuous screentime in a day, one can devote one’s time to physical exercise, pick up a book to read, etc. 
  1. Bring relevance to your academics (try out the experiments and demonstrations carried out in class) – Online classes could be boring many times and once you’re bored, there’s nothing that can help you concentrate on the studies. It is when you try experimenting with the academic structures, you bring out the creative side of yours. By taking simulations, simple experiments, and practical demonstrations into account, a student can make his/her studies relevant and interesting. 
  1. Work with a tutor – When it becomes strenuous for a student to concentrate and focus on their academics, a tutor is who he/she should walk up to. Talking to a tutor or a mentor helps gain an understanding of ways to become organized, stay alert, and observant. Since distance learning does not always succeed in providing a school-like ambiance, it unwantedly brings in exhaustion and stress. A tutor, on the other hand, significantly encourages you to timely manage things, take optimal breaks to cope with fatigue, build short-term goals, and hone skills to become efficient with time. 
  1. Ease up on your study goals and align them better with your schedule – Having a routine or a schedule for the day really helps a person to manage various activities of his/her life. As a student, it is significantly important to align your day with a timetable, allot optimal time to every chore, and strive to stick to it. Once you develop a habit of following a schedule, you can easily build short-term academic goals. It not only increases your efficiency but also enables you to develop an effective personality. Attending practice sessions on weekends, completing relevant academic assessments on time, and ensuring a work-life balance the key results of aligning your study goals with your routine schedule. 

Why choose Landon Schertz?

Online learning could be daunting for students who strive hard to accomplish concentration but unfortunately don’t succeed. Often parents choose a private tutor to help their kid get the right guidance to cope up with fatigue caused by distance learning. Landon Schertz is your easy and credible way out in this case. His amazing and easy-to-understand coaching sessions could help your child develop new ways to study and comprehend things. He believes in a tailored approach to provide only the experience that your kid requires. So contact us today to know more and book your appointment!

Top 10 Colleges To Pursue A STEM Career

Building a career in the four disciplines offered by STEM could be a great turn for people who find these sectors interesting or have a passion for them. STEM or what you know it as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is a program or an approach that allows students to enroll for opportunities in these fields. Students pursuing STEM also have many possibilities of applying for educational roles, law, and architecture, depending upon the discipline they opt for. It is also a great way to hunt down the high-paying jobs in the market and prepare oneself for them, beforehand. STEM courses have truly helped students to advance to reputable and profit-making industries. By enriching them with the right skills and knowledge, STEM has paved the way for them relatively secured and remunerative jobs. 

Since the global market is shifting towards technology-driven operations, it is pretty obvious for people to use the STEM approach for establishing their career path. Most schools have adopted the STEM approach in their courses to help students realize their interests and potential, right from the start. The primary reason to use this approach in shaping the career is its significant role in defining the professional graph for future growth, socio-stability, and market sustainability. 

Here is a list of known colleges where you can enroll yourself to pursue a career in STEM – 

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT offers a large number of courses that are related to the four disciplines of STEM and encourages the students to learn the essentials of each educational field to explore different opportunities and course materials. MIT also believes in providing credit fees to attend classes if the students succeed in a one-time test conducted to subsidize the on-campus classes. Located in Cambridge, United States of America, this college offers expert mentors to talk about global issues, socio-economic concerns, and replicating technology-driven sessions for the students to efficiently draw useful content from them. 
  1. Stanford University – The university provides a great learning experience in engineering by incorporating practical workshops, content-rich routine sessions conducted by experts. Stanford also believes in imparting knowledge and experience from the graduate students who have followed the STEM approach successfully and can effectively guide the newbies through the initial phase. 
  1. California Institute of Technology – Better known as Caltech, the university features STEM programs for students to interact and learn the concepts with expertise. Caltech has provided the world’s greatest minds and continues to lead this legacy by enriching the present student force by aiding their understanding of the theory and with the help of innovative scientific practicals.
  1. Rice University – The Rice university has a particular wing for STEM courses, known as R-STEM that encourages the learning of STEM disciplines. To make the sessions interactive and worthy, it uses a special style of lowering the headcount and allotting fewer students in a classroom to increase the effectiveness of the program. Engineering and Science are the two most preached subjects on campus, thus making it a qualified choice for pursuing STEM. 
  1. Princeton University – This university defines its application program with a graded examination to boost STEM achievements, and offer a great learning experience for the students. It is well-known for its academic provisions and educational culture that allows the students to pursue various STEM disciplines. Beginning with the staffing faculty, one cannot complain about the culture and assistance one would get on campus, both from a STEM fresher or non-STEM fresher.
  1. Yale University – Located in New Haven, the university is quite famous for its cultural activities that focus on stage drama, music programs, etc. Moreover, the university also has a strong grip on STEM courses and strives to provide a collaborative ambiance, impressive facilities to work with, and adequate funding for researchers to its students. Popular disciplines on the campus are Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Mathematics, Social Cultures, etc. 
  1. Harvard University – Considered as one of the best places to pursue STEM, Harvard university allows you to create your own journey and help you understand various opportunities and areas where you can propose your project. Being able to deliver the best mathematical solutions, it is proud of its faculty departments and also aims at counseling and guiding the students to the best paths and exploring new areas of opportunities.
  1. Vanderbilt University – Better known as Vandy or VU, the university has provided the world some of the greatest STEM scientists, biomedical advocates, and researchers with its brilliant skill-enhancing programs that focus on STEM disciplines. Along with that, it provides STEM kits to undergrads to boost their learning experience at the campus field. 
  1. Columbia University – The university is quite famous for its disciplines like Engineering Social sciences, Information and Support Services, etc. They render educational assistance for scientific disciplines to prepare their fellow students for roles like Science Professors. It has also been ranked in the top 5 universities to provide a top-notch education and skill set for biological disciplines.
  1.  Duke University – Duke University is well-known for providing various opportunities to apply for work in the state, to its students if they meet the STEM discipline requirements. The program targets the undergrads and tests them based on their performance in various disciplines. It renders an educational facility for Biomedical, Engineering, Mechanical Sciences, etc. 

At times you might want significant guidance from an expert, or say a private tutor to help you choose a STEM college. Landon Schertz is your one-stop shop for the whole process. We provide assistance through each step- evaluating your key strengths and opportunities available, reviewing the colleges, and applying for enrollment. We know how tough this process could be, but having a mentor by your side will ease the process. To book your appointment, contact us now!

Why Do Parents Prefer To Homeschool Their Children?

It is often said that homeschooling has proven to be a lot more effective than regular schools due to the personalized attention from the tutors. Quality of education is the real deal here and some people believe that home-fed students tend to perform better. 

With grooming sessions and creative one-on-one interactions, they enjoy a lot more benefits than they can get in standard schools. Homeschooling generally means that you prefer your child to be taught at home, rather than sending to schools. They could be either taught by private tutors or parents themselves to increase the engagement and it also enables parents to gain more control over their child’s academic growth and roadmap their learning ability as per their pace.

As per many parents, their children are restricted from getting a creative education program while they are in school. What they obtain via homeschooling is the right skill and knowledge via personalized tutors or when they learn directly from their parents. The medium which is used, however, remains the same, standard school curriculum. Just the approach is changed which differentiates homeschooling from routine schools. At home, children can learn easily in comfort and solace, therefore avoiding any sort of distractions that may occur during classroom sessions.

Homeschooling is also a great way to improve the relationship between parents and children, which might not be the case when they attend numerous hours in school; The children acquire flexible lectures and efficient learning at their own pace, which means they can take breaks when they require and continue their learning with much more efficiency. Another advantage of homeschooling is the meaningful guidance that children get from their parents, which many schools forget to provide, in order to manage the curriculum effectively.

The following are a few advantages of homeschooling sessions – 

  • Parents In Metropolitans Avoid Over-crowded Schools – Well it is evidently true that schools in metropolitan regions are overcrowded due to which a student’s individual attention span reduces drastically. Metropolitan schools often have huge classrooms with an average of fifty-plus students, which makes the learning experience bad and students lack concentration at major levels. Thus, parents in such regions avoid enrolling their children in schools and prefer homeschooling as an effective solution to cater to their academic needs. 
  • Quality And Style Of Education – Homeschooling provides quality training as long as the parents choose a strategic and creative style of education, and keep their approach easy along with fun. Learning at home always assures improvement in quality if the procedures used are as per the academic format and fall in line with the general education routine. Parents and private tutors help a child to be independent learners, do not confine them to bookish learning, and encourage them to develop understanding from real-life challenges, live examples, and pictorial representation of the curriculum. Such style of education at times falls short during a traditional classroom session, which is why homeschooling is adopted. 
  • Careers Of The Parents Involve Frequent Traveling – With modern-day professions, many parents are transferred to different places several times. It requires them to relocate their entire home along with the family members. Since this transition leads to their child discontinuing his/her school, they usually avoid enrolling them in one. Frequently traveling to new places, finding a premium school, enrollment, and settling up is considered a laborious task, which also hampers your child’s education. To avoid such an arduous process, working parents prefer homeschooling as an ideal option, thus saving their child’s time and allowing him/her to focus effectively.
  • Safety Concerns – Every parent chooses the safety of their children above every other thing and always strives to keep their loved ones out of every possible danger. Sending children to schools via public transport or school buses could be a worrisome issue for many parents, especially in such times when new virus constraints keep posing 
  • Special Needs Child – Students who have exceptional needs require special attention and care. As parents, it is their utmost priority to find specific schools or adopt homeschooling as a solution to cater to their child’s special needs. Since their mental stability is extremely sensitive, parents prefer them to be taught at home, where they can get one-on-one learning experience comfortably. At home, you can develop new ways to impart knowledge to your child, taking into account his/her special needs. 

Homeschooling has multiple amazing benefits and as parents, you need to ensure that you take the right approach to help your child. Nevertheless, you can always seek assistance from a credible tutor that understands your problem and plays along with you to provide support to your child. 

Speaking of a tutor, Landon Schertz is your way out for this concern. Our personalized and concept-centric approach would help your child develop new ways to comprehend and remember things in a short time span. Contact us soon to book an appointment!

How Is One-on-one Tutoring Helpful For Your Child?

A tutor is a mentor that provides access to routine practice sessions along with your school curriculum to ensure that you hone your skills in certain areas and reduce the knowledge gap. Sometimes, students complain that they fail to grasp things efficiently in their schools, due to the lack of personalized attention, questions not getting answered or a distraction caused by a crowd of students. 

Here comes the role of a tutor to effectively guide the students one-on-one and provide academic assistance to clear their doubts. Usually, tutors prefer the traditional classroom approach to undertake their tuition class but with the increase in the need to get personalized attention, students started opting for private tutors who could answer their queries in a more meaningful way, which posed a well-organized approach.

Tutoring is also crucial for students to explore their interests, career choices and encourage them to work on their interpersonal skills. The sole purpose of tutoring is to make students self-learners, so they can address their issues independently. This makes them motivated for new challenges that may come their way, not only in the school curriculum but in real life too. One-on-one tutoring majorly operates via hourly payment and it can vary from region to region, one can always look up on the internet to find a good tutor. Speaking of that, a good tutor not only imparts knowledge into the student’s mind but also ensures that the individual is able to memorize it conceptually. 

Having said that, let’s discuss a few benefits of one-on-one tutoring for your child – 

  • A Tutor Can Be A Mentor – Just being a tutor isn’t enough nowadays, students require thorough assistance that ranges from academic curriculum, career guidance, emotional and mental support, and constant encouragement to identify new opportunities. Yes, a tutor can be a mentor who strives to upskill the student and transform their minds into independent learners. Apart from the curriculum, students can also seek assistance regarding personal issues, health, emotional stability, and such. A mentor further accepts the student’s knowledge potential and gradually uses different approaches to bring significant behavioral changes. 
  • Compensates For Learning Differences – One in a few students often experience learning differences as they fail to absorb information due to lack of attention. It can also be because of a language barrier or the presence of distraction factors such as excess crowd. A tutor helps you in such a situation by arranging a one-on-one personalized session to overcome these challenges and use an easy and comprehensive approach to impart knowledge. A teacher might not be able to cater to these requirements, given that they are obligated to take full-strength classes. But, a tutor can significantly provide assistance to eliminate the learning differences.
  • Efficiency In Learning – It is quite a benefit to enjoy an increased level of learning ability once you begin to attend tuitions. A tutor makes sure that his/her students focus on concept understanding, rather than cramming up and forgetting it at the end. With the help of creative learning approaches, planned curriculum routines, daily assessments, and an effective environment, a tutor strives to support the learning process. It is often observed that learning efficiency increases when different and unique approaches are taken into account for varied students, thus ensuring that their potential to comprehend things isn’t compromised.
  • Targeted Instructions – A target instruction is an individual-specific task that includes road mapping and ways to achieve predefined goals. A tutor plays an important role in defining specific objectives and goals of their students and each student gets a specific goal to achieve. This helps a tutor realize the level of understanding of each student, get familiar with their learning abilities, and assess them accordingly. This is also one of the important elements of personalized training that allows a student to progress at his/her pace.
  • Additional Material – Along with the basic curriculum, a tutor is also responsible to share additional material like expected final assessments, important questions, and upcoming examination dates. They also share stationery such as pens and notecards, just in case anyone forgets. These may not seem required but are significantly necessary to be allotted to the students. These supplementary articles support the teaching style of the tutor and boost confidence in the students, so they do not experience any difficulty during their whole interaction. 

Speaking of effective interaction, as a student, it is important that you find a tutor that is exceptionally well in various subjects and meets the quality standards. Having said that, we at Landon Schertz are your perfect guiding support. Our expertise in various subjects like Mathematics, English and communication, Biology, and many more guarantees an upward shift in your child’s academic progress. We help prepare students for STEM assessments, provide one-on-one tutoring, debunk the myths about online/private tutors, etc. For further details, contact us today!

Explaining The COVID Learning Gap And How A Private Tutor Can Help?

A huge amount of students faced trouble and an educational halt when the coronavirus pandemic hit us and left us with an unexpected turn of events. Schools, shopping complexes, corporate offices, and entertainment sources, every other place was closed with immediate effects and that too for an unanticipated time. It must have led to students enjoying their dream vacation when they wouldn’t have to study or complete any assessments, as the academic schedule had to be brought to a temporary hold. However, little did they realize that this could create a learning gap for them and their curriculum had to suffer at last. The Covid effect on the education of children still lasts worldwide, redirecting them to online classes and self-learning sessions.

While addressing the closure of schools and coaching centers during Covid, it can be well said that an uninvited learning gap troubled the students at every level, be it junior grades, high school, or universities. Students across all mediums were affected when the pandemic ceased their academic year and instructions were rolled out to continue the curriculum via other possible ways, for which every teacher was not prepared.

The Learning Gap

A learning gap refers to the declining graph in terms of the performance of a student. It determines the learning efficiency of the student, and content that he/she should have learned till a particular grade/standard, however, is lacking significantly. The primary reason for a learning gap is the absence of conceptual knowledge and a foundation due to which students suffer in schools. It could arise when education is rushed through them, and their concerns are not addressed with adequate resources. 

An unexpected gap in education substantially decreases the quality of performance and discourages the student, ultimately reducing the overall grades. It also impacts their mental stability and lessens the attention span due to less curriculum-centric interactions, assessments, and homework.

How A Private Tutor Can Help

A private tutor plays an important role in understanding the concerns of the students and supporting them with required resources, while they are at their place. With private tutoring, a student can effectively correct his/her mistakes by acquiring a solid grip on the concepts and building a knowledge-rich foundation even without being at school. Since it is a convenient approach to aid learning, many parents have chosen private tutoring as a lifesaver during these crucial times. Having said that, we can assume its primary advantage as one-on-one and personalized sessions, that restrict the students from any outside distraction, thus increasing their confidence levels.

  • Helps Students Catch Up – The sole responsibility of supporting a student’s education is of the tutor despite routine any unexpected challenges. Students who fail to cope up with any particular subject can easily take guidance from a private tutor and work on the key areas to catch up with the curriculum. Since private tutors provide interactive and one-on-one sessions, students can easily gain conceptual knowledge and cover assessments to remember it by heart. They also let students catch up from where they left, at any time and anywhere, thus ensuring that their learning cycle does not get disturbed.
  • Specialized Learning – It refers to individual-specific learning procedures that are taken into account by private tutors after analyzing the requirements of the student. Specialized learning is significantly necessary for those students who lack crowd confidence and cannot seek attention from the tutor. Thus, such a learning approach is used to target the exact needs of a student and know what skills, concepts, or knowledge part needs to be worked upon and how.
  • Backtrack To The Basics –  What traditional schools might sometimes miss is a flashback or revision of the basics, that were taught over a period of time. However, a private tutor can feasibly help you gain insights about the last chapter or any previous concept to strengthen the foundation. By clearing crucial topics studied in the past, a tutor helps a student to comprehend everything and realize its true meaning. 
  • Helps Students Adapt To The New Course – During an unanticipated school break due to COVID, students got a chance to opt for a variety of online courses that could help them strengthen their personalities and widen their creative boundaries. A private tutor can help them get prepared for new courses and start studying with a fresh and encouraging mindset, by looking for the plus points of the conditions.

Considering the support of a private tutor that can make the learning process easy and comforting for students during crucial times, you can look for your one-stop-shop solution at Landon Schertz. Our expertise is in a variety of subjects like Science and Analytics, Mathematics, Literature, Economics, and Social foundations, etc. We also tend to provide lessons on standard entrance tests like the SAT, MCAT, or the GRE. For further details, contact us today and book your appointment soon!

3 Inspirational Women From STEM Courses To Motivate Your Child: International Women’s Day

STEM or better known as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is a combined discipline that supports an individual’s career choices in respective fields. All the four studies that are required in the STEM degree program are crucial for real-life challenges and help a student to get fruitful learning and obtain hands-on experience for different professions. 

STEM is popular to provide academic support and mental nourishment in terms of logical thinking, critical analysis, problem-solving techniques, which are required to discover one’s professional interest. One who is pursuing a STEM course would find it easy to portray things via an analytical mindset, calculate the pros and cons of an opportunity, and summarize effective solutions. This comes from practicing STEM and can be used at every stage of life.

The prime advantage of taking up a STEM course is the development of the creative mindset of a person, which otherwise would not have been done. It is completely evident that students who study STEM tend to make career choices in a very efficient way and explore different skills with utmost curiosity. As it gives you access to quadruple fields, you learn to develop innovatively and foster team skills that open your way to a large number of occupations. 

Being a modern woman, it is of utmost significance that you should develop skills for your choice of career. Women from across the globe have realized the importance of making a stable career choice, which is why they seek mentorship for STEM courses to hone their skills and get qualified for services. Women and girls have always been kept away from technical studies, as it was said to be a man’s pursuit. However, with the demolition of the gender gap in occupation, the STEM fields are employing more and more women to eliminate the gender biases in order to set role models for the rest of the female folks. 

  • Margaret Hamilton

Margaret Hamilton was one of the first female directors of the software engineering division that helped NASA to develop an on-board flight software. Her contribution to science and mathematics is renowned for the guidance and navigation system she created that helped astronauts to land successfully on the Moon. She is also renowned for decoding the program in only written format, that led to a pile of multiple books, tall enough to contend with an individual standing next to it. Since there was never enough time for astronauts to react to a hardware failure in space, she came up with an idea to build a software program that not only compensated for the hardware concern but also supported the skillful Moon landing.

She specialized in Computer Science and learnt Mathematics at Michigan University to conceptualize the software program for Apollo Moon landing. If we take the subjects that she pursued into consideration, it is evident that STEM supported her plan to instrument the moon landing program and successfully marked herself in history with an exceptional coinage. 

As parents, you can definitely motivate your child to pursue what interests her and consider options for career in the future. STEM is experiencing a great inflow of jobs across various platforms and professions, be it data scientist, software program and development, mathematician, etc. 

  • Sally Ride

Nicknamed as ‘Bear’, Sally Ride was the first female astronaut who went into space via a shuttle mission and her primary work consisted of monitoring and functioning the robotic arm that sent satellites into space. She pursued Physics and made history in the year 1983 when she flew into space. Her fondness for engineering science, and mathematics helped her pursue her dream to become an astronaut. Her role significantly sheds light on how women should chase their dreams and believe in the ideas. STEM encouraged her while she studied physics and mathematics in the initial days of her career and was termed the first female American astronaut. 

  • Mary Maynard Daly

Marie Maynard was famous for her interest in biochemistry and became the first African American female to successfully earn a Ph.D for her contributions to the field of Chemistry. By overcoming racial discrination and social-race biases, she led with example to develop special programs and pursued to increase the minority population in the medical fields in schools. With STEM, she mastered health hazards caused by cigarettes, how it could affect the lungs, sugar control in the human body and diverse scientific researches related to it. 

STEM significantly talks about four different fields but is brought together so it can be learnt via a degree program. There are ample benefits of encouraging your child to study STEM so as to enhance their critical thinking abilities and help develop a skillful mindset. If you plan to do so, try consulting a private tutor for this cause. Landon Schertz has the expertise in providing information and curriculum related to STEM and has helped many students ace their entrance assessments. As a tutor, it’s his passion that drives him to solely help your child realize his/her potential and the sheer importance of STEM courses for their better future. Contact us soon for more details and we would love to be your child’s guiding light!