Best Ways To Create A Culture Of Feedback At Home

With the introductory phase of distance education or what we call e-learning, it has become critical for students to have an ambient learning atmosphere at their homes to boost concentration levels. Not only that, homeschooling is a similar concept that allows parents to educate their children by themselves while keeping them at home. However, it too requires an internal environment that is capable of nurturing the student’s life and wellbeing. 

5 Research-Backed Studying Techniques

With the educational graph of the students disintegrating in the post-pandemic scenario, it has become critically vital to adopt effective studying strategies to avoid falling for learning gaps. The traditional in-school studying technique was slowly replaced by a much simpler and a lot safer alternative, which is called e-learning. The scope of e-learning progressed as it is considered a better option to continue education, rather than keeping students sitting idle at home. Although, as e-learning made its way in recent years, a handful of highly-effective studying techniques emerged to be fruitful for students who earlier were not able to concentrate proficiently. 

Four Activities To Create A Mindful Reading Ambiance At Home For Your Kids

Reading is one of the best exercises you can do for your brain. Not only does it strengthen the brain cells of a person but also reduces stress levels over time. When you start reading, you learn new things, new words, get creative with better ideas, and acquire a wide array of deets that could be put into use in any field. It is suggested that kids must be habitual of reading from an early age so they can boost their comprehensiveness and succinctly analyze their surroundings. 

Top Most Critical Skills Your Kid Needs To Adapt!

Having a wide array of skill sets has become a self-driving force for students where they are bound to focus on the positives of their lives and derive a fruitful career out of those skills. Not only are these skills a way to build confidence but also help you in interacting with everyone out there, be it your social group, or client at a workplace, etc. Critical skills that allow an individual to bring proficient outcomes from the job he does are necessary in order to keep going, especially when people are young and want to learn and develop. 

Child lagging in studies? Online tutoring can provide a big boost.

Landon SchertzStudents struggling in school might seem rare as you might back up your perception with the new age of education, but you will be surprised to know that around 52% of students have admitted that they find the school challenging. In addition to this, approximately 10% of students in every class are slow learners. 

Five reasons why your child needs live online tutoring!

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Education has been one of the biggest casualties of COVID-19, and according to a report published by UNICEF-ITU, almost 1.6 billion children have been affected globally. But we are known for our capability to adjust to the new situation, and thus, we realized the need to flock from classroom to computer screens, and we did it seamlessly. 

And now, when the dust has almost settled, many people are considering online learning just a good substitute for traditional learning, but in actuality, we are moving towards a hybrid model of education that involves both online and traditional learning. 

Are you too shy to ask questions? Online Tutoring is the answer!

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Education should always promote involvement from both sides (students and teachers), as sitting in the class and listening to the lecture confines the learning area. According to a report published by TEAL, it has been found that asking the right questions builds a deeper sense of learning for students. 

How Can Tutors Make Learning Fun Online?

Introduction: Importance of making online learning fun

Online learning or e-learning has become the talk of the town and gained mass student recognition in recent years, due to the catastrophic situations we all have faced. COVID-19 brought immense pressure on the students and the complete educational system. This is why the online tutoring sector emerged as a significant privilege to the students as well as home tutors. 

Reasons Why Your Online Tutor Might Not Be Teaching Well

Introduction: Repercussions of an online tutor not teaching well 

Our education system has shifted its focus from traditional classrooms to online learning modules, especially during the ill-fated rise of COVID-19. That being said, our children were bound to continue their education with their tutors via online mediums and stick to computer screens for an awful lot of time.