Learn How To Motivate Your Kid During The Pandemic!

The recent pandemic hit everyone hard, and its continuous waves are tearing every society apart, from the rich to the poor class. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly influences people’s lives, careers, and sustainability, particularly young children’s lives. Educational institutes, schools, and colleges were forced closed to contain the transmission of the virus. Annual examinations, festival events, and even league games were halted because the healthcare services were limited. Social gatherings with friends and family were severely discouraged, and in some cities, such gatherings outside the pandemic norms were also punishable.

Board examinations and entrance tests have been postponed indefinitely because of the rising fear of the COVID-19 virus. The students suffered and extensively lost their regular classes, which were suspended due to nationwide lockdown. As a result, every student’s academic schedule was turned upside-down by the lockdown and quarantine haste. A handful of entrance exams and competitive examinations for higher studies are still being held during this time, as this time of the year is a critical phase for our educational system.

It is imperative that your child remain motivated and focused on their learning schedule and find a way to cope with the situation prevailing outside. Indeed they are not in school, not having daily interaction with their peers or teachers, but it must not affect their academic performance as parents are responsible for supporting them, physically and psychologically. 

Since your kids and you are spending most of your time together, you should make the most of it. 

  • Talk to them frequently about how they are feeling to analyze their state of mind – One of the critical things that you as a parent must do is to communicate with your child- ask them about their academic routine, how are they coping with the homework, and assignments, are they stressed or worried, etc. Ensure to have to-and-fro communication in the most accessible medium they are comfortable in and make an effort to be their friend to understand their state of mind. Effective communication helps them realize that they can open up to you for possible solutions, just like their friends or teachers do.
  • Encourage them to take up a skill they can learn online (if their schedule allows doing so comfortably). Since they’d not be accountable for an 8-hour school routine for some time, you must encourage your child to develop a liking for a skill, acquire knowledge, and take it up for future career opportunities. Skills honed in this time would significantly prove beneficial in the coming years, and if their schedule allows them to make a routine for learning the skill, you must motivate them to prosper. Take help from the internet, assist them with quality searches, and choose which skill they would be interested in acquiring. 
  • Incentivize your child during online classes – The COVID-19 pandemic did hold the educational system for a while; however, as some state boards approved online classes, the notion became a sort of opportunity for the teachers to continue with the leftover academic schedule. Though online classes are a little tiresome, you must take notes and acquire self-learning skills. To accomplish that, attention to online classes is a must. As parents, you must encourage your children for online classes by simply providing them with an incentive opportunity, such as their favorite snack after the class, letting them relax on the weekend, etc. You can also give them the freedom to customize their learning schedule to set the pace accordingly.
  • Encourage reading – The least a student can continue to do while at home is actively reading, maybe a novel, an autobiography, newspapers, or school textbooks. Being a fundamental skill, reading helps you enhance your vocabulary skills and stay updated academically. It also enables you to increase your attention span, focus on learning new things and boost cognitive abilities and critical analysis. 
  • Schedule some time for exercises or light outdoor activities they can do at home – Being at home for most of your time could make you sit idle for hours, which does not do good to your body health. It’s high time to motivate your child and set up a routine for home exercises that helps you in motor development. Light exercises like walking, jogging, jumping rope, dips, and squats effectively keep yourself physically active and mentally prepared.

How can Landon Schertz help? 

Landon Schertz is your go-to website for acquiring credible personal tutoring in the current situations prevailing outside. We understand how important it is for parents to ensure that their child’s education is not affected in this scenario, so we offer customized tutoring experiences to ensure the learning process never stops. Contact us now to know more!

How Can Parents Improve Their Child’s Chances Of Getting Accepted In Good Colleges?

Admission to a credible college is a must-to-have option for every student. Colleges are crucial for many reasons, including long-term financial benefits in personal space and professional space, job stability, career fulfillment, etc. A college degree is somewhat essential to your success in today’s modern-day market, as more and more professions demand additional higher education to survive and accomplish excellent results. 

Colleges are a way out for many students to deep dive into their respective career interests, identify what areas they are good in and how they can tap on those opportunities. As parents, it becomes necessary to have your child join a reputed college in the state to assure better knowledge grip, career placement, and, most importantly, skill-driven stability. 

On average, students who graduate from a good college have a higher earning potential than those who merely have a high school education strength. College graduates have an unemployment rate of barely around half that of high school students, making college education necessary. Therefore, one of the primary motivating factors for most students to attend college is obtaining a well-paying career to secure a sustainable spot in the growing market.

Since your motive revolves around getting your little one selected for a good college, here are a few ways you can improve your chances and help them create better connections for career opportunities- 

  • Personal learning styles – The first step is to identify your child’s learning style- whether they are slow or fast learners, how can they learn efficiently, like spatial learning or only linguistic learning would work. Learning styles are essential to be discovered before you let them join a particular college because it might be the case that your child’s learning styles are not encouraged by the college. Every student possesses a different learning style than the rest. Therefore college hunting must be done, keeping in mind that it supports your child’s learning style.
  • Class selection – The next step to assure your child a seat in a trustworthy college is to let them choose a class/subject that falls under their interest, which could enhance their educational and professional programs. Since it is their college life, they should be responsible for finding out what they’ll pursue and choosing their schedule in selecting a class. You can conveniently help them with class selection by providing them with numerous class options that they can pick from, and build a routine for them to take the class selection process thoughtfully.
  • Addressing difficulties – Class selection and identifying your learning style could become a stringent process sometimes; One might face difficulties at some point in time. As parents, you’re accountable to address their concerns so that they can gain perspective and make effective decisions. Your child should look up to you for a solution, and parent participation proves significant for student development. It also functions as an abetment in the improvement of your student’s behavior during classroom sessions. Your child should feel more motivated in class; you and their teachers communicate more often, improving their self-esteem and fostering a sense of self-learning.
  • Getting help from a private tutor – Personal tutors are a great advantage to students nowadays. They function as admission counselors to support their grades, defining interests, and academic assistance. Although tutors reserve themselves to provide only educational support to the students, some of them also help their students prepare them for admission to a reputed college. Nevertheless, the fact is that there are as many excellent colleges out there as one could imagine, one of which is an appropriate match for each student. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the tutor to assist your child in identifying the right fit while reducing stress and anxiety for both you and your parents.

Why is Landon Schertz your best bet? 

Private tutors are an efficient solution to source out trustworthy college recommendations and inform you about the earliest opportunities to tap on. Here is when Landon Schertz comes into play and significantly supports your college quest by considering your interests, learning styles, past performances, and academic potential. We believe in connecting you with a reputed college where your skills are channelized into career opportunities in the future—having an anxious mindset before your college admission is expected, which is why we step forward. Interested? Give us a call today and book an appointment with us.

Know What You Can Do To Maximize Your Performance in School!

School performances and grades are essential to align your career opportunities for the future and certainly instill a positive attitude towards the learning process. Most students have a low-key attitude towards choosing their careers in the schooling phase, which is why they do not stress out much about their performance. Maximizing your school performance is a must in the modern time to learn and develop specialized skill sets, draw your focus on market expertise which will help you develop a substantial knowledge base and utmost competence. 

There are quite a handful of tips that one can follow to enhance the performance, be it for performance in schools or college. Let’s explore what the changes you can make in your learning process as well as in your personal life, which has a direct impact on your educational competency are – 

  • Set a designated study space – First things first, you must choose your nook and create a personalized study area, which keeps you from distractions. Studies show that studying in a confined and secluded space enhances learning potential and helps you study effectively. It should be nicely organized; you should secure the area with your school books, notes, stationery, and everything required when you’re there. You must also make it a bit comfortable, in terms of seating to relax and get in with all your heart and mind to concentrate on your studies.
  • Build a healthy routine with breaks – Next thing after you secure yourself a comfortable study space is to develop an efficient study schedule that develops your mindset without letting you burn out completely. You can try and adopt time management techniques like the Pomodoro Technique to create a healthy routine. Your studying schedule must include certain breaks to relax, maybe take a short walk or have a fruit. These breaks hold an utmost significance in your learning potential as it relaxes your mind from continuous studying sessions and refreshes it to boost creativity and understanding.
  • Collaborate with others – While you’re in school, join your classmates for an assignment, create groups covering complex concepts and identify their potential and method to cope with those concepts. You are likely to learn from team building because peer learning usually positively impacts each other’s minds as it dwells in an engaging environment. Collaborating with others will enable you to drive to-and-fro communication, and you could expect ease in understanding the concepts, clear each other’s doubts, and so on.
  • Positive thinking can help a lot – A positive approach and motivating mindset must be a part of your performance improvement plan. It could be followed while you’re in the school/college or in your professional space too. Positive thinking is considered the best solution to overcome stress, reduce anxiety and social pressure. In your professional life, positive thinking is a must-to-have skill because you’d be under constant stress and have to cope with routine tasks. Similarly, school lectures and routine classes may stress out students, which calls for a positive approach towards the learning process- proceed with the right attitude to trigger performance maximization. 
  • Test yourself regularly – Merely learning is not enough; you must test yourself every day or thrice a week to identify your weak areas where you can improve. Then come with an action plan to work efficiently on your setbacks. Self-testing is an effective way to boost your morale and realize your mistakes before someone else points them out. Once you identify the problem and follow a disciplinary action plan, you are most likely to self-develop the solution for your problem, which maximizes your performance gradually.
  • Read actively – Routine reading sessions are beneficial if you want to expand your knowledge base and vocabulary to support your answers during the class. Active reading helps you cover the topics faster, and with sheer determination to learn something, reading can enhance your understanding. 
  • Review your performance periodically – The final nail to the coffin is to evaluate your performance weekly or monthly to know where you stand in terms of knowledge potential, statistics, and skill learning. Reviewing the performance on a defined period boosts your self-confidence and allows you to explore new ways to achieve academic success. You can check your monthly performance by –

– completing assignments

– take up weekly examinations

– enroll for conceptual tests and practical tests individually

How can Landon Schertz help? 

Landon Schertz functions as your tutor and mentor to improve your academic performance within a period. Our sole aim is to shape your future with a credible tutoring experience at your disposal with our conventional educational approach. Focusing and improving simultaneously could be challenging for some students, and that is why we are here to solve your queries in an interesting way. Contact us today to know more!

Here’s Why Your Child Needs a Tutor For Math and Physics!

A personal tutor is necessary for every child to resolve their doubts, boost academic achievement, and act as a guiding light. Tutors are also accountable for assisting students with subject knowledge and improving their skill set. Physics and Mathematics are two subjects that require tutoring assistance and support to clear up any conceptual doubts and avoid learning gaps. Personal tutoring can further help your child improve their motivation and develop a positive attitude to achieve their maximum academic potential and score well. It can also aid your child in developing critical thinking skills, problem-solving tactics, and situation evaluation measures. These abilities prove essential for your child in analyzing and overcoming problems in the classroom or their personal life.

Studying Mathematics and Physics is equally important as any other subject. However, the sheer efforts one puts in to understand the concepts are way too much from the rest. Just because these subjects call for mindful efficiency, it could be an added advantage if you consider approaching a tutor or sign up for a demo class to compare the different results. 

Every lesson delivered and every formula learned is critical to a student’s future success. These subjects include memorizing data statistics, every lesson taught to you, and every formula that you learn is critical to your future success. Long mathematical formulas are interlinked with the one before them. Therefore it’s in a process that prepares you well. You can also enhance your knowledge base for high school or college time. But, if you put it out straight, the concepts of Physics and Mathematics together provide a much better understanding of the world, not just in terms of these two disciplines but also others.

Let’s discuss why your little one could eventually approach a personal tutor – 

  • Explain concepts easily – The concepts of Physics and Mathematics are pretty detailed, lengthy, and could become tiresome if not taught in the right way. Here comes the supporting role of a personal tutor like Landon Schertz, who instills you with conceptual knowledge and fosters a sense of self-learning. A tutor has the grip on how their student may react to a concept- will they understand it in the first go, or will they have to circle back to it. This foreseeing approach is a game-changer for tutors to impart knowledge to their batches and help them learn things at their own pace.
  • Give required time and attention – Tutors are responsible for providing their undivided attention to their students and help them with ample time to get a better hold of subject understanding. This allows them to focus efficiently and assert pressure on their minds, slowly and gradually. In a classroom full of other students, it is hard to find your rhythm and coordinate with the rest. Therefore, tutors help you take as much time as you want in practicing the problems, revise theoretical concepts, etc. Giving enough time and attention to students has proven to be effective for many, improving their performance.
  • Helps with tests (Tutors are aware of the patterns and types of questions). Personal tutors you may approach may have already taken dozens of student batches before you, which puts them into a powerful and responsible position to provide you with assignment tests, most likely from the past years. After teaching a batch, they might have penned down and created questionnaires based on similar exam patterns every year. This helps their current batches practice and get help from these tests, solve the questions and draw doubts timely, so they don’t have them at the time of their examination
  • Mnemonics for different formulas – Both Physics and Mathematics include many lengthy statistics, data figures, and countless formulas that are pretty important to remember while you solve a practical problem. Although a human mind might forget a couple, personal tutors have mnemonics for these formulas that can help you efficiently memorize them. These tips and tricks do wonders and prove super-effective in portraying your memorization skills at the right time. 
  • Personalized learning – Instead of a classroom full of dozens of your peers, you can seclude yourself and complete your education with the help of a personal tutor. By hiring a tutor, you can assure yourself of one-on-one classes, academic support at your disposal, and that too, every minute. This technique enables the students to ask as many questions as possible without hesitating, realize their learning pace and potential, and work alongside their academic goals. 

Why choose Landon Schertz? 

Speaking of a credible personal tutor, Landon Schertz is at your service. Our brand understands the value of personalized education, so we aim to impart knowledge and make this part a little fun, with a handful of tips and tricks to ease the process. Since subjects like Physics and Mathematics could be monotonous, contact us today to experience a fresh and conventional learning approach that is much better and quite interesting!

Signs That Your Child Requires Mentoring Via a Private Tutor

The education system and methods of teaching have changed a lot in the past few years. However, we are still unsure if they are the correct means to get through to every child. Since all kids have a different mindset and grasping ability, having a one-size-fits-all approach might not be an ideal solution to offer the best of what quality education has in store for them. 

If a student is stuck in a situation like this and cannot catch up with the other students in the classroom, it can have a severe impact on the child’s confidence and self-esteem. 

The best way to bridge this gap and fill the learning differences is to opt for private tutors. Even those children with extra subjects and a busy family schedule can go for private tutors and better channel their time and efforts. In most cases, one-on-one attention from the tutors can improve your child’s ability to learn by many folds, and it might even ignite the urge to learn more. 

But it is necessary to look for signs whether your child requires mentoring through a private tutor or not and we are going to enlist some of those signs in this blog post. Keep reading to stay illuminated. 

Cannot concentrate in school

There are times when a child is not able to concentrate in school and this leads to slipping grades and poor performance in other activities of the school. But if you think that your child can do better than what he did in the last term or if you are suddenly witnessing a gradual decline in the performance of your child, you can opt for a private tutor. 

There is no way a school teacher can point out the specific learning issues your child is dealing with and what might be the reason behind your child losing their concentration in school. For example, if your child is good at maths but faces difficulty with language subjects, the deficiency will affect their overall learning. This is just an example of what might be making your child lose concentration in school. To overcome this issue, a private tutor will map out a strategy that builds their concentration back based on their unique learning requirements. 

A private tutor can note down when does your child loses concentration and then by analyzing those notes, he can use a better approach to make learning interesting while keeping the child away from any type of distractions. 

Overlook learning opportunities

In many cases, children underperform because they are not able to understand the homework and this might make them overlook the learning opportunities. If your child is repeatedly puzzled by specific concepts, he might not be able to keep up with the grade-level expectations. And in some cases, it is difficult to discern if your child is facing difficulties with a specific subject or their overall curriculum. 

But if your child is showing signs of anxiety and is consistently overlooking learning opportunities, only a tutor can help them. A reputed and experienced private tutor knows how to bring back the interest in learning and use tried and tested methods to achieve it. So, never let missed opportunities by your child go unnoticed as it might cause problems in the future. 

Lacks time management skills

If postponing projects and putting off homework has become a habit of your child, he or she might not be able to keep up when the workload increases. Obviously, every student has some occasional delays but if you are witnessing regular procrastination then the student is lacking time management skills. 

Many students lack proper time management skills and instead of scolding them to sit and make them learn forcefully, you should hire the best private tutor and gradually introduce time management into the life of your child.

A tutor might use a creative approach to assist your child in improving study habits while allowing them to cultivate self-motivation and keep pace with the upcoming tasks. It has been observed that students with private tutoring are able to manage time in a much better way than those who are solely dependent upon teaching in schools. 

How can Landon Schertz help?

The private tutoring services offered by Landon Schertz involve tried and tested methods for better learning. Instead of using the one-size-fits-all approach,  Landon Schertz first understands the psychology of the students, analyzes their level of understanding, and then uses a customized approach to help them learn better and faster. 

Landon Schertz doesn’t rely on the traditional approach of tutoring and loves mixing the new age techniques along with his own experience to provide the best tutoring experience. So,  Landon Schertz is much more than your usual tutor, he is more like a guide and mentor for students to help shape their future.

Private tutoring; Why is it the need of the hour?

Even with children going to school daily and being active participants in the class, it is common for them to lose their motivation for learning. Many factors play a crucial role in diminishing the interest in education, and you can’t just blame one aspect for it. In many cases, this is just a phase that passes away with time. Nonetheless, that may not always be the case. 

Due to many reasons, students can become demotivated at school, which can hamper their overall performance. Indeed, grades don’t resemble a child’s intelligence but can affect the child’s future in many ways. 

This is why most parents are now turning towards private tutoring, as every child needs something more than just classroom learning. And if you find yourself in a similar situation, you might wonder whether it is worth your money. Let’s go through the benefits of private tutoring and understand why it is the need of the hour. 

Eliminates distraction elements

The classroom is a hub of distractions, and it can keep your child away from focusing on learning anything. The two biggest perpetrators when it comes to distraction are other students and gadgets. Having easy access to numerous kinds of information and living in the era of technology can easily pull any child away from focusing in the classroom. This is the main reason why most students are not able to stay productive. 

Private tutoring allows space and time for your child to concentrate fully. It is the best way to take all the distractions away from the life of your child momentarily. By finding an ideal learning place, whether it is a private library, tutor’s home, or your own home, you can let your child concentrate on learning and mastering the skills required to thrive in the current competitive environment. 

Understands the student psychology

Understanding the psychology of students is necessary since every student is different, and each one of them has its own set of perspectives, thought processes, and ability to grasp things. Forcing students to learn without understanding their psychology can build a solid aversion to learning in their minds, which might become permanent. But since there are so many students in a classroom, understanding everyone’s psychology is not possible. 

In the case of private tutoring, the entire time is dedicated to a single student, and thus the tutors get time to understand their mindset and formulate a teaching plan accordingly. 

Clear learning difference

Every child has a different learning style, mindset, and ability to grasp. Some children learn faster through visuals, while others thrive through auditory learning. But during their regular classes, there is a big difference in the medium best suited for a child and what the teachers in the school prefer as the best medium of teaching. Since there are several kids in a classroom, teachers adopt a common medium. However, private tutoring can help your child learn in their preferred way. 

If a student will keep learning in a manner that is not suitable to him or her, it can lead to obstacles in comprehending study materials. But in the case of private learning, all these learning gaps are covered since the private tutor uses a customized approach according to the learning ability of the child. 

Routine practice assessments

There is less chance that the learning ability, progress, and difficulties of a specific child can be identified in schools until it is too late. What you can do is opt for private tutoring since the tutors use different tools and methods to evaluate, document, and measure the learning abilities of the child they tutor. This helps them discover any gaps that can affect their learning curve and make proper strategies to cover them. 

On the basis of their general assessment, further changes in the teaching process are made by the tutor and this is how private tutoring caters to the specific needs of the child. 

How can Landon Schertz help?

Landon Schertz is one of the most experienced and versatile private tutors who has been transforming the lives of students through private tutoring for many years. He knows how to properly provide assistance in various subjects while answering all the queries that students have in their minds. In addition to providing basic tutoring services, Landon Schertz helps in making learning fun and interesting and thus students are able to concentrate on their studies in a much better way.

Five Ways To Bring Work-life Balance Before Your Child Enters College

Moving from school to college is a big shift for all the students. Since the lifestyle of college is a far cry from what they have been witnessing in the school. Now, instead of getting swayed away by the college lifestyle, a student should learn how to live a balanced life. There might be many changes waiting to enter the life of a student who joins college for the first time but all those changes can be carved into a positive experience and approach with the right strategy. 

You should never get too involved in any activity, be it studying, or leisure activities. A student needs to manage their time and align their interests to live their best life in college. Your health, peace of mind, grades, and fun should all be given equal importance. 

Following a proper work-life balance will enable you to bring all the aspects of your life to an even ground. This will not only increase your efficiency but also improve your overall well-being. So, here are the five ways to bring a work-life balance before your child enters college. 

Make a routine for studies

Even the thought of having a routine for studies can make many students shudder. But during stressful times and when the workload starts piling up, it is the power of a  proper routine that can help you in feeling more organized and in control. 

Instead of making a habit of procrastinating and letting stress kick in when everything starts piling up, students should have a proper routine for their studies. A properly designed routine can turn out to be your best friend in times of stress, uncertainty, and unpredictability. Even private tutoring through Landon Schertz can help you in building a proper routine. 

Take time for recreation

You shouldn’t be hard on yourself while trying to bring a work-life balance before entering college for the first time. If you do not make time for yourself then both stress and anxiety will kick in, sooner or later. By engaging in recreational activities, you are able to free your mind from the daily routine and thus, it can act as a revitalization for your brain. 

Recreational activities, especially outdoor ones, can help you in improving physical and emotional health and it can allow you to get back to the stressful part of your daily routine with alacrity. 

Add value to your learning

Learning in the traditional way is of no use, especially in the current era, where competition in every field is only increasing with time. Therefore, for setting yourself apart and making the most of the time you spend on your studies, you should find different ways of adding value to your learning. You don’t need to go through an arduous journey for adding value to learning as even some basic steps can help you achieve it. 

You can join some student community groups, plan ahead and gather online information before beginning any chapter or you can simply note down every day’s progress and analyze it at the end of every week. But the best way to add value to your learning is through private tutoring from Landon Schertz

Give your body/mind time to relax

You should never go on a study spree as this might exhaust your mind and body completely and make you feel groggy the next day. It is necessary to give proper relaxation time to your mind and body. You can just wind down and plug into your favorite music or you can even practice meditation for a few minutes to calm yourself down. This allows your mind to rejuvenate and thus, both your mind and body can get prepared for the next session. 

Prioritize your chores and don’t burn out

If you have set certain goals and are really interested in achieving them, it is crucial to prioritize your chores. However, don’t push yourself in the process and burn out. It doesn’t matter what you do in your leisure time or what kind of outing plans you have, you should always go for the chores first and then think about other things. 

But don’t be afraid of making occasional changes as being stuck to routine for a long period of time can make your life dull and boring. 

Having a proper work-life balance before moving from school to college can help students to adjust to the upcoming changes in their life with ease. So, use the tips mentioned in this blog post and bring a work-life balance to make your life fun, productive, and healthy.

Going to the Zoom University – How can you benefit from online learning?

The pandemic has changed a lot of things around and has forced us to live with the new normal- a digital world. From following the social distancing rules to tucking the idea of touring abroad under the carpet, we have now become used to the different changes brought in by the pandemic. Although the arrival of the pandemic has affected many sectors, the education sector has witnessed the most significant changes. Now, instead of physically going to colleges or schools, we are confined to the Zoom university and it can be a great opportunity for the students. 

Rather than considering Zoom as an obstacle in learning for your kids, you should consider it as an opportunity. The pandemic has not stopped students from taking admission in schools, colleges, and universities, but it has made transformed learning entirely. 

So, if your child is taking admission in any institution and Zoom is the only way of learning instead of physical classes then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can benefit from online learning. 

Refined Skill learning

Studying online is completely different from traditional learning. One can never excel if one doesn’t have basic skills like self-motivation, communication, and self-discipline. During online learning, you get the opportunity to hone and develop these skills with ease. 

For example, during online classes, you have to regularly communicate with the professor, either verbally or through writing and this is how you are able to develop your communication skills. This peculiar feature of online learning makes it more useful for every student. 

In addition to this, you will also need to keep yourself motivated for completing an online course and to complete your online assignments, especially because there is less hand-holding in the case of online learning compared to traditional classroom learning. 

Several studies have shown that incorporating web-based learning helps students in developing critical thinking skills as well. This is why you should never shy away from opting for online classes offered by private tutors like Landon Schertz.


This is one of the major advantages, especially for those students who need some wiggle room during learning. If you think about what makes online learning so popular and why students are interested in online learning, you’ll realize this is because of the flexibility online learning offers. 

It is beneficial even for people who have opted for different courses and have family obligations, full-time jobs or they just perform better when they have the flexibility while learning. The best part about the flexibility offered by online learning is that it allows the students to control the pace of learning instead of being stuck in the one-size-fits-all approach used in most classrooms. 

So, if you think your child can perform better or has control over the pace of learning with proper flexibility then online learning provided by private tutors like Landon Schertz can be your best choice. 

Self-learning opportunities

According to a major survey, it has been found that people flock to self-learning at a much faster pace. With the rapidly changing global economy and easy access to technology, students have become ready to take matters into their own hands and therefore, self-learning will become more common in the upcoming years. 

Being able to advance in the career without facing too much disruption in the daily routine is one of the most talked-about benefits of online learning through Zoom universities. Since students have complete control over every aspect of learning during online classes, self-learning has become their go-to option. And by mastering self-learning, students are able to become more disciplined and follow a routine approach. 

Access to online professionals 

The best part about online classes is the easy access to online professionals. Many students hesitate from one-to-one interaction with teachers but that is not the case with online classes. Since there are no physical interactions, the hesitation of seeing the professor in person is wiped out during online classes and this makes access to teachers much easier. 

You can take the example of the private tutoring services offered by Landon Schertz through online classes. In these classes, students are always eager to get in touch with the tutor instead of hesitating. 

Nobody knows when the deadly virus will be completely wiped out but even when the dust settles, Zoom universities will continue to grow in many parts of the world. So, since online courses are here to stay, it is better to learn how to benefit from them instead of considering them as your enemies.

Introducing Financial Literacy To Your Kids: Why now more than ever?

Financial literacy refers to one’s understanding of managing money and assets and knowing about finance-related practices like investments, budgeting, etc. Having such information is quite imperative in today’s time as it helps you to give a definite structure to your monetary resources and organize them to use it in an optimal manner. As parents, it becomes necessary for you to impart knowledge about finance and capital to your kids while they’re growing up so that they can have enough information available to avoid financial fraud situations in the coming years. Being financially literate also means that your kid is able to manage his/her pocket money and realizes its importance well in time. Often kids take money and finance casually- just because they are not taught about it. However, it is vital for parents to let their kids know about money management and emphasize its importance.

Importance Of Financial Literacy

Just for the citizens of a country, it is equally important for the youth to be financially literate and act responsibly to take informed decisions in the later years. Learning about financial aspects can later save them from fraud investments and bad decisions that could lead to a possible loss of money. Furthermore, having a strong hold on money management tips empowers your child and assist him/her in using it wisely, that, in future, gets converted to profitable investments and worthy monetary commitments. 

Having that said, teaching your kid about money and its efficient usage makes them equipped with financial knowledge when they grow old. This becomes a perfect attribute of their personality which could open numerous doors of professional opportunities and sectors that they can head to. 

Here are a few benefits of establishing the financial literacy base for your child – 

  1. Teaching the value of money – As we mentioned, helping your child know and learn about finance, money management and budgets provides them the significant value of money. It is imperative for the kids to know and understand how valuable money is, so they can become financially stable in the near future. This could be done by instilling finance-related habits like saving their pocket money, etc. Parents can impart this knowledge to their kids when they’re five or six- let them start by counting coins and slowly segregating currency values. By the time they’re in their teen years, they’d be making the financial decision on their own.
  1. Help make smart spending decisions – Nurturing your kids with the much-required education and guidance about monetary components directly affects their decision-making ability. As parents, you would want your child to spend his/her pocket money where it is required, and not recklessly. By introducing them to financial literacy, you can persuade smart purchase and spending decisions of your kids. Generally, such things are instilled into habits by practice- allow your kid to take a self-purchase decision and let them learn from the experiences. Even if they fail to take a profitable decision, it is easier to mold them with the right guidance so they can become better for the future.
  1. Keep up with the tax policies – Understanding tax has always been a tough task for everyone- be it now or earlier. But, with financial literacy and well-structured information, you can comprehend the complexities of tax policies. Similarly, you can train your kids during their teen years on tax filings, benefits and monetary policies associated with them. Havign a strong grip on tax policies and its concepts helps your child to stick to a fixed budget and plan for other things accordingly, thus making a balance between expenses and income.
  1. Have fun with numbers – At the end, it is all about learning with a little fun and entertainment. While you pass on your knowledge about finance, make sure that you create such an environment that empowers your child and make theses practices as practical as they could be. Parents can let their kids count the things in their homes, help them recognise bigger numbers and differentiate their value simultaneously. These small fun elements can nurture the minds of the children and enhance their learning potential. 

Landon Schertz brings you extensive helping guide to introduce financial literacy to your child so he or she can gain interest in managing the finances. Our aim is to mentor your child with the sheer importance and necessity of money management, how should they make a financial decision, etc. These things are a must-to-know from the very start- so do not wait, give us a call today to book your appointment with our experts!

Four Effective Study Strategies to Help Students Learn

A learning/study strategy defines the approach of a student that he applies to procure knowledge concepts, or while completing an academic task. Generally, applying mindful strategies while studying enhances the ability to grasp information effectively to recall it afterward. Sometimes students struggle to cope with the learning procedures due to a lack of effective study strategies that hold them back from their peers. Establishing clear studying strategies empowers the student with self-confidence, and reduces stress. Although these strategies are required to be implemented when a student isn’t able to focus on his/her studies, you can bring them into action if you want to enhance your learning ability and better your scores for the examinations. An effective studying strategy enables you to self-create an academic environment for more productivity and be mindful at the time of studying. 

Making use of strategies and techniques during school time not only helps an individual to better his/her creative side but also brings in different approaches to tackle life situations flexibly. The education system has lately become a race that wants you to be proactive in learning and presenting that information when required. Therefore, it is really important to discourage the practice of cramming things up, instead of applying a few action plans and techniques to develop a better understanding of concepts. 

Ponder upon these suggestions to encourage yourself to better learning potential- 

  1. Ask Yourself if you want social media, or just enjoy it?” 

Deciding between social media platforms and your studies is a tough choice to make- with all the fun and entertainment you get from the former, there is boredom and a lack of interest in the latter task. Although social media could help an individual to boost interpersonal skills, help in personality development, and could provide the required exposure to social situations, taking an exorbitant interest in it could make you lethargic towards your studies. Therefore, it is an essential step to ask yourself whether you require social media for communal benefits and making yourself familiar with the social norms for building your character, or just to lounge about for most of your day. Pen down a few pros and cons of your social media consumption and see if you can utilize that time to be productive at other tasks.

  1. Use a planner — and make it a habit 

Sticking to a fixed schedule and adopting a plan for your routine studies is significantly suggested by tutors and mentors to lower the stress levels and remain productive throughout the day. Routine study habits directly affect your performance as it enables you to understand and memorize information easily and in lesser time. Along with that, once you make a habit of following a routine, you’ll automatically focus on devoting your time to effective learning. It could be done by note-making techniques by which you can jot down the essentials of the concepts you study and take better care of your academic self.

  1. Practice Breaking Down Tasks

Breaking down a bigger task into smaller chores allows a student to allocate optimal time and effort to them and ensure efficiency in each chore. It also facilitates your mind for decision-making and quick understanding of new things. Many students have a lot to do in their academic sphere, due to which task-breaking is primarily helpful for them. Efficiency and focus are the key benefits that a student gets from the allocation of tasks. Further, you can avoid succumbing to procrastinating your work and conveniently finish it in a defined time frame. 

  1. Hire a private tutor 

Private tutors can help address your learning barriers and create an educational atmosphere for you, with one-on-one guidance and sheer attention. Hiring a private tutor can boost your self-confidence by improving your core learning and encourage you to perform better. Such a tutoring technique further eliminates any sort of distraction that might hinder the study time and allows a student to raise his/her queries every time. It is evident that some of the private tutors could charge more than what you anticipated, so as parents, you have to run a deep analysis of the capabilities of the tutor and contemplate if it suits the requirements of your little one.

How can Landon Schertz help?
Speaking of a private tutor that can help you in making effective study strategies, Landon Schertz brings you expert academic guidance to support your learning. Making use of significantly proactive techniques, along with the right approach has helped our students to explore new opportunities during their school time for bettering their past performances. We aim at bringing effective changes to your learning potential and study patterns so you can make the most of that time and score well in the examinations. To know more, connect with our team today!