Best Ways To Create A Culture Of Feedback At Home

With the introductory phase of distance education or what we call e-learning, it has become critical for students to have an ambient learning atmosphere at their homes to boost concentration levels. Not only that, homeschooling is a similar concept that allows parents to educate their children by themselves while keeping them at home. However, it too requires an internal environment that is capable of nurturing the student’s life and wellbeing. 

Therefore, it is an ideal approach to provide feedback and a thorough observation on their studying habits, progress, weak areas, etc. When students are told about their shortcomings, they are quite positive about them and try harder to improve the state as they have a better connection with their parents. It not only helps them shape their education but also hone their skills each time.

Feedback and opinion-sharing are quite imperative elements of the learning process, especially when the students are in their early grades. It aids them in working on the correct parts as well as working harder on the incorrect things that they are doing. As parents, it must be a routine at your home to explain to your child about the inaccurate things about their studies and help them adopt a strategic plan to recuperate from those mistakes to better themselves. 

Better known as feedback culture, the term is quite common at workplaces as well, where leaders work with their employees in improving the work standards. Similarly, parents create a culture of feedback at home to guide their children in polishing up their confidence levels, self-learning zeal, and other performance-related factors.

Having that said, let’s explore a few ways that help in establishing a clear feedback culture for students at home:

  • Encourage reflection, not correction – Oftentimes students are punched down by telling them their bad marks, areas they are weak in, and their academic insufficiencies. This makes a bad impression on their career and demotivates them to grow further on the path of success. Therefore, it is important that as parents, you help your child in identifying his or her strengths, and encourage them about how they have learned multiple concepts so far. It is called Reflection, which is a process of motivating a person by explaining to them about the worth of their studies. Not only does your child get help in exploring his or her learning perspective but, they also adapt such reflections to get ahead in life. 



  • Deliver feedback that is specific – Content-specific and purpose-driven feedback are extremely imperative for students so they can learn from their mistakes. It allows you to focus on those areas where you need to work on, and can better your performance thereafter. Providing specific feedback is a great way to gather the deets about your performance and embrace performance-improvement strategies to monitor their learning potential. 

  • Model feedback, and suggest sentence starters – Sentence starters are generally used to provide constructive criticism in a positive manner by adding phrases like “Be more like”, “Next time it could be”, etc. These help you maintain a positive environment and help students take stern feedback in a much simpler way. The feedback statements and explanations must not be too harsh that disrupts their learning journey but must function as a catalyst to boost them along the way. They may think of quitting after repetitive failures, but after a personalized feedback session, they would feel elated and enthusiastic about not stopping to try.

  • Prompt deeper engagement – Last but not least, in order to create a healthy feedback culture at home, parents must connect with their children on a regular basis and engage in deeper conversations, sometimes even apart from their academics. An effective communication channel is an ideal approach to identify the limitations of your child and devise a healthy approach to remedy them. Initiate a conversation with your child about how he or she is coping with arduous concepts, whether or not they require tuition guidance, etc. Such one-to-one engagement is surprisingly necessary to pass on your wisdom, and experience to your child so they can custom-tailor it to their academic benefit.




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5 Research-Backed Studying Techniques

With the educational graph of the students disintegrating in the post-pandemic scenario, it has become critically vital to adopt effective studying strategies to avoid falling for learning gaps. The traditional in-school studying technique was slowly replaced by a much simpler and a lot safer alternative, which is called e-learning. The scope of e-learning progressed as it is considered a better option to continue education, rather than keeping students sitting idle at home. Although, as e-learning made its way in recent years, a handful of highly-effective studying techniques emerged to be fruitful for students who earlier were not able to concentrate proficiently. 

Not only did these techniques enhance the basic foundation of concepts, but also lessened the possibility of learning gaps. Getting habitual effective learning strategies is a must because they allow you to take better control of your education as well as reduce anxiety and stress levels. The sheer benefit of adopting studying techniques is to instill confidence and become self-learning gradually. Although you may find a plethora of shortcuts, tips, and tricks over the web that can help you expand your learning potential, here are the top 5 research-backed techniques that could improve your learning potential and make things easy going forward- 


Better known as preliminary tests, they are small assessments that are carried out to crosscheck the preparedness of a student – whether or not he or she is prepared for the final test, how comprehensively the concept is familiar to them, etc. Pre-tests are quite fruitful in assessing the potential of the students and releasing their examination anxiety. As parents, you can help your child get a better grip on his or her learning schedule by organizing weekly pre-tests. Not only are they helpful in preparing them for the ultimate test but allow them to identify their weak areas, and thereby improve them step by step.

Spacing Out Study Sessions

Although continuous learning sessions are considered to be beneficial for the students, sometimes they are stressed out because of that constant knowledge-grasping sitting. It is obvious that their minds need a break to relax and find that they lose potential to get going again. Therefore, the need to add breaks in their learning emerges to be really useful, especially when they are preparing for their final test. Spacing out their four-hour learning session and adding four-quarter breaks is a great way to reinforce an enhanced sense of understandability, and the ability to focus even better.



Quizzes are a part of the self-assessment process that helps you get an idea of your educational strengths and weaknesses. Taking up a daily quiz is an ideal way to track your understanding and concept knowledge to make sure you’re progressing in the right way. In addition, they are fun and informative which encourages students to devote time and better themselves daily. Not only are they a source to provide information, but quizzes also stimulate motivation and a sense of self-practice that helps you in learning faster and smarter. 


Interleaving Practice

Students often come across multiple topics and concepts that are similar to each other and resemble understanding at some levels. Thus, studying them together could be easy and time-saving. Not only does it allow you to focus better on similar topics but it also gives you spare time that you can devote to other subjects. Better known as interleaving practice, it is a helpful skill that is considered indispensable before your final examination. 

Paraphrasing and Reflecting

Another studying technique that helps you memorize and pen it down swiftly is the ability to paraphrase what you have read. It is a great way to hone your writing skills and allows you to be fluent in your written communication. By just going through the source, you should be able to mend it into your own words to give it a different, new meaning. Usually, when students are required to write what their teachers have spoken, they tend to lose track of the words. But with paraphrasing and reflecting those ideas on paper, students can craft a sufficient answer that shows how much they have learned and understood. 

How can Landon Schertz help?

Adopting these studying techniques could be a daunting task for some students. Enter Landon Schertz, who can help you devise studying shortcuts to learn better, faster. With Landon Schertz by your side, you can prepare yourself for the SATs, weekly subject tests, senior GRE, and many more imperative examinations to advance your career. If you’re a parent and want to book a trial class, give us a call today, and book one for your child to help him or her unleash their learning potential!

Four Activities To Create A Mindful Reading Ambiance At Home For Your Kids

Reading is one of the best exercises you can do for your brain. Not only does it strengthen the brain cells of a person but also reduces stress levels over time. When you start reading, you learn new things, new words, get creative with better ideas, and acquire a wide array of deets that could be put into use in any field. It is suggested that kids must be habitual of reading from an early age so they can boost their comprehensiveness and succinctly analyze their surroundings. 

As parents, you must encourage your children for daily reading sessions, even for half an hour or one hour, so they can enhance their mental ability and self-awareness. Be it novel books, newspapers, ed-magazines, or any other written document, mindful reading is a great way to understand the events of the world and how they could relate to them. In addition, you can better yourself in terms of understanding the literature, and craft that knowledge into your listening and speaking skills. 

Since we know that through reading, kids can gather information about absolutely anything in the world, you must help your little one read what’s necessary and beneficial for their sake. Providing your kids with books that relate them to the extremes of the world might not be the right thing to do, especially when they’re young. Reading about the right things at the right age is fruitful so they can understand and relate to their own life. 

Having that said, an effective, ambient reading environment is an indispensable need for households where the children can hone their fundamental literacy skills. Let’s have a look at the top four methods in which it can be achieved: 

Make Them Sit Quietly For 60 Seconds To Get Them Ready For Learning

A short period of silence goes a long way in manipulating a child’s brain activity. When they get quiet, they can memorize and play their tasks on their mind, which not only helps in realizing what all chores they have performed or will do but also keeps them calm and composed. Sitting quietly allows a child to gather peace and empty his or her mind so new information can be stored proficiently. For instance, when you meditate for a short period before studying, your brain disintegrates the negative, irrelevant thoughts so it can acquire new, positive ideas. Similarly, making your child sit quietly before they start their learning process helps them level their senses and gain emotional stability.

Employ Another Object That Makes A Trailing Sound To Encourage Powerful Listening

Power listening is a process that includes gathering information via listening to other sources and quantifying it along with enhancing the quality to provide creative insights and ideas. It has been observed that such a skill holds extreme value for kids who are young and can be molded into strong listeners. Active listening can be improved via using a source of sound with the help of which an individual can engage in better comprehension. It also promotes better visualization and thinking capacity so they can connect with their peers flexibly.

Have Them Reflect For A Minute To Remember Something They Are Grateful For. 

Reflection for students is quite necessary to realize the significance of their learning procedure. The approach guides them to get motivated and find that zeal because of which they would continue the leg. The conceptualization of ideas, thoughts, learning materials, etc, and their applicability into their real-life is what that they can benefit from. As parents, you must ask your children to sit back and look back on their learnings, failures, things that trouble them, their achievements, and so on. This will enable them towards reaching the zenith, despite their lackings and setbacks. 

Start With Their Favorite Subject And Help Them With The Challenges They Are Facing (if)

Last but not least, create a mindful reading environment for your children with the types of books they love to read. Handpick and prioritize the genre they aspire to learn more about and let them read it first. It is quite realistic to say that people prefer doing the things that they love. Likewise, allow your little one to pick out their favorite subject and initiate the learning process. Meanwhile, keep a close check on things that trouble them and help them minimize those challenges so they can better themselves slowly and gradually. By doing so, you will instill a sense of accomplishment so they would be encouraged to become self-learners.


Seek help from a private tutor! Landon Schertz could be your perfect guide in enabling a sensible reading culture at your home so your kids can better their academics as well as general, non-subject areas. With our experience and sheer expertise in training students, we take pride in preparing your child with the right skill set, be it for literature, communication, or any practical-driven subject. Book a trial class with us to experience amazing teaching practices for your child’s learning path.

Top Most Critical Skills Your Kid Needs To Adapt!

Having a wide array of skill sets has become a self-driving force for students where they are bound to focus on the positives of their lives and derive a fruitful career out of those skills. Not only are these skills a way to build confidence but also help you in interacting with everyone out there, be it your social group, or client at a workplace, etc. Critical skills that allow an individual to bring proficient outcomes from the job he does are necessary in order to keep going, especially when people are young and want to learn and develop. 

Let us have a look at the top 6 skills that a child must be familiar with and how they can improve his or her state of affairs-

  • Meta Cognition – The ability to consider your own thoughts and the cognitive process is called Meta Cognition. Herein, a student is capable of understanding their own thinking patterns, potential and is fully aware of his or her learnings. As a skill that helps students gain a better perspective of their learning, Meta Cognition is a method to realize your current position and reflect on the positives in order to strategize your future objectives. It is a skill to derive meaning and understanding about your everyday life actions, behaviors, and the potential to handle challenges at every stage of life.

  • Planning – It refers to a process to understand, strategize and create a plan for the actions and chores of your life. Planning, as a skill, is quite imperative for everyone and in every field as it helps people speed up the work and ensure that it goes as programmed. Therefore, when a student plans his or her actions, it allows them to gain confidence in their work and perform extremely better. Planning their actions helps them avoid getting disruptive as well as make a flexible schedule for studying. It can enable them to create absolute time that they can devote to learning, leisure activities, exercising, and other chores of their lives.

  • Organization – Once you’ve planned your actions, you put them into an orderly manner. This is called Organization, which requires you to schedule and program your actions in a logical way so they look neat and the result ultimately comes out as positive. For students, organizing their learning procedures is a great skill as it can allow them to learn more, better. In addition, it reduces their stress and anxiety level as they are better able to prioritize their activities, be it for learning or leisure. Doing so can help them enhance operational productivity and students can become efficient in whatever tasks they do.

  • Time Management – School life is a back and forth schedule that comprises small yet countless sessions of routine chores, such as attending classes, homework, assessments, preparing for weekly tests and presentations, etc. For completing a plethora of chores in time, one has to learn how to manage and devote time. Time management emerges to be a profound skill here that helps you plan your time that you can devote to a certain activity, keeping in mind that the amount of time spent is efficient and productive. Effective time management is a great way for students to avoid killing time and finish off numerous tasks in lesser time, thus increasing their efficiency and gaining a sense of accomplishment. 

  • Task Initiation – Often students lack the will to initiate something or promote themselves for a particular action. Avoiding taking initiative from a young age may hamper their self-confidence levels, which is why it is important to take on challenges and say yes to your chores. Task initiation is a skill that teaches you to break down huge chores into smaller parts and derive an efficient way to complete them. It involves putting together other skills such as planning, and organizing, etc to fulfill a task with extreme productiveness. It impacts your learning potential as well as brings constant positive reminders to encourage yourself for new tasks. 

  • Perseverance – Last but not least, you must have the will to fight back and not avoid challenges. The persistent determination to fulfill a task, despite its difficulty level is called Perseverance. As students, it is obvious that you would get setbacks, be it from challenging concepts, low scores, or lack of concentration. Having sheer determination and perseverance helps you get through it and take small yet constant steps towards your end goal. As parents, you can encourage your child day in day out so they feel praised and can put their failures aside. 


Why is a good tutor important for your kid to strive?

Landon Schertz is your way to cater to your child’s requirements as we offer customized tutoring classes that are concept-driven sessions. We also encourage students by offering assistance in building emotional stability and enabling them to strive harder for success. By working with parents, Landon Schertz derives simpler ways to understand the psyche of students in order to offer the best help. Learn more by giving us a call or book a free class today!

How to make the best of your Online Tutor?

If your kid is struggling at school, finding specific subjects challenging, and if they cannot improve academic performance, then instead of blaming all this on your child and scolding them for ignorance, you should hire a reputed and experienced online tutor. 

Online tutoring combines personalized lesson plans, artificial intelligence, interactive classes, and immediate feedback to offer everything a student needs to excel at all the subjects. 

While many people thought that the online tutoring trend would start declining after the pandemic, the entire world is witnessing a rise in the online tutoring field even in the post-pandemic era. If you want your child to embrace online learning, your kid needs to learn how to make the most of their online tutor. Keep reading to stay illuminated. 

  • Plan your lessons in Advance

Kids should never forget the one thing during online classes is planning the lessons. This will allow the kids to stay focused on what they want to learn, and it will also give kids time to choose the learning style as per the lesson. If kids cannot do so, then their parents should assist them. 

When kids fail to plan lessons, they don’t know what they want to achieve through the classes, and thus, even after a brilliant online session, they might not feel satisfied. This is why even parents must ask their kids to plan the lessons instead of rushing through everything. 

  • Dedicate yourself to the learning process

If kids want to make the most of their online tutors, they should learn how to stay focused throughout the learning process, and this can only be achieved through proper dedication. Although online tutors use different tools and approaches to allow kids to dedicate themselves to the learning process, all this can go in vain if there is no student effort.

Parents should make sure that kids are paying attention to whatever is being taught in the online classes, and they are not considering this just as a formality and another part of their daily routine. For doing so, parents should take regular feedback from their kids regarding online tutoring. 

  • Stay engaged with the tutor.

Online tutoring can never be effective if the student only sits and listens to the lecture like they usually do in school. To make the most of online tutoring, kids get involved in the teaching process, and they should ask questions, clear doubts, and ask for feedback on their performance. 

By being engaged with the tutor, even the tutor gets the chance to know the students better, and thus they can outline the strengths and weaknesses of the students. This helps the tutor come with programs, tips, and tricks built around the student’s preference. 

  • Help your tutor in planning the study schedule. 

As discussed above, tutoring should always involve two-way communication as without being interactive, none of the tutoring programs can become successful. By interacting more with the tutors, students can get what they need to excel academically. 

Students should always be eager to help the tutors plan the study schedule as the study schedule needs to be designed according to the specific preference of the student. Therefore, without any interaction, even the best tutor will never help the students with the study schedule they like. 

  • Coordinate with your online tutor

Even in traditional tutoring classes, coordination with the tutor is the key to success for both the student and the tutor. Well, the same thing can be said about online tutoring as well. A student should always feel motivated to coordinate with the online tutors in every possible manner. A tutor with proper coordination from students can offer a better program and teaching method. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have chosen online tutoring for a specific subject or the entire academics; it is necessary to ensure that your child is appropriately coordinating with the online tutors. Otherwise, everything will go in vain. 

It is a fact that even in the post-pandemic period, online tutoring is sky-rocketing as many parents are finding it to be the best assistance their kids need. But in addition to choosing an ideal online tutor like Landon Schertz, who offers customized tutoring classes and uses the best teaching tools, parents should know how to make the most of the online program as well. 

The parents should know how to make the most of the online tutors and provide every online tutor’s support. From making the tutor aware of the child’s preferences to letting them understand the weak points, a tutor should be assisted at every point to offer the best form of their education service. 

Child lagging in studies? Online tutoring can provide a big boost.

Landon SchertzStudents struggling in school might seem rare as you might back up your perception with the new age of education, but you will be surprised to know that around 52% of students have admitted that they find the school challenging. In addition to this, approximately 10% of students in every class are slow learners. 

This makes it evident that we are still lacking something in our current education system, but most parents consider these struggles just as ignorance or laziness from their kid’s side. It might be true that children have a shorter attention span, which might be the reason behind their struggle, but if it continues, it can hamper both the confidence and performance of the child. 

The best way to deal with kids lagging in studies is to find out the real reason behind this struggle and enroll the kid in a reputed online tutoring program. So, let’s address both these aspects in this blog post. 

Change in school

The nature of your job might be forcing you to move from one place to another, and therefore, even your kids have to change schools frequently. With regular changes, the child never gets time to adjust, and thus they are never able to start working on their weaknesses and strengths. 

Low grasping power

As discussed at the outset of the article, many kids have low grasping power, which doesn’t mean anything wrong with them. Such kids only need special attention or a personalized approach to learning as they always want to learn at their own pace. 

Injury or health issues

Severe injuries might confine kids to their beds for a long time, affecting their academic performance since they go through a big gap in learning. The same thing can happen when a kid has regular health issues, which acts as a distraction. 

Low retention power

Even common issues like lack of sleep and stress can lead to low retention power in kids, limiting the student’s ability to perform in academics. This is a big concern since it takes away the child’s confidence and starts feeling that they are not intelligent. 

How can Online Tutoring help? 

  • Your child will learn tips and tricks.

Instead of learning everything traditionally and following the standard learning process, kids are equipped with different tips and tricks for solving problems, reading faster, and memorizing something quickly. All this helps the student overcome the challenge, and thus they can overcome the obstacle. 

The online tutors address the child as per their preference, and all the online tutors have many tips and tricks under their sleeves as they know some kids need a different approach to learning and what is taught at schools. 

  • One-on-one tutoring

In a typical American primary classroom, there are at least 23 students. With so many students in one class, there is no way teachers can focus on every student and address their problems. This is where online tutoring can act as a savior for your child. 

With one-to-one tutoring, the online tutors can better understand the student’s specific needs. Thus, they can come up with a learning program based on the strengths and weaknesses of that particular student. 

  • Your child will have access to classes available 24/7

Kids struggling at school need some flexibility, and you can never make such students shine by forcing them into a strict routine. Luckily, online tutoring offers a lot of flexibility, and every student has round-the-clock access to study materials and recorded classes. 

This means that students will never be confined to a fixed routine, and they can get back to the classes and access online study materials whenever they have doubts and need to revise any chapter.  

  • Helps in getting the homework done

Many students struggle at school just because of the homework as they find it challenging, and with no one to assist, they return to school with doubts and fear daily. Well, even this issue can be solved with the help of online tutoring. 

Online tutors help students with different chapters, but they help their students complete homework and even big projects assigned by the school. This allows kids to offload some burden, and they can better concentrate. 

Online tutoring might be considered a substitute for traditional tuition because of the pandemic. Still, soon, everyone realized its advantages, and therefore, we can say that online tutoring is here to stay. 

Five reasons why your child needs live online tutoring!


Landon Schertz
Education has been one of the biggest casualties of COVID-19, and according to a report published by UNICEF-ITU, almost 1.6 billion children have been affected globally. But we are known for our capability to adjust to the new situation, and thus, we realized the need to flock from classroom to computer screens, and we did it seamlessly. 

And now, when the dust has almost settled, many people are considering online learning just a good substitute for traditional learning, but in actuality, we are moving towards a hybrid model of education that involves both online and traditional learning. 

This blended pedagogy mechanism is being called phy-gital, and it will soon make you realize the importance of online learning even when children can go back to school. Meanwhile, we want to point out some important reasons that make live online tutoring necessary for students even in the post-pandemic phase. 

Why does your child need ‘Live online tutoring’?

  • To keep them in the mainstream education line.

Online live tutoring is always going to complement the school education. Therefore, while eliminating the learning obstacles, students can stay in the mainstream education line and improve their academic performance.

The online tutors build their education program around the students’ academic program. From homework to science projects, the online tutors provide assistance and guidance for every type of work assigned by the school. 

This is why you should never consider online tutoring as an extra burden for your student in addition to academics, as these programs are designed to help the student thrive in school and improve performance. 

  • To achieve discipline while learning.

There is no distraction in the case of online learning, and thus students can focus better on the classes. This helps the students to learn the basics of educational discipline, and it stays with the child even after the classes. 

In addition to this, the students are more independent in the case of online tutoring, and they realize that the only way to improve is to have self-control and follow a proper routine. Such independence and new skills help students become disciplined during online classes and in real life. 

  • Boost confidence to address complex areas of learning

Students who struggle at school can start losing confidence, and a lack of confidence at an early age can complicate things in the future as it affects personal relationships and performance. The best way to address these issues is to enroll the child in an online tutoring program. 

Having a tutor through any online live tutoring program on top of the curriculum allows students to gain confidence and reduce stress at school. The personalized learning approach in online tutoring targets the students’ weak areas, and thus they can overcome the problematic areas of learning. 

  • Online Live Tutoring focuses entirely on your child.

All the tutors offering services through online platforms have different technological tools at their disposal, and they use these tools to ensure the student gets the best coaching possible. 

From whiteboards and shared files to instant texts and video sessions, the tutor can use a mix of all these for teaching a subject in the best possible manner. And all this is used by the tutor for your child only, not for a class full of 50 students. 

This allows students to learn at their own pace and through a specific learning style. The online tutors are even trained to use the tools as per the student’s preference. 

  • Your child receives personalized learning tricks.

Allowing students to learn at their own pace is complemented with personalized learning tricks in reputed online tutoring programs. Every student has a way of learning new things, and a simple book reading might not work in every case. This issue is addressed through online tutoring by offering personalized learning tricks. 

The online tutors first analyze the student’s learning capabilities, interest, and pace of learning. Based on the insights gained from this analysis, they develop a personalized learning program that involves learning tricks and tips designed specifically for your child. 

Why choose Landon Schertz?

Landon Schertz is one of the most reputed and renowned academicians and private tutors who know how to offer a customized learning program through the online platform. With excellence in many subjects. Landon Schertz can cover the entire academic performance of your child and help them work on their weak areas while boosting their academic performance. 

So, if you are looking forward to boosting your child’s academic performance and confidence, then choose Landon Schertz and witness how professional online tutoring can make learning seamless and effortless.

Are you too shy to ask questions? Online Tutoring is the answer!

Landon Schertz


Education should always promote involvement from both sides (students and teachers), as sitting in the class and listening to the lecture confines the learning area. According to a report published by TEAL, it has been found that asking the right questions builds a deeper sense of learning for students. 

How Can Tutors Make Learning Fun Online?

Introduction: Importance of making online learning fun

Online learning or e-learning has become the talk of the town and gained mass student recognition in recent years, due to the catastrophic situations we all have faced. COVID-19 brought immense pressure on the students and the complete educational system. This is why the online tutoring sector emerged as a significant privilege to the students as well as home tutors. 

Reasons Why Your Online Tutor Might Not Be Teaching Well

Introduction: Repercussions of an online tutor not teaching well 

Our education system has shifted its focus from traditional classrooms to online learning modules, especially during the ill-fated rise of COVID-19. That being said, our children were bound to continue their education with their tutors via online mediums and stick to computer screens for an awful lot of time.