Signs That Your Child Requires Mentoring Via a Private Tutor

The education system and methods of teaching have changed a lot in the past few years. However, we are still unsure if they are the correct means to get through to every child. Since all kids have a different mindset and grasping ability, having a one-size-fits-all approach might not be an ideal solution to offer the best of what quality education has in store for them. 

If a student is stuck in a situation like this and cannot catch up with the other students in the classroom, it can have a severe impact on the child’s confidence and self-esteem. 

The best way to bridge this gap and fill the learning differences is to opt for private tutors. Even those children with extra subjects and a busy family schedule can go for private tutors and better channel their time and efforts. In most cases, one-on-one attention from the tutors can improve your child’s ability to learn by many folds, and it might even ignite the urge to learn more. 

But it is necessary to look for signs whether your child requires mentoring through a private tutor or not and we are going to enlist some of those signs in this blog post. Keep reading to stay illuminated. 

Cannot concentrate in school

There are times when a child is not able to concentrate in school and this leads to slipping grades and poor performance in other activities of the school. But if you think that your child can do better than what he did in the last term or if you are suddenly witnessing a gradual decline in the performance of your child, you can opt for a private tutor. 

There is no way a school teacher can point out the specific learning issues your child is dealing with and what might be the reason behind your child losing their concentration in school. For example, if your child is good at maths but faces difficulty with language subjects, the deficiency will affect their overall learning. This is just an example of what might be making your child lose concentration in school. To overcome this issue, a private tutor will map out a strategy that builds their concentration back based on their unique learning requirements. 

A private tutor can note down when does your child loses concentration and then by analyzing those notes, he can use a better approach to make learning interesting while keeping the child away from any type of distractions. 

Overlook learning opportunities

In many cases, children underperform because they are not able to understand the homework and this might make them overlook the learning opportunities. If your child is repeatedly puzzled by specific concepts, he might not be able to keep up with the grade-level expectations. And in some cases, it is difficult to discern if your child is facing difficulties with a specific subject or their overall curriculum. 

But if your child is showing signs of anxiety and is consistently overlooking learning opportunities, only a tutor can help them. A reputed and experienced private tutor knows how to bring back the interest in learning and use tried and tested methods to achieve it. So, never let missed opportunities by your child go unnoticed as it might cause problems in the future. 

Lacks time management skills

If postponing projects and putting off homework has become a habit of your child, he or she might not be able to keep up when the workload increases. Obviously, every student has some occasional delays but if you are witnessing regular procrastination then the student is lacking time management skills. 

Many students lack proper time management skills and instead of scolding them to sit and make them learn forcefully, you should hire the best private tutor and gradually introduce time management into the life of your child.

A tutor might use a creative approach to assist your child in improving study habits while allowing them to cultivate self-motivation and keep pace with the upcoming tasks. It has been observed that students with private tutoring are able to manage time in a much better way than those who are solely dependent upon teaching in schools. 

How can Landon Schertz help?

The private tutoring services offered by Landon Schertz involve tried and tested methods for better learning. Instead of using the one-size-fits-all approach,  Landon Schertz first understands the psychology of the students, analyzes their level of understanding, and then uses a customized approach to help them learn better and faster. 

Landon Schertz doesn’t rely on the traditional approach of tutoring and loves mixing the new age techniques along with his own experience to provide the best tutoring experience. So,  Landon Schertz is much more than your usual tutor, he is more like a guide and mentor for students to help shape their future.

Private tutoring; Why is it the need of the hour?

Even with children going to school daily and being active participants in the class, it is common for them to lose their motivation for learning. Many factors play a crucial role in diminishing the interest in education, and you can’t just blame one aspect for it. In many cases, this is just a phase that passes away with time. Nonetheless, that may not always be the case. 

Due to many reasons, students can become demotivated at school, which can hamper their overall performance. Indeed, grades don’t resemble a child’s intelligence but can affect the child’s future in many ways. 

This is why most parents are now turning towards private tutoring, as every child needs something more than just classroom learning. And if you find yourself in a similar situation, you might wonder whether it is worth your money. Let’s go through the benefits of private tutoring and understand why it is the need of the hour. 

Eliminates distraction elements

The classroom is a hub of distractions, and it can keep your child away from focusing on learning anything. The two biggest perpetrators when it comes to distraction are other students and gadgets. Having easy access to numerous kinds of information and living in the era of technology can easily pull any child away from focusing in the classroom. This is the main reason why most students are not able to stay productive. 

Private tutoring allows space and time for your child to concentrate fully. It is the best way to take all the distractions away from the life of your child momentarily. By finding an ideal learning place, whether it is a private library, tutor’s home, or your own home, you can let your child concentrate on learning and mastering the skills required to thrive in the current competitive environment. 

Understands the student psychology

Understanding the psychology of students is necessary since every student is different, and each one of them has its own set of perspectives, thought processes, and ability to grasp things. Forcing students to learn without understanding their psychology can build a solid aversion to learning in their minds, which might become permanent. But since there are so many students in a classroom, understanding everyone’s psychology is not possible. 

In the case of private tutoring, the entire time is dedicated to a single student, and thus the tutors get time to understand their mindset and formulate a teaching plan accordingly. 

Clear learning difference

Every child has a different learning style, mindset, and ability to grasp. Some children learn faster through visuals, while others thrive through auditory learning. But during their regular classes, there is a big difference in the medium best suited for a child and what the teachers in the school prefer as the best medium of teaching. Since there are several kids in a classroom, teachers adopt a common medium. However, private tutoring can help your child learn in their preferred way. 

If a student will keep learning in a manner that is not suitable to him or her, it can lead to obstacles in comprehending study materials. But in the case of private learning, all these learning gaps are covered since the private tutor uses a customized approach according to the learning ability of the child. 

Routine practice assessments

There is less chance that the learning ability, progress, and difficulties of a specific child can be identified in schools until it is too late. What you can do is opt for private tutoring since the tutors use different tools and methods to evaluate, document, and measure the learning abilities of the child they tutor. This helps them discover any gaps that can affect their learning curve and make proper strategies to cover them. 

On the basis of their general assessment, further changes in the teaching process are made by the tutor and this is how private tutoring caters to the specific needs of the child. 

How can Landon Schertz help?

Landon Schertz is one of the most experienced and versatile private tutors who has been transforming the lives of students through private tutoring for many years. He knows how to properly provide assistance in various subjects while answering all the queries that students have in their minds. In addition to providing basic tutoring services, Landon Schertz helps in making learning fun and interesting and thus students are able to concentrate on their studies in a much better way.

Five Ways To Bring Work-life Balance Before Your Child Enters College

Moving from school to college is a big shift for all the students. Since the lifestyle of college is a far cry from what they have been witnessing in the school. Now, instead of getting swayed away by the college lifestyle, a student should learn how to live a balanced life. There might be many changes waiting to enter the life of a student who joins college for the first time but all those changes can be carved into a positive experience and approach with the right strategy. 

You should never get too involved in any activity, be it studying, or leisure activities. A student needs to manage their time and align their interests to live their best life in college. Your health, peace of mind, grades, and fun should all be given equal importance. 

Following a proper work-life balance will enable you to bring all the aspects of your life to an even ground. This will not only increase your efficiency but also improve your overall well-being. So, here are the five ways to bring a work-life balance before your child enters college. 

Make a routine for studies

Even the thought of having a routine for studies can make many students shudder. But during stressful times and when the workload starts piling up, it is the power of a  proper routine that can help you in feeling more organized and in control. 

Instead of making a habit of procrastinating and letting stress kick in when everything starts piling up, students should have a proper routine for their studies. A properly designed routine can turn out to be your best friend in times of stress, uncertainty, and unpredictability. Even private tutoring through Landon Schertz can help you in building a proper routine. 

Take time for recreation

You shouldn’t be hard on yourself while trying to bring a work-life balance before entering college for the first time. If you do not make time for yourself then both stress and anxiety will kick in, sooner or later. By engaging in recreational activities, you are able to free your mind from the daily routine and thus, it can act as a revitalization for your brain. 

Recreational activities, especially outdoor ones, can help you in improving physical and emotional health and it can allow you to get back to the stressful part of your daily routine with alacrity. 

Add value to your learning

Learning in the traditional way is of no use, especially in the current era, where competition in every field is only increasing with time. Therefore, for setting yourself apart and making the most of the time you spend on your studies, you should find different ways of adding value to your learning. You don’t need to go through an arduous journey for adding value to learning as even some basic steps can help you achieve it. 

You can join some student community groups, plan ahead and gather online information before beginning any chapter or you can simply note down every day’s progress and analyze it at the end of every week. But the best way to add value to your learning is through private tutoring from Landon Schertz

Give your body/mind time to relax

You should never go on a study spree as this might exhaust your mind and body completely and make you feel groggy the next day. It is necessary to give proper relaxation time to your mind and body. You can just wind down and plug into your favorite music or you can even practice meditation for a few minutes to calm yourself down. This allows your mind to rejuvenate and thus, both your mind and body can get prepared for the next session. 

Prioritize your chores and don’t burn out

If you have set certain goals and are really interested in achieving them, it is crucial to prioritize your chores. However, don’t push yourself in the process and burn out. It doesn’t matter what you do in your leisure time or what kind of outing plans you have, you should always go for the chores first and then think about other things. 

But don’t be afraid of making occasional changes as being stuck to routine for a long period of time can make your life dull and boring. 

Having a proper work-life balance before moving from school to college can help students to adjust to the upcoming changes in their life with ease. So, use the tips mentioned in this blog post and bring a work-life balance to make your life fun, productive, and healthy.

Going to the Zoom University – How can you benefit from online learning?

The pandemic has changed a lot of things around and has forced us to live with the new normal- a digital world. From following the social distancing rules to tucking the idea of touring abroad under the carpet, we have now become used to the different changes brought in by the pandemic. Although the arrival of the pandemic has affected many sectors, the education sector has witnessed the most significant changes. Now, instead of physically going to colleges or schools, we are confined to the Zoom university and it can be a great opportunity for the students. 

Rather than considering Zoom as an obstacle in learning for your kids, you should consider it as an opportunity. The pandemic has not stopped students from taking admission in schools, colleges, and universities, but it has made transformed learning entirely. 

So, if your child is taking admission in any institution and Zoom is the only way of learning instead of physical classes then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can benefit from online learning. 

Refined Skill learning

Studying online is completely different from traditional learning. One can never excel if one doesn’t have basic skills like self-motivation, communication, and self-discipline. During online learning, you get the opportunity to hone and develop these skills with ease. 

For example, during online classes, you have to regularly communicate with the professor, either verbally or through writing and this is how you are able to develop your communication skills. This peculiar feature of online learning makes it more useful for every student. 

In addition to this, you will also need to keep yourself motivated for completing an online course and to complete your online assignments, especially because there is less hand-holding in the case of online learning compared to traditional classroom learning. 

Several studies have shown that incorporating web-based learning helps students in developing critical thinking skills as well. This is why you should never shy away from opting for online classes offered by private tutors like Landon Schertz.


This is one of the major advantages, especially for those students who need some wiggle room during learning. If you think about what makes online learning so popular and why students are interested in online learning, you’ll realize this is because of the flexibility online learning offers. 

It is beneficial even for people who have opted for different courses and have family obligations, full-time jobs or they just perform better when they have the flexibility while learning. The best part about the flexibility offered by online learning is that it allows the students to control the pace of learning instead of being stuck in the one-size-fits-all approach used in most classrooms. 

So, if you think your child can perform better or has control over the pace of learning with proper flexibility then online learning provided by private tutors like Landon Schertz can be your best choice. 

Self-learning opportunities

According to a major survey, it has been found that people flock to self-learning at a much faster pace. With the rapidly changing global economy and easy access to technology, students have become ready to take matters into their own hands and therefore, self-learning will become more common in the upcoming years. 

Being able to advance in the career without facing too much disruption in the daily routine is one of the most talked-about benefits of online learning through Zoom universities. Since students have complete control over every aspect of learning during online classes, self-learning has become their go-to option. And by mastering self-learning, students are able to become more disciplined and follow a routine approach. 

Access to online professionals 

The best part about online classes is the easy access to online professionals. Many students hesitate from one-to-one interaction with teachers but that is not the case with online classes. Since there are no physical interactions, the hesitation of seeing the professor in person is wiped out during online classes and this makes access to teachers much easier. 

You can take the example of the private tutoring services offered by Landon Schertz through online classes. In these classes, students are always eager to get in touch with the tutor instead of hesitating. 

Nobody knows when the deadly virus will be completely wiped out but even when the dust settles, Zoom universities will continue to grow in many parts of the world. So, since online courses are here to stay, it is better to learn how to benefit from them instead of considering them as your enemies.

Introducing Financial Literacy To Your Kids: Why now more than ever?

Financial literacy refers to one’s understanding of managing money and assets and knowing about finance-related practices like investments, budgeting, etc. Having such information is quite imperative in today’s time as it helps you to give a definite structure to your monetary resources and organize them to use it in an optimal manner. As parents, it becomes necessary for you to impart knowledge about finance and capital to your kids while they’re growing up so that they can have enough information available to avoid financial fraud situations in the coming years. Being financially literate also means that your kid is able to manage his/her pocket money and realizes its importance well in time. Often kids take money and finance casually- just because they are not taught about it. However, it is vital for parents to let their kids know about money management and emphasize its importance.

Importance Of Financial Literacy

Just for the citizens of a country, it is equally important for the youth to be financially literate and act responsibly to take informed decisions in the later years. Learning about financial aspects can later save them from fraud investments and bad decisions that could lead to a possible loss of money. Furthermore, having a strong hold on money management tips empowers your child and assist him/her in using it wisely, that, in future, gets converted to profitable investments and worthy monetary commitments. 

Having that said, teaching your kid about money and its efficient usage makes them equipped with financial knowledge when they grow old. This becomes a perfect attribute of their personality which could open numerous doors of professional opportunities and sectors that they can head to. 

Here are a few benefits of establishing the financial literacy base for your child – 

  1. Teaching the value of money – As we mentioned, helping your child know and learn about finance, money management and budgets provides them the significant value of money. It is imperative for the kids to know and understand how valuable money is, so they can become financially stable in the near future. This could be done by instilling finance-related habits like saving their pocket money, etc. Parents can impart this knowledge to their kids when they’re five or six- let them start by counting coins and slowly segregating currency values. By the time they’re in their teen years, they’d be making the financial decision on their own.
  1. Help make smart spending decisions – Nurturing your kids with the much-required education and guidance about monetary components directly affects their decision-making ability. As parents, you would want your child to spend his/her pocket money where it is required, and not recklessly. By introducing them to financial literacy, you can persuade smart purchase and spending decisions of your kids. Generally, such things are instilled into habits by practice- allow your kid to take a self-purchase decision and let them learn from the experiences. Even if they fail to take a profitable decision, it is easier to mold them with the right guidance so they can become better for the future.
  1. Keep up with the tax policies – Understanding tax has always been a tough task for everyone- be it now or earlier. But, with financial literacy and well-structured information, you can comprehend the complexities of tax policies. Similarly, you can train your kids during their teen years on tax filings, benefits and monetary policies associated with them. Havign a strong grip on tax policies and its concepts helps your child to stick to a fixed budget and plan for other things accordingly, thus making a balance between expenses and income.
  1. Have fun with numbers – At the end, it is all about learning with a little fun and entertainment. While you pass on your knowledge about finance, make sure that you create such an environment that empowers your child and make theses practices as practical as they could be. Parents can let their kids count the things in their homes, help them recognise bigger numbers and differentiate their value simultaneously. These small fun elements can nurture the minds of the children and enhance their learning potential. 

Landon Schertz brings you extensive helping guide to introduce financial literacy to your child so he or she can gain interest in managing the finances. Our aim is to mentor your child with the sheer importance and necessity of money management, how should they make a financial decision, etc. These things are a must-to-know from the very start- so do not wait, give us a call today to book your appointment with our experts!

Four Effective Study Strategies to Help Students Learn

A learning/study strategy defines the approach of a student that he applies to procure knowledge concepts, or while completing an academic task. Generally, applying mindful strategies while studying enhances the ability to grasp information effectively to recall it afterward. Sometimes students struggle to cope with the learning procedures due to a lack of effective study strategies that hold them back from their peers. Establishing clear studying strategies empowers the student with self-confidence, and reduces stress. Although these strategies are required to be implemented when a student isn’t able to focus on his/her studies, you can bring them into action if you want to enhance your learning ability and better your scores for the examinations. An effective studying strategy enables you to self-create an academic environment for more productivity and be mindful at the time of studying. 

Making use of strategies and techniques during school time not only helps an individual to better his/her creative side but also brings in different approaches to tackle life situations flexibly. The education system has lately become a race that wants you to be proactive in learning and presenting that information when required. Therefore, it is really important to discourage the practice of cramming things up, instead of applying a few action plans and techniques to develop a better understanding of concepts. 

Ponder upon these suggestions to encourage yourself to better learning potential- 

  1. Ask Yourself if you want social media, or just enjoy it?” 

Deciding between social media platforms and your studies is a tough choice to make- with all the fun and entertainment you get from the former, there is boredom and a lack of interest in the latter task. Although social media could help an individual to boost interpersonal skills, help in personality development, and could provide the required exposure to social situations, taking an exorbitant interest in it could make you lethargic towards your studies. Therefore, it is an essential step to ask yourself whether you require social media for communal benefits and making yourself familiar with the social norms for building your character, or just to lounge about for most of your day. Pen down a few pros and cons of your social media consumption and see if you can utilize that time to be productive at other tasks.

  1. Use a planner — and make it a habit 

Sticking to a fixed schedule and adopting a plan for your routine studies is significantly suggested by tutors and mentors to lower the stress levels and remain productive throughout the day. Routine study habits directly affect your performance as it enables you to understand and memorize information easily and in lesser time. Along with that, once you make a habit of following a routine, you’ll automatically focus on devoting your time to effective learning. It could be done by note-making techniques by which you can jot down the essentials of the concepts you study and take better care of your academic self.

  1. Practice Breaking Down Tasks

Breaking down a bigger task into smaller chores allows a student to allocate optimal time and effort to them and ensure efficiency in each chore. It also facilitates your mind for decision-making and quick understanding of new things. Many students have a lot to do in their academic sphere, due to which task-breaking is primarily helpful for them. Efficiency and focus are the key benefits that a student gets from the allocation of tasks. Further, you can avoid succumbing to procrastinating your work and conveniently finish it in a defined time frame. 

  1. Hire a private tutor 

Private tutors can help address your learning barriers and create an educational atmosphere for you, with one-on-one guidance and sheer attention. Hiring a private tutor can boost your self-confidence by improving your core learning and encourage you to perform better. Such a tutoring technique further eliminates any sort of distraction that might hinder the study time and allows a student to raise his/her queries every time. It is evident that some of the private tutors could charge more than what you anticipated, so as parents, you have to run a deep analysis of the capabilities of the tutor and contemplate if it suits the requirements of your little one.

How can Landon Schertz help?
Speaking of a private tutor that can help you in making effective study strategies, Landon Schertz brings you expert academic guidance to support your learning. Making use of significantly proactive techniques, along with the right approach has helped our students to explore new opportunities during their school time for bettering their past performances. We aim at bringing effective changes to your learning potential and study patterns so you can make the most of that time and score well in the examinations. To know more, connect with our team today!

How To Overcome Math Anxiety?

Mathematics refers to the understanding of topics and concepts having relation with quantity, structures, linear space and change in dimensions that advances an individual’s ability to formulate operations. The subject has always been considered a hard-to-get subject that makes many students, at different grades, struggle. Practicing mathematics require utmost patience and focus, which becomes one of the main reasons why students fear from this subject and cannot cope with the subject pressure. Studies have shown that constant failures in coping with the structures and concepts of this subject tend to bring a math anxiety in the students’ minds, resulting in self-doubt and hesitancy in clearing the doubts. This is quite common in students, however, could be easily addressed with immense practice and comprehending the concepts with a strategy.

Although the relation between subject anxiety and individual performance is inversely related to each other- the lower the anxiety level, better the performance. Similar is the case with mathematics- if an individual continues to perform lesser than anticipated, there might be barriers in understand of mathematical concepts. With most academic institutions focussing on STEM education that includes inclination towards analysis and profound understanding of mathematics, it is significantly important for the student to adopt a few strategies to become a self-learner. 

Learning and adopting strategies for enhancing the understanding of maths subject is quite effective when you bring it in routine practice. With time, one could try and solve the complex problems in the head, without taking it on the paper. Math anxiety could be proven wrong if you make an attempt to overcome it with significant strategies and approach. Here are a few ways you can achieve that – 

  • Know the Basics – Without a doubt, this is the first step towards learning mathematics, or any other subject. It is imperative to be able to learn the basics of mathematics, fundamental concepts and how-to of each programe, to further advance your understanding of concepts. Usually, fundamentals and basics of mathematics include general addition and subtraction, factorisation and number structures. Every concept of mathematics revolves around these basics, which makes them an integral part of the subject. 
  • There is More than One Way to Solve a Math Problem! – Always remember to find alternative ways to find a solution to a problem. In mathematics, you will be taught concepts and strategies to arrive at the conclusive solution. Although there will be no perfect way to solve a problem, it is up to the student’s creativity and analytical mindset if he/she can go the other way around to resolve a mathematical query. It is required to let students understand the fact that complex questions in examinations could be two-folded, and might demand multiple methods to solve them. 
  • Consider Math as a Foreign Language – It must be practiced daily for success – Mathematics is said to be a practical subject that requires utmost focus and practice on a routine basis. Just like a foreign language, it is necessary to give your time to this subject too in order to become familiar with its fundamentals. Practicing mathematical problem on a daily basis enhance one’s learning of the subject matter, increase the efficiency and effectiveness in solving complex problems. Furthermore, it boosts the confidence levels of an individual when he or she is able to find solutions to mathematical sums.
  • Encourage understanding not memorization – Many students who struggle in learning mathematics tend to memorise the concepts without mindfully understanding the basics. Cramping and mugging up the strategies of common mathematical queries does not boost one’s understability of the subject. Therefore, it is recommended to give it complete attention to comprehend the concepts instead of memorising the information and trying to recall it afterwards. Encouraging understanding of the concept enable the student to mold it in his/her own ways to get a better grip on it rather than holding your thoughts to only one solution, which is done in memorising things.
  • Get a private tutor – Lastly, approaching a private tutor could certainly help you take a hold of the concepts, strategies that need to be adopted and different ways to solve a problem. A tutor helps the students in clearing their doubts and giving them practice assessments to let them become self-learners. It is seen that students who cannot cope with mathematical queries get embarass in raising their doubts amidst the class. A private tutor comes handy when they have doubts that require one-on-one guidance and undivided attention. 

How can Landon Schertz help?
Speaking of a private tutor, Landon Schertz provides you extensive knowledge and support in addressing your apprehension towards mathematics. Our quality standards and significant use of variety of strategies would help you to better your learning ability in no time. With the help of our expert mentors, you can make the most of your academic course learning and achieve satisfactory results. To know more about us, give us a call now!

Top Tips For Parents New To Online Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a great way to let your kids study while being at home, ensuring a comfort level that helps them increase their learning ability. Parents transform into tutors and instructors to guide their children via online syllabus courses. In recent times, when children fail to develop likeliness towards their studies, homeschooling plays an important role in making it fun and interactive at the same time. Online homeschooling has become a famous trend nowadays, as more and more parents want to create a solid bond with their children and advance their studies in terms of ways they’re learning new things. As this type of schooling encourages your child to become a self-learner, it is imperative for you to ensure that the learning process is simple and subject to a scheduled curriculum. And the reason why online homeschooling has seen such a pace, is the feasibility of learning and advancement in technology- that acts as a catalyst in its effectiveness.

The online homeschooling procedures require you to start with the study courses with a regular educational approach that matches with the schedule of your child, but make it much interactive and comprehensible for faster learning. Since the parents act as teachers for their kids, they are able to make a better bond with them and also make sure that the curriculum is engaging.

Although many parents have already adopted the homeschooling method to teach their children, there are often others who are new to this teaching process and require effective tips to begin with. Here are a few tips that can prove to be significant in securing your child’s curriculum schedule – 

  1. Start Early In A Day – The first step is to begin with the homeschooling in the morning so that you can make the most of the day. While it is said that the human mind is refreshed and productive in the morning after having a good night sleep, beginning with your schooling course early in a day could be an efficient step. Having that said, early morning brings natural light that positively affects your eyes and helps your vision. Also, since you have had a good sleep, studying in early morning will not disrupt the sleep schedule and allow your brain to absorb and focus on the information adeptly. 
  1. Implement Learning Intervals – You can also take help of a method called ‘Spaced Repetition’, which requires you to add a gap between your study hours to retain more information on your mind. These gaps are imperative for the brain to continue to learn and holding on to minimal yet orderly breaks increases the potential of attention and focus. 
  1. Set reasonable expectations – Don’t overburden your kids – While homeschooling your kids, make sure that you don’t let them exhaust themselves due to excess curriculum. It is essential to preset a handful of expectations from the homeschooling learning method, based on scores, learning time period, taking out time for recreations and focussing on one’s health. These are a few reasonable expectations that parents should set for their children that doesn’t let them burn out or overkill with academic stress. As parents-turned-instructors, you must design the curriculum/schedule a little higher than your child’s performance potential, but it should still remain achievable. This will encourage your kid to focus more on learning and achieve that goal, thus, making significant progress on his/her learning efficiency. 
  1. If homeschooling doesn’t work for you, consider hiring a private tutor – At last if homeschooling method doesn’t fall into place for your kid, you can always have a private tutor come at your place to teach your kid. Unline routine teaching centers, a private tutor provides extensive knowledge in one-on-one attention span that encourages your child to remain focussed and vigilant while studying. Moreover, as the tutoring sessions take place at your home, you can reserve a nook for your child that is away from any distractions and allow your kid to concentrate much better.

What does Landon Schertz do?
Speaking of a credible private tutor, Landon Schertz helps you to fulfill your educational requirements by providing a learning experience you’ve never got! Our tutoring guidance has brought significant improvements in the learning potential of many students. As our aim is to aid your academic cycle, we strongly believe in coping with your doubts and queries in an one-on-one interactive session where you can express out your thoughts and ideas eagerly. Hiring a tutor has always been a responsibility for parents as they have to crosscheck the potential and credibility of the tutor, but Landon Schertz is a platform you can believe in. Get to know more about our academic support by contacting us today!

Being A Tutor Is A Lot More Than Teaching Specific Subjects- An Account Of A Private Tutor

Providing academic assistance when students are not in school is a role private tutors play by addressing the concerns related to studies, additional programs, conceptual courses, etc. A tutor is responsible for enlightening the student’s path with the required guidance and knowledge. While they strive to encourage students to become self-learners, they also bring forth opportunities for students to grasp knowledge about the topics they have studied at school, clear doubts and queries that they miss out there, or raise immediate questions that boggle their minds. Private tutoring is also recommended for the benefit of one-on-one sessions that does help a student to avoid distractions, as a result of which they can improve their focus and recollection skills. 

It is rightly said that being a tutor is not just confined to providing knowledge about multiple subjects, it also involves mentoring the students, showing them the right path, and help them develop their personalities. As a tutor, it’s your duty to prepare them for degree examinations, and further advance them towards becoming self-help individuals. Being a tutor that provides external help, it can be morally said that you have to cover lectures beyond the curriculum structure and schooling books. Most parents consult tutors like Landon Schertz to help their kids adopt new habits, and develop motor skills along with seeking educational assistance. 

In an environment that requires constant molding of children, a tutor is the one who significantly strategizes the learning of the students along with performing various other roles. Here is a list of things that a tutor is accountable for – 

  1.  Teaching children about self-care and limitations – Self-care techniques are quite important for students to cope up with learning fatigue, emotional stress related to academics, examination anxiety, and whatnot! Tackling these barriers helps you to improve your mental state and enhance the ability of your mind to think, learn and recollect better. As a tutor, it is one of the primary functions to facilitate a self-care routine for students and give them enough break to allow their time to be mindful of other things that are present beyond the books. Self-care and limitations should be a key factor in every student’s life to avoid getting in stressful situations and support their physical and psychological health. Putting a limit to online classes, following a routine to become organized, and developing a healthy lifestyle are some of the things that one can learn from a tutor. 
  1. Help them with relationship-building – It refers to developing social connections with people you may know and have skills, or interests in common. Relationship building is quite useful for students to know their peers better, understand their psyche, and evolve through the social culture with immense knowledge and experience. Successfully building a relationship may prove beneficial in their coming professional years, when there’s a need to address the client’s concerns to close the deal. It also indicates establishing a connection based on a mutual understanding that influences respect and positivity. 
  1. Understand their learning pattern and develop study materials in line with that – Well being a tutor isn’t such an easy task. One has to walk the students through the concepts multiple times, provide them information beyond school education and resonate with their creative thoughts to fuel them. Understanding the learning pattern of a student helps a tutor to get to know their strengths and weaknesses, thus makes it easy for them to adopt the right approach. In addition to that, once the learning style is developed and understood, the next step is to align relevant educational approaches and study materials so they can learn efficiently. 
  1. Leveraging virtual platforms to boost participation and keep them engaged – This marks as another responsibility of the tutor to encourage the students to participate in online learning sessions, so they remain engaged with quality content and new opportunities to learn new things. Virtual platforms and video-conferencing are great ways that help students to step up and involve in interactive debates, one-on-one sessions, collective researches to enhance their learning potential. 
  1. Help them plan their next year, five years, and more – Besides fulfilling their academic requirements for the present term, a tutor is also accountable for helping the students plan the next few years of their lives by giving them the right guidance in regards to their profession. Planning the future years is quite hard for every student as they have several questions popping into their minds. For instance, most students are confused about which streams to pursue, which internship to apply for, and such. These things must be catered by your tutor as they’ve got much more experience to help you develop likeliness towards areas you’re worthy enough for, and love doing.

One is most likely to search online for qualified tutors that can aid one’s educational purposes and helps with personality development. Landon Schertz is one such tutor and has helped a large number of students in realizing their potential and things they love, in order to pursue it as a passion. His unique approach helps students to bring significant changes to their learning patterns and ability to study effectively. To know more, send us an appointment request now!

Interested In STEM? Here’s A Great Option For You!

STEM defines courses for the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics that are an additional learning approach, designed for students who want to explore opportunities in these industries. STEM allows you to develop a few of the most required skills for any profession- problem-solving, analytical thinking, creative thinking, and general reasoning. It is quite helpful for students to pursue STEM courses for their higher studies to evolve as successful adults. 

Since STEM is a broad term that further segregates four practices, a student must evaluate his/her strengths and weaknesses, interests, and areas of future opportunities before pursuing a particular discipline. A student considers pursuing STEM to hone the skills that are established, beyond the school premises. STEM incorporates four different yet relatable disciplines to help you develop likeness towards education, but with a unique and strategic approach. 

The four disciplines that summarise the STEM practice are not mere subjects or fields, these are the sectors of the profession, business, and entrepreneurship. These are responsible for cultivating the resources for globalization, steady market growth, employment, online movement of information and transactions, and healthcare for people. Not only will you get familiar with the textbook knowledge, but committing to a STEM course will broaden your thinking capabilities and hone your skill set. Usually, subjects like science and mathematics are considered boring and monotonous, due to their excessive content-rich textbooks. But, this isn’t the case with STEM. Enrolling yourself in a STEM course allows you to receive hands-on and practical experiences that play an important role, in real life too. 

Exploring Career Options In STEM

STEM courses offer a great array of opportunities to the youth and often help in admitting oneself to a degree college. It also opens doors for qualified and credible professions in healthcare, engineering, and other services. If you consider pursuing science, here is a reliable career option:

  • Neuroscience as a career option 

Neuroscience is the study of the brain cells and nervous system, to facilitate studies that prove the sheer understanding and functionality of the body, controlled by the brain itself. As a neuroscientist, your job is to remain focused on the cognitive and cerebral development of the human body, and the active participation of each component for its basic functioning. While you enroll yourself for a STEM course, opting for Neuroscience as a career is a great decision. Most neurologists have secured job roles, which makes neuroscience to the list of a role that people could pursue if they’ve admitted to STEM. 

With time and advanced technology, neurology is becoming much efficient in monitoring the routine of everyone’s lives, and how it impacts their brain and the nervous system. Having that said, the pace at which neurology is expanding its wings in the global industry is what has made it a well-paid venture in the market.

  • Reasons to choose Neuroscience as a career

The primary reason for choosing neurology as a career option is two-fold- the first reason is the opportunities for placement that you would get. It is because there’s always a shortage of human resources in these applied sciences sectors. And the other reason is the alluring compensation and job security that the role offers. Along with that, an individual who has a special interest in knowing about the nervous system and its functions could possibly choose neuroscience as a career path. Neurologists conduct various researches that prove the functioning of the nervous system and the brain, by simulating real-life conditions.

This discipline is also quite popular because of its universality- researches can be re-programmed, you can perform the same tests again with a different sample and get different results. 

  1. Exploring the complexity of brain cells

Neuroscience also deals with the study of brain cells and their actions on the human body. Exploration of the functioning of brain cells and their complex structure is what neurologists do and with this information, they tend to carry the research studies to further determine the physical and psychological movements of the human. These studies help them acquire information related to the diseases that affect the nervous system, or the brain. It is critical in neurology to examine the complexity of the brain cells to understand the fully functioning human body.

  1. Reward-centric career choice 

As we mentioned earlier too, neuroscience as a career is quite a rewarding choice because of its well-paying compensation, job security, and additional benefits that it provides. It is observed that the annual compensation rate is quite high in this sector, making it an effective career option. Along with the monetary benefits, neuroscience offers rewards like job satisfaction, opens up further options in medicine, or high-end research studies. 

  1. Ability to transform the health structure of the world 

The study of the human brain cells and their functioning allows neurologists to make reports on how the human body works, how a decision is made, and what part of the brain is responsible for those actions. These researches help the medical practitioners to come up with the psychological model of an individual, thus growing new pathways for society to transform and enhance scientifically. It also aids the understanding of the human race, its behavior, and physical actions.

Having fun knowing about neuroscience and considering opting for it as a career option? You are at the right place! STEM helps you analyze and project your likeness towards a particular discipline and later pursue it based on your potential. Landon Schertz is your solution to clear your doubts and help explore your kid’s new possibilities in the field of science. Our objective is to provide your little one with ample opportunities and we are here to help you in doing so! Feel free to connect with us for an appointment!