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Five reasons why your child needs live online tutoring!

  And now, when the dust has almost settled, many people are considering online learning just a good substitute for traditional learning, but in actuality, we are moving towards a hybrid model of education that involves both online and traditional learning.  This blended pedagogy mechanism is being called phy-gital, and it will soon make you […]

Are you too shy to ask questions? Online Tutoring is the answer!

  Education should always promote involvement from both sides (students and teachers), as sitting in the class and listening to the lecture confines the learning area. According to a report published by TEAL, it has been found that asking the right questions builds a deeper sense of learning for students. 

How Can Tutors Make Learning Fun Online?

Introduction: Importance of making online learning fun Online learning or e-learning has become the talk of the town and gained mass student recognition in recent years, due to the catastrophic situations we all have faced. COVID-19 brought immense pressure on the students and the complete educational system. This is why the online tutoring sector emerged […]

How Can You Make The Most Out Of Your Child’s Online Tutor Sessions?

Introduction: benefits of online learning  In today’s time where people have been and are still facing the consequences of COVID-19, the education system of every student has somewhat reached an impasse. The situation became worse when all academic institutions were shut and students were bound to stay at home, with no access to their academic […]

Should You Get An Online Tutor For Your Child?

Introduction  Online tutoring has gained massive popularity in recent times, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak that we all faced and currently making through it. The process of online education is quite simpler and flexible, in comparison to the traditional classroom approach. In an online tutoring class, students are virtually connected via media platforms where the […]