Landon Schertz

Child lagging in studies? Online tutoring can provide a big boost.

Landon SchertzStudents struggling in school might seem rare as you might back up your perception with the new age of education, but you will be surprised to know that around 52% of students have admitted that they find the school challenging. In addition to this, approximately 10% of students in every class are slow learners. 

This makes it evident that we are still lacking something in our current education system, but most parents consider these struggles just as ignorance or laziness from their kid’s side. It might be true that children have a shorter attention span, which might be the reason behind their struggle, but if it continues, it can hamper both the confidence and performance of the child. 

The best way to deal with kids lagging in studies is to find out the real reason behind this struggle and enroll the kid in a reputed online tutoring program. So, let’s address both these aspects in this blog post. 

Change in school

The nature of your job might be forcing you to move from one place to another, and therefore, even your kids have to change schools frequently. With regular changes, the child never gets time to adjust, and thus they are never able to start working on their weaknesses and strengths. 

Low grasping power

As discussed at the outset of the article, many kids have low grasping power, which doesn’t mean anything wrong with them. Such kids only need special attention or a personalized approach to learning as they always want to learn at their own pace. 

Injury or health issues

Severe injuries might confine kids to their beds for a long time, affecting their academic performance since they go through a big gap in learning. The same thing can happen when a kid has regular health issues, which acts as a distraction. 

Low retention power

Even common issues like lack of sleep and stress can lead to low retention power in kids, limiting the student’s ability to perform in academics. This is a big concern since it takes away the child’s confidence and starts feeling that they are not intelligent. 

How can Online Tutoring help? 

  • Your child will learn tips and tricks.

Instead of learning everything traditionally and following the standard learning process, kids are equipped with different tips and tricks for solving problems, reading faster, and memorizing something quickly. All this helps the student overcome the challenge, and thus they can overcome the obstacle. 

The online tutors address the child as per their preference, and all the online tutors have many tips and tricks under their sleeves as they know some kids need a different approach to learning and what is taught at schools. 

  • One-on-one tutoring

In a typical American primary classroom, there are at least 23 students. With so many students in one class, there is no way teachers can focus on every student and address their problems. This is where online tutoring can act as a savior for your child. 

With one-to-one tutoring, the online tutors can better understand the student’s specific needs. Thus, they can come up with a learning program based on the strengths and weaknesses of that particular student. 

  • Your child will have access to classes available 24/7

Kids struggling at school need some flexibility, and you can never make such students shine by forcing them into a strict routine. Luckily, online tutoring offers a lot of flexibility, and every student has round-the-clock access to study materials and recorded classes. 

This means that students will never be confined to a fixed routine, and they can get back to the classes and access online study materials whenever they have doubts and need to revise any chapter.  

  • Helps in getting the homework done

Many students struggle at school just because of the homework as they find it challenging, and with no one to assist, they return to school with doubts and fear daily. Well, even this issue can be solved with the help of online tutoring. 

Online tutors help students with different chapters, but they help their students complete homework and even big projects assigned by the school. This allows kids to offload some burden, and they can better concentrate. 

Online tutoring might be considered a substitute for traditional tuition because of the pandemic. Still, soon, everyone realized its advantages, and therefore, we can say that online tutoring is here to stay.