Debunking 5 common myths about private tutoring

Whether a student already excels at school, is simply too young for tutoring, or incorporates a terribly busy schedule, there are many reasons why folks might believe tutoring isn’t appropriate.

What some parents might not realize is that there are several tutoring advantages for each kid at every level. The common myths/misconceptions regarding tutoring will entirely change the approach of your kid reaching his or her tutorial potential.

Here are some myths that we’d like to bust for you to know how your children can benefit from tutoring without much hassle – 

Myth- 1

Tutoring is only for kids who struggle

Tutoring isn’t exactly just for those kids who are struggling to make it to the top or falling behind in school—almost every sort of student can take advantage of tutoring in a certain way. Most parents believe that if their kids are struggling to score better in school, then tutoring is what can help them to strive better. Well, it’s true but in addition to this, students who want to approach/achieve their target grades in a more constructive way, can opt for private tutoring. 

As we all know different students have completely different goals, whether it’s scoring on the tests, improving their reading and writing skills, or taking up more difficult assignments, tutoring will make these goals into reality. 

Tutoring is appropriate for college kids who want some additional support, wish to take care of their grades, or those that wish an additional challenge outside of faculty.

Myth- 2 

Tutoring is difficult to fit into any schedule

Most parents today have extremely caught-up schedules and believe adding a tutor to the monthly routine will be overwhelming. Instead, tutoring is way more convenient and if compared to learning centers, these days tutors work in sync with students with remote learning choices. Especially, with one-on-one tutoring, there’s a lot of flexures as sessions are planned around the student’s family’s schedule; This will not only give the student a chance to focus more on their studies but also give them a chance to plan their whole day productively. 

Myth- 3

Tutoring over summer break is not fruitful

One of the most common myths parents have regarding tutoring is that tutoring is primarily helpful throughout the school days, and isn’t extremely required throughout summer break and summer vacations. This isn’t true at all! Long gaps in school– particularly summer vacation – cause a halt in studies. Several students struggle to retain the educational gains they created throughout the previous year. 

Summer tutoring sessions help students avoid the summer slide, and are additionally a good chance to revise the old topics that might require more clarity. Not just this, but students can also utilize this time for their ACT/SAT Preparation. 

Myth- 4

Tutoring is expensive

Many parents have this concern that one-on-one tutoring is a pricey investment that needs an extended commitment. Contrary to the present belief, you need to find a tutor who isn’t just concerned about his charging his fees but is passionate about teaching the students. Private tutors give a great deal a lot of flexibility in terms of planning and consistency (how typically sessions are conducted). 

Myth- 5

Tutoring doesn’t work for all students 

Learning gaps can affect the students’ annual progress. In several cases, these students merely aren’t being schooled in the kind of approach that instantly “clicks” with their way of understanding. Different students have totally different learning styles and might be schooled with tutorial ways that are best for them. Students ought to put forth their requirements with their tutors regarding their personalities, learning styles, and tutorial requirements. This way, a credible tutor can curate new teaching strategies to suit the student’s requirements and help them in a more constructive way. 

Why Choose Landon Schertz 

Landon Schertz is a renowned academician and an excellent tutor, who helps students in achieving their educational target in different subject areas, as well as World Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, U.S. History, all levels of mathematics, and several other subjects. He additionally focuses on a range of standardized tests: SAT/ACT/PSAT, SSAT/ISEE, Sabbatum Subject Tests, MCAT, LSAT, GRE and COOP/HSPT/TACHS. Landon has helped students crack school interviews in just no time; Private tutoring is something he is extremely passionate about!