Explaining The COVID Learning Gap And How A Private Tutor Can Help?

A huge amount of students faced trouble and an educational halt when the coronavirus pandemic hit us and left us with an unexpected turn of events. Schools, shopping complexes, corporate offices, and entertainment sources, every other place was closed with immediate effects and that too for an unanticipated time. It must have led to students enjoying their dream vacation when they wouldn’t have to study or complete any assessments, as the academic schedule had to be brought to a temporary hold. However, little did they realize that this could create a learning gap for them and their curriculum had to suffer at last. The Covid effect on the education of children still lasts worldwide, redirecting them to online classes and self-learning sessions.

While addressing the closure of schools and coaching centers during Covid, it can be well said that an uninvited learning gap troubled the students at every level, be it junior grades, high school, or universities. Students across all mediums were affected when the pandemic ceased their academic year and instructions were rolled out to continue the curriculum via other possible ways, for which every teacher was not prepared.

The Learning Gap

A learning gap refers to the declining graph in terms of the performance of a student. It determines the learning efficiency of the student, and content that he/she should have learned till a particular grade/standard, however, is lacking significantly. The primary reason for a learning gap is the absence of conceptual knowledge and a foundation due to which students suffer in schools. It could arise when education is rushed through them, and their concerns are not addressed with adequate resources. 

An unexpected gap in education substantially decreases the quality of performance and discourages the student, ultimately reducing the overall grades. It also impacts their mental stability and lessens the attention span due to less curriculum-centric interactions, assessments, and homework.

How A Private Tutor Can Help

A private tutor plays an important role in understanding the concerns of the students and supporting them with required resources, while they are at their place. With private tutoring, a student can effectively correct his/her mistakes by acquiring a solid grip on the concepts and building a knowledge-rich foundation even without being at school. Since it is a convenient approach to aid learning, many parents have chosen private tutoring as a lifesaver during these crucial times. Having said that, we can assume its primary advantage as one-on-one and personalized sessions, that restrict the students from any outside distraction, thus increasing their confidence levels.

  • Helps Students Catch Up – The sole responsibility of supporting a student’s education is of the tutor despite routine any unexpected challenges. Students who fail to cope up with any particular subject can easily take guidance from a private tutor and work on the key areas to catch up with the curriculum. Since private tutors provide interactive and one-on-one sessions, students can easily gain conceptual knowledge and cover assessments to remember it by heart. They also let students catch up from where they left, at any time and anywhere, thus ensuring that their learning cycle does not get disturbed.
  • Specialized Learning – It refers to individual-specific learning procedures that are taken into account by private tutors after analyzing the requirements of the student. Specialized learning is significantly necessary for those students who lack crowd confidence and cannot seek attention from the tutor. Thus, such a learning approach is used to target the exact needs of a student and know what skills, concepts, or knowledge part needs to be worked upon and how.
  • Backtrack To The Basics –  What traditional schools might sometimes miss is a flashback or revision of the basics, that were taught over a period of time. However, a private tutor can feasibly help you gain insights about the last chapter or any previous concept to strengthen the foundation. By clearing crucial topics studied in the past, a tutor helps a student to comprehend everything and realize its true meaning. 
  • Helps Students Adapt To The New Course – During an unanticipated school break due to COVID, students got a chance to opt for a variety of online courses that could help them strengthen their personalities and widen their creative boundaries. A private tutor can help them get prepared for new courses and start studying with a fresh and encouraging mindset, by looking for the plus points of the conditions.

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