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Five reasons why your child needs live online tutoring!

Landon Schertz

Education has been one of the biggest casualties of COVID-19, and according to a report published by UNICEF-ITU, almost 1.6 billion children have been affected globally. But we are known for our capability to adjust to the new situation, and thus, we realized the need to flock from classroom to computer screens, and we did it seamlessly. 

And now, when the dust has almost settled, many people are considering online learning just a good substitute for traditional learning, but in actuality, we are moving towards a hybrid model of education that involves both online and traditional learning. 

This blended pedagogy mechanism is being called phy-gital, and it will soon make you realize the importance of online learning even when children can go back to school. Meanwhile, we want to point out some important reasons that make live online tutoring necessary for students even in the post-pandemic phase. 

Why does your child need ‘Live online tutoring’?

  • To keep them in the mainstream education line.

Online live tutoring is always going to complement the school education. Therefore, while eliminating the learning obstacles, students can stay in the mainstream education line and improve their academic performance.

The online tutors build their education program around the students’ academic program. From homework to science projects, the online tutors provide assistance and guidance for every type of work assigned by the school. 

This is why you should never consider online tutoring as an extra burden for your student in addition to academics, as these programs are designed to help the student thrive in school and improve performance. 

  • To achieve discipline while learning.

There is no distraction in the case of online learning, and thus students can focus better on the classes. This helps the students to learn the basics of educational discipline, and it stays with the child even after the classes. 

In addition to this, the students are more independent in the case of online tutoring, and they realize that the only way to improve is to have self-control and follow a proper routine. Such independence and new skills help students become disciplined during online classes and in real life. 

  • Boost confidence to address complex areas of learning

Students who struggle at school can start losing confidence, and a lack of confidence at an early age can complicate things in the future as it affects personal relationships and performance. The best way to address these issues is to enroll the child in an online tutoring program. 

Having a tutor through any online live tutoring program on top of the curriculum allows students to gain confidence and reduce stress at school. The personalized learning approach in online tutoring targets the students’ weak areas, and thus they can overcome the problematic areas of learning. 

  • Online Live Tutoring focuses entirely on your child.

All the tutors offering services through online platforms have different technological tools at their disposal, and they use these tools to ensure the student gets the best coaching possible. 

From whiteboards and shared files to instant texts and video sessions, the tutor can use a mix of all these for teaching a subject in the best possible manner. And all this is used by the tutor for your child only, not for a class full of 50 students. 

This allows students to learn at their own pace and through a specific learning style. The online tutors are even trained to use the tools as per the student’s preference. 

  • Your child receives personalized learning tricks.

Allowing students to learn at their own pace is complemented with personalized learning tricks in reputed online tutoring programs. Every student has a way of learning new things, and a simple book reading might not work in every case. This issue is addressed through online tutoring by offering personalized learning tricks. 

The online tutors first analyze the student’s learning capabilities, interest, and pace of learning. Based on the insights gained from this analysis, they develop a personalized learning program that involves learning tricks and tips designed specifically for your child. 

Why choose Landon Schertz?

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So, if you are looking forward to boosting your child’s academic performance and confidence, then choose Landon Schertz and witness how professional online tutoring can make learning seamless and effortless.