Helpful tips for students starting high school

High school can be an overwhelming time for any teenager, but it’s also the start of a thrilling chapter to get ready for young adulthood. If you start with the right frame of mind, it will be a lot easier transitioning, and your experience will be one to remember. Let’s take a look at how to kick-off your high school career in the right direction!

Keep Focused On Academics

It can be a bit of an adjustment realising how important school grades are, especially when starting your freshman year. Many students in the 9th grade aren’t yet thinking about their overall GPA and college entrance. Reflect on your strengths and seek additional help with subjects that pose more of a challenge. For instance, studying doesn’t necessarily need to be equal across all content, as you may find that literature comes easier to you than math.

Organize Your Daily Schedule

Beginning high school is the step to becoming more independent, and it comes with more responsibility. Take small yet critical action steps to make sure you’re not overwhelmed with a full course load. Get a daily planner to write important dates and get in the habit of writing all necessary information down that will help you succeed. Be aware of where classes are located, starting times, and the expected grading and homework policies. Ensure you have an area at home to complete nightly work and study for exams.

Become Involved In Extra Curriculars Right Away

It’s important to get involved in clubs, new sports, volunteering, or trying a new fun elective class. High school is an excellent opportunity to get used to working as a team with others, much like you will when you go to college and the workforce. Becoming a well-rounded individual gives students chances to explore what interests them. Many times, people discover their true passions in life by trying something they never have before. Remember, it’s always okay to take a risk on something that intrigues you.

Be Balanced- Don’t Push Yourself To Burnout

It will take some time for you to adjust to high school, so don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t making A’s on every assignment. It is normal for grades to slip a bit as you progress through the year. Always make time to include activities that can reduce stress, like taking a walk outside, hanging out with family or friends, or whipping up your favorite dessert. A good routine for studying is taking small break intervals every 30 minutes. Stand up and stretch for a few minutes, take a few deep breaths, then resume.

Learn More About Getting Ready For College

The last day of senior year can come in a flash, and you don’t want to be scrambling to get your college plan going. Take the time in freshman and sophomore year to learn about possible colleges you may be interested in. Seek assistance from your guidance counselor for college entrance requirements and what majors are available to receive your degree in. Don’t forget to keep exploring extra-curricular activities and other clubs to see what sparks your interest. Finally, familiarize yourself with the PSAT and SAT and start prepping. The earlier you start, the more confidence you’ll have one test day, and ultimately, you’ll score higher.

Seek Help From Those Who Can Support You

While high school should be a time to become independent, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out for support. Get to know your teacher’s personality and how to best ask for help when you need it. Form a study group with your peers to hold each other more accountable. You’ll most likely ask either a teacher or guidance counselor for a college recommendation letter, so establishing a two-way relationship with them is essential. These kinds of connections will make you more comfortable interacting with people from all walks of life.

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals

High school gives teenagers a chance to form friendships with people who have the same interests as them. You don’t want to ruin the time and patience it took to build a good work ethic by following others who are less motivated. The desire for you to start young adulthood on a successful path can quickly crumble with just a few negative influences. Conversely, these four years will be over before you know it. You won’t want to look back on your life 20 years from now and regret something you didn’t think was a big deal, like going to a school dance or trying a new sport.

How Landon Schertz Can Help Students Starting High School

Students who are getting ready for high school shouldn’t be overwhelmed. Take this time seriously and start making a plan for college. You don’t have to feel defeated if you’re struggling in a particular subject, and having a support system means all the difference. Landon Schertz helps high school students reach their optimal academic level to become more confident. Managing your time efficiently will help you be the best version of yourself.