Here’s How You Can Tackle The Remote Learning Fatigue

Distance or remote learning is the way to virtually seek education from different sources, including schools and teaching institutions. It is a great way to fulfill the educational commitments of a student and fuel the purpose of additional learning in a much flexible manner. Remote learning can be done in various programs and courses across different languages that support a student’s academic requirements while he/she stays committed to their routine chores. In addition to that, the prime benefit of enrolling oneself in a remote learning program is the freedom of students where they can study as per their time, place, and state of mind. A flexible schedule is what the students like to have and with the help of distance learning, it becomes practical for them to learn the discipline. 

Having said about the benefit of distance learning, we do see that many students are likely to develop a dislike towards this approach over a period of time. Major reasons include lack of mobility, interaction with peers, and a continuous exchange of words/thoughts through the white screen. It is quite common for students to stick to their computer screens during their online sessions which trigger stress and discomfort. They often get tired due to sitting in the same posture, which causes fatigue and exhaustion. Although it is feasible for them to remain at their home, remote learning could bring in boredom and discourage students to interact with others. Online portals mostly require you to engage in video-conferencing sessions where the mentor provides coaching and the students have to sit, without getting distracted for hours. 

Hard to say that this would not be the case in the traditional classroom approach. Within a classroom, students get the environment that binds them, thus making the education interesting. However, creating a simulation for this has caused a trend that is referred to as ‘zoom fatigue’. Therefore, it is crucial as a student to avoid these distractions and cope with the online learning wash out and adopt some tips for that. 

  1. Avoiding screens for a part of your day – First things first, once you are off the online learning session, start keeping yourself away from display screens, be it a computer, mobile phone, or the television. The less you put your eyes in front of a white screen, the more it is better for you to remain focused during the learning sessions later. Excessive screentime could give your eyes a strain and potentially degrade your vision with time. This also affects your retention powers and could cause difficulty in concentrating. To eliminate the harmful effects of continuous screentime in a day, one can devote one’s time to physical exercise, pick up a book to read, etc. 
  1. Bring relevance to your academics (try out the experiments and demonstrations carried out in class) – Online classes could be boring many times and once you’re bored, there’s nothing that can help you concentrate on the studies. It is when you try experimenting with the academic structures, you bring out the creative side of yours. By taking simulations, simple experiments, and practical demonstrations into account, a student can make his/her studies relevant and interesting. 
  1. Work with a tutor – When it becomes strenuous for a student to concentrate and focus on their academics, a tutor is who he/she should walk up to. Talking to a tutor or a mentor helps gain an understanding of ways to become organized, stay alert, and observant. Since distance learning does not always succeed in providing a school-like ambiance, it unwantedly brings in exhaustion and stress. A tutor, on the other hand, significantly encourages you to timely manage things, take optimal breaks to cope with fatigue, build short-term goals, and hone skills to become efficient with time. 
  1. Ease up on your study goals and align them better with your schedule – Having a routine or a schedule for the day really helps a person to manage various activities of his/her life. As a student, it is significantly important to align your day with a timetable, allot optimal time to every chore, and strive to stick to it. Once you develop a habit of following a schedule, you can easily build short-term academic goals. It not only increases your efficiency but also enables you to develop an effective personality. Attending practice sessions on weekends, completing relevant academic assessments on time, and ensuring a work-life balance the key results of aligning your study goals with your routine schedule. 


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