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How Can Tutors Make Learning Fun Online?

Introduction: Importance of making online learning fun

Online learning or e-learning has become the talk of the town and gained mass student recognition in recent years, due to the catastrophic situations we all have faced. COVID-19 brought immense pressure on the students and the complete educational system. This is why the online tutoring sector emerged as a significant privilege to the students as well as home tutors. 

This virtual academic approach majorly benefits either party as both can conveniently connect with each other from their significant locations, which implies added flexibility and work-life balance. Although online tutoring is usually all about communication with the educational perspective in the first place, there is a major need to enhance the way of communication and bring better connection, interaction time, and a bit of fun. 

When home tutors engage with their class students in a friendly way, organize fun activities one day or the other, and take an engaging tone with them, they are likely to participate in the learning procedure, wholeheartedly. In addition, students get motivated in excelling in their curriculums as they enjoy the learning process and memorize things pretty well.

Benefits of online learning 

E-learning has eased up our ability to learn new things as we now have access to a thousand informational articles on the internet. Speaking of, it provides a sense of comfort and flexibility to a student in regards to his or her daily schedule. Plus, rather than commuting to the school/institution, you can save that time and connect with an online tutor to discuss your queries. 

Furthermore, you may have heard that some students are shy about asking their school tutors questions. As a result, virtual learning platforms assist students in receiving assistance on certain concepts that they find difficult to understand. As opposed to other teaching forms, online learning is gradually becoming an ideal approach to gather an extensive range of information at flexible time periods. 

Although online learning sounds simple, there are a handful of things that need to be taken care of. These sessions last long, and for them to remain effective, it is necessary for the tutors to make them engaging and informative. Let’s dig a little deeper into how online learning can be transformed into a fun session – 

  1. Communicate with the students – It is more than imperative for tutors to have a fruitful conversation with the students. It allows them to open up and communicate about their weaker areas, aspirations, feasible approaches for learning, and things like that. Effective communication also creates a positive stimulus between either party that becomes the real reason for a fruitful relationship. Speaking of which, communication lessens the unfamiliarities and supports the students to build better companionship with their mentors.
  1. Be open to introducing them to platforms like YouTube Kids – With the latest technological advancements in recent years, student education has become a lot easier with online tutors seeking help from media platforms and programs. As a tutor, it is quite beneficial to equip your students with YouTube Kids and offer them the right knowledge in a more friendly manner. This approach not only renders informative content but ensures that the process is engaging and goes swiftly. 
  1. Introduce them to fun quizzes – Next up, make the online learning sessions better by presenting interactive, and interesting quizzes and similar information-driven games to the students. Children love games and what better than educating them via these games! These practice activities soak in a lot of information about the student’s psychological behavior and aids you to modify your teaching approach consequently. It further boosts the morale of young students who are motivated to participate in quizzes and learn new things every day.
  1. Play competitive games – Finally, winning a competitive game versus a peer is believed to be a real kind of encouragement to a youngster. Participating in competitive games and winning rewards instills a sense of accomplishment in the students, thus, they aim at getting better. In addition, these games also help in character-building practices, boost self-confidence, and get better at teamwork skills.

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