How To Overcome Math Anxiety?

Mathematics refers to the understanding of topics and concepts having relation with quantity, structures, linear space and change in dimensions that advances an individual’s ability to formulate operations. The subject has always been considered a hard-to-get subject that makes many students, at different grades, struggle. Practicing mathematics requires utmost patience and focus, which becomes one of the main reasons why students fear this subject and cannot cope with the subject pressure. Studies have shown that constant failures in coping with the structures and concepts of this subject tend to bring math anxiety in the students’ minds, resulting in self-doubt and hesitancy in clearing the doubts. This is quite common in students, however, could be easily addressed with immense practice and comprehending the concepts with a strategy.

Although the relation between subject anxiety and individual performance is inversely related to each other- the lower the anxiety level, the better the performance. Similar is the case with mathematics- if an individual continues to perform lesser than anticipated, there might be barriers in understanding mathematical concepts. With most academic institutions focussing on STEM education that includes inclination towards analysis and profound understanding of mathematics, it is significantly important for the student to adopt a few strategies to become a self-learner. 

Learning and adopting strategies for enhancing the understanding of maths subjects is quite effective when you bring it in routine practice. With time, one could try and solve the complex problems in the head, without taking it on paper. Math anxiety could be proven wrong if you make an attempt to overcome it with significant strategies and approach. Here are a few ways you can achieve that – 

  • Know the Basics – Without a doubt, this is the first step towards learning mathematics or any other subject. It is imperative to be able to learn the basics of mathematics, fundamental concepts, and how-to of each program, to further advance your understanding of concepts. Usually, fundamentals and basics of mathematics include general addition and subtraction, factorisation and number structures. Every concept of mathematics revolves around these basics, which makes them an integral part of the subject. 
  • There is More than One Way to Solve a Math Problem! – Always remember to find alternative ways to find a solution to a problem. In mathematics, you will be taught concepts and strategies to arrive at the conclusive solution. Although there will be no perfect way to solve a problem, it is up to the student’s creativity and analytical mindset if he/she can go the other way around to resolve a mathematical query. It is required to let students understand the fact that complex questions in examinations could be two-folded, and might demand multiple methods to solve them. 
  • Consider Math as a Foreign Language – It must be practiced daily for success – Mathematics is said to be a practical subject that requires utmost focus and practice on a routine basis. Just like a foreign language, it is necessary to give your time to this subject too in order to become familiar with its fundamentals. Practicing mathematical problem on a daily basis enhance one’s learning of the subject matter, increase the efficiency and effectiveness in solving complex problems. Furthermore, it boosts the confidence levels of an individual when he or she is able to find solutions to mathematical sums.
  • Encourage understanding not memorization – Many students who struggle in learning mathematics tend to memorise the concepts without mindfully understanding the basics. Cramping and mugging up the strategies of common mathematical queries does not boost one’s understability of the subject. Therefore, it is recommended to give it complete attention to comprehend the concepts instead of memorising the information and trying to recall it afterwards. Encouraging understanding of the concept enable the student to mold it in his/her own ways to get a better grip on it rather than holding your thoughts to only one solution, which is done in memorising things.
  • Get a private tutor – Lastly, approaching a private tutor could certainly help you take a hold of the concepts, strategies that need to be adopted and different ways to solve a problem. A tutor helps the students in clearing their doubts and giving them practice assessments to let them become self-learners. It is seen that students who cannot cope with mathematical queries get embarass in raising their doubts amidst the class. A private tutor comes handy when they have doubts that require one-on-one guidance and undivided attention. 

How can Landon Schertz help?
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