How To Prepare For ACT, SAT, Or PSAT?

SATs, ACTs, and PSATs are a category of examination tests that further permit you to enter the journey of degree college. These are the sole parameters that filter out the suitable applicants from a vast pool of high-school students, who wish to join a college. It reinforces situations of self-reliance, boosts their confidence, and puts them in a need to act logically and analytically.

Most colleges have pre-determined their list of entry-level examinations which is essential to be cleared by every student applicant, thus ensuring their readiness and ease to cope up with the curriculum.

If we talk about each test examination in brief, then ACT stands for American College Testing, which is usually a small and basic test that comprises multiple sections such as analytical mathematics, standard English grammar questions, logical reasons, and passage reading. It is usually in a pen-paper test form that helps colleges decide the applicant’s entry to the college. This is a basic examination test that checks a student applicant’s readiness and performance before letting them in the college. 

Just like that, SAT, which means Scholastic Aptitude Test, is similar to the ACT test that colleges organize to take admission decisions effectively. Further, PSAT which refers to the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test is a scholarship merit examination that allows students to bag in education scholarships based on good scores. 

How A High School Freshman Or Sophomore Should Prepare For Such Entrance Exams

It is crucial that as a high school freshman you know the intricate details; check for similar trial tests before giving the actual examination. Here are a few techniques to do that:

  • Start With The PSAT Preparation – The primary task is to understand the format of the PSAT test examination and set a target score for yourself. The trick to ace these tests is a deep conceptual understanding and practicing, again and again. It also helps you gain a little clearer perspective as to areas of improvement and its collative score will contribute to the final scholarship decision. While you engage yourself in taking numerous trial tests, you will be able to self-analyze your mistakes and correct them via assisting booklets, online means, etc. The preparation will not only inject confidence in you but will also make the actual examination look familiar, so you can run through it smoothly.
  • Prepare For And Take SAT Subject Matter Tests – SAT Subject Matter Tests are routine test examinations that are basically a multiple-choice assessment and are taken to increase the probability of better scores. These have replaced the earlier AP tests and are a credibility factor at the time of selection done by colleges. 
  • Decide Between ACT And SAT Both the test examinations are considered valuable for college admissions, however, one should pick either of the tests to focus better. While ACT allows lesser time for the examination, students always feel a sense of rush and hurry, which causes unwanted errors. On the other hand, SAT gives you standard time to complete every section and can be well understood by an average scoring high-school student, thus maintaining an easy assessment format. 
  • Start The Final Prep – Once you decide which test examination you wish to take, the final step is to begin the core preparation. It is imperative to have a stick-to schedule, target score, daily assessment objectives, etc that help you stay updated and learn essential content on a daily basis, thus maintaining efficiency. Take enough practice tests to realize your weakness, get familiar with the most asked questions, and register yourself with well-structured booklets to get the information easily. 
How A High School Junior Should Prepare For Entrance Exams

Being a high-school junior, you should realize that you still have enough time to take effective steps to enroll yourself in a reputed college in the near future. However, the preparation needs to begin at the early stages, following are a handful of ways:

  • Take A Practice Test – A high-school student may not be familiar with extensive assessments that are required for freshmen to take part in, but they can still familiarize themselves with easy practice tests that include sections like logical reasoning, analytical, basic mathematics, English grammar, etc. This helps them to organize and maintain their speed and by frequently taking such tests, they shall enable themselves to get conceptual knowledge about each section.
  • Find The Next Available Test Dates And Register – Once you start taking assessments from booklets and publications, you can take advantage of the internet and register yourself with online examinations. Stay updated with the date and time when an online assessment is to be open for students and take part to learn and explore your plus points and weaknesses. 
  • Take Help From A Tutor– It is often observed that junior students fail to accomplish good scores in practice tests due to a lack of in-depth knowledge of how to attempt such examinations. Seeking help from a tutor enables a student to get valuable guidance and most tutors guarantee assured improvement, given your study routine. As tutors know the how-to of such assessments, they can play an important role in dealing with your queries, relieving you from examination stress, and boosts confidence so you can perform your level best.

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