Joining University During A Pandemic? Here’s What You Need To Do

This year’s pandemic has hit us all very hard. Being a student has been nerve-racking during the lockdown, given the fact that colleges/universities were not operational and the burden of the incomplete syllabus entirely fell on their shoulders. It was quite a relief in the initial period since students got a breakthrough from their routine; they got time to enjoy and play games all day long.

However, it all turned into anxiety when they needed to study via online modes, and there was less possibility of an actual classroom atmosphere they could get. Joining a university during a pandemic was considered troublesome because roads were blocked, temporary curfew locked everyone inside their home, and mode of transportation was ceased. Therefore, the pandemic’s effect put students into a worrying situation and demanded them to adjust to online sources of education.

The current situation made students opt for different online classes, downloadable assessments, and rechecking their solutions with search engines’ assistance. There are many advantages and disadvantages for students during this scenario, and in the end, it comes to how they tackle their educational requirements in such circumstances. It is quite strenuous to take care of your health and undertake academic requirements simultaneously, that too during this pandemic; thus, the need to self-learn and via various online classes was brought into consideration to ensure that schooling/learning doesn’t break off. 

Online Classes: Is It Worth It?

Before diving into the world of online classes, students need to take care of various factors to ensure smooth undertaking and uninterrupted learning. Recently, online classes were organized for schools and universities to cover the rest of the course and successfully arrange test examinations. The repercussions of this unplanned gesture were a lack of technological facility with every student, such as a stable internet connection and a smart device, a noise-free atmosphere, etc. Further, a relaxed mindset is also imperative to concentrate and soak in the lessons taught. 

Here is the list of things a student needs to take care of-

  • Check Class Formats: Since the online world amazes you with lots of variations, just like that joining online university classes is available in different formats. Before inching close to the first session, crosscheck the class structure, whether it is video sessions, audio assignments, or merely standard textbook assessments in text format. It is essential to check the class formats to be prepared and be flexible to ensure maximum efficiency. 
  • Check Your Technology Needs: Technology plays an essential role in the smooth functioning of online classes. An individual needs to consider a stable and uninterrupted network connection, a smart device such as a smartphone or a laptop, steady web support, and a microphone to speak out your doubts to the lecturer. It is not necessary to have a top-notch version of the smart device, a standard device that gives you access to web browsers, free downloading, and runs smoothly will do the job. 
  • Build A Schedule That Works For You: In contrast to the offline, i.e., classroom sessions, which were a daily reminder of the syllabus you have to complete before the term-end, online classes lack auto-reminders, bring you a responsibility to track your efficiency and deadlines. The circumstances would call for following a tight schedule of logging in for online sessions, completing assignments before the due date, acknowledging the university mails on time to stay updated about upcoming pieces of work, etc. It is also essential to give your body and mind a bio break, go for a small jog, stretch or make yourself a hot cup of joe to stay focussed and concentrated.
  • Take Note That Its College And Things Will Play Out Differently: It is important to be focussed on online classes, one should not forget that being at home still means that they have to attend their college. University discipline might not be a thing at home; however, the time that it takes to practice learning will remain the same at every place. Set yourself a dedicated nook where the ambiance is less noisy and feels like a classroom atmosphere. If you think of it as college time, you will be able to play along and manage your time efficiently dedicatedly.
  • Remember It Will Take A While To Get A Hold Of Things: Switching from the physical classroom sessions to comfortable but hectic online classes would be a task for every student. Some might not be able to cope with the tremendous effort it takes and might get stressed to complete the rest of the course. However, one thing should be kept in mind that these things will become casual and a part of your day with time. You would need to be more vigilant and flexible to deal with every online activity/session in the initial time. Still, once you are in it, you’ll personally be able to take charge of your activities and manage things properly.

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