Learn How To Motivate Your Kid During The Pandemic!

The recent pandemic hit everyone hard, and its continuous waves are tearing every society apart, from the rich to the poor class. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly influences people’s lives, careers, and sustainability, particularly young children’s lives. Educational institutes, schools, and colleges were forced closed to contain the transmission of the virus. Annual examinations, festival events, and even league games were halted because the healthcare services were limited. Social gatherings with friends and family were severely discouraged, and in some cities, such gatherings outside the pandemic norms were also punishable.
Board examinations and entrance tests have been postponed indefinitely because of the rising fear of the COVID-19 virus. The students suffered and extensively lost their regular classes, which were suspended due to nationwide lockdown. As a result, every student’s academic schedule was turned upside-down by the lockdown and quarantine haste. A handful of entrance exams and competitive examinations for higher studies are still being held during this time, as this time of the year is a critical phase for our educational system.

It is imperative that your child remain motivated and focused on their learning schedule and find a way to cope with the situation prevailing outside. Indeed they are not in school, not having daily interaction with their peers or teachers, but it must not affect their academic performance as parents are responsible for supporting them, physically and psychologically. 

Since your kids and you are spending most of your time together, you should make the most of it. 

  • Talk to them frequently about how they are feeling to analyze their state of mind – One of the critical things that you as a parent must do is to communicate with your child- ask them about their academic routine, how are they coping with the homework, and assignments, are they stressed or worried, etc. Ensure to have to-and-fro communication in the most accessible medium they are comfortable in and make an effort to be their friend to understand their state of mind. Effective communication helps them realize that they can open up to you for possible solutions, just like their friends or teachers do.
  • Encourage them to take up a skill they can learn online (if their schedule allows doing so comfortably). Since they’d not be accountable for an 8-hour school routine for some time, you must encourage your child to develop a liking for a skill, acquire knowledge, and take it up for future career opportunities. Skills honed in this time would significantly prove beneficial in the coming years, and if their schedule allows them to make a routine for learning the skill, you must motivate them to prosper. Take help from the internet, assist them with quality searches, and choose which skill they would be interested in acquiring. 
  • Incentivize your child during online classes – The COVID-19 pandemic did hold the educational system for a while; however, as some state boards approved online classes, the notion became a sort of opportunity for the teachers to continue with the leftover academic schedule. Though online classes are a little tiresome, you must take notes and acquire self-learning skills. To accomplish that, attention to online classes is a must. As parents, you must encourage your children for online classes by simply providing them with an incentive opportunity, such as their favorite snack after the class, letting them relax on the weekend, etc. You can also give them the freedom to customize their learning schedule to set the pace accordingly.
  • Encourage reading – The least a student can continue to do while at home is actively reading, maybe a novel, an autobiography, newspapers, or school textbooks. Being a fundamental skill, reading helps you enhance your vocabulary skills and stay updated academically. It also enables you to increase your attention span, focus on learning new things and boost cognitive abilities and critical analysis. 
  • Schedule some time for exercises or light outdoor activities they can do at home – Being at home for most of your time could make you sit idle for hours, which does not do good to your body health. It’s high time to motivate your child and set up a routine for home exercises that helps you in motor development. Light exercises like walking, jogging, jumping rope, dips, and squats effectively keep yourself physically active and mentally prepared.

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