Top 5 Reasons Why e-Learning is Here to Stay

Did you know that 65% of students in the United States are using at least one digital learning tool every day? The past few years have witnessed a shift in the domain of education and learning towards digitization and moving from the offline to online mode. Especially with the pandemic, the realities of education have transformed to a massive extent with e-learning already touching the lives of millions of students world-over. It’s the beginning of a new era: E-learning is here, and it is here to stay. Let’s look at the top five reasons that are enabling this shift for digital learning to become a mainstay –

Flexibility to learn different subjects 

The biggest plus of online learning is that it has made possible access to a whole lot of subject areas and domains for students that traditional schools could not offer due to budget constraints, lack of teaching experts, or low demand. With e-learning, students now have the flexibility to learn different subjects, and with the option of hundreds of online courses, MOOCs, can explore new and varied subject areas, find what they like, and pursue their interest areas.

The advantage of learning at a customized pace 

E-learning makes learning a customizable domain to suit the needs of each student. Unlike traditional classrooms that mostly work on a one-size-fits-all approach to learning from delivering lectures, teaching methods to pace, e-learning offers the option of learning at a customized pace that works best for the individual student.

While learning online, students can visit and revisit lessons and accelerate through topics, with no need to rush or catch up to the teaching that doesn’t pause for them. Plus there’s no room for judgment or any kind of pressure, instead much greater flexibility to actually learn and improve. Studies suggest that e-learning requires 40-60% less time to learn. A study by the Research Institute of America found that e-learning shows increased retention rates among students.

A teacher shouldn’t be ahead or behind the student in class, but be walking along him to impart the best teaching. Online learning makes it possible and teachers like Landon Schertz who stand by the practice are leveraging the medium to make learning exciting and effective.

Reduced cost 

Education is expensive, and parents pay huge sums as tuition fees to schools. E-learning on the other hand is much more affordable and less costly on average even if the student engages in both course curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Cost savings don’t end here as with e-learning one can save the cost of travel, hostel accommodations and even study material and supplies as learning goes digital.

The comfort of learning from home 

E-learning has liberated learning from the brick and mortar structures and places like a school, centre or office and made it possible to access education remotely from anywhere. For students, it means learning from the comfort of their homes with e-learning there for them whenever they need it.

This gives them access to education not bound by time or place as well as the flexibility of scheduling and timing it according to themselves.

Improved technical skill 

E-learning makes use of digital tools, techniques, software and platforms to impart their knowledge as well to students, along with the main curricula. As they use these technologies, one can expect them to form a technical skill base early on that is required by all industries and sectors today in the digital age.

Broader worldview 

E-learning is opening up a wider world for students as they interact and engage with people across countries and cultures, exposing them to new ideas and ways of thinking. Thus online learning helps shape a broader and rich worldview with new ideas and perspectives that have no limit.

Landon Schertz- Making learning easy through online classes 

Landon Schertz has touched the lives of many students over the course of his career as a tutor and mentor and helped them chart the path towards academic success. Especially since the pandemic, Schertz has enabled his students to navigate through the new challenges with easy and effective e-learning ways, constantly investing in strategies to improve the lives of students with online learning programs and courses.

E-learning is here to stay and to change the way of learning for the better and a cut above, let’s embrace it and ace it together! 
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