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Reasons Why Your Online Tutor Might Not Be Teaching Well

Introduction: Repercussions of an online tutor not teaching well 

Our education system has shifted its focus from traditional classrooms to online learning modules, especially during the ill-fated rise of COVID-19. That being said, our children were bound to continue their education with their tutors via online mediums and stick to computer screens for an awful lot of time. 

Without a steady network, it might be impossible for a tutor to reach out to his/her complete batch of students, and thus, this becomes a major backlash of online tutoring. There are additional reasons why online learning might be a problem for a student, such as a lack of specialized support. There may be moments when a student needs one-on-one attention, yet the lack of human touch makes it difficult for the student to express his or her concerns.

For some students, online tutoring doesn’t go much well because the tutors do not take up an effective, or better said, relevant approach for them. This creates mental barriers within the students’ minds, which ultimately results in struggling to adapt to the online learning modules. Especially when the students are bound to rely on online tutoring, it is critical for them to have an effective tutor or mentor, who can simplify the doubts and cater to the students’ requests effectively.

Apart from that, there are other reasons why an online tutor could struggle in an online class, so let’s dig a bit deeper and examine why this would be the case:

  • Technical problems – Most of our tutors are not well-versed with the latest technology and therefore face fundamental technical issues in connecting with their students. Usually, there are minor problems such as network error, inability to cast the online screen, platform issues, and so on, that occur on a daily basis. Also, even if they are equipped with theoretical knowledge, they struggle hard to pass it on via just a visual screen. Having said that, there could always be an internet outage, which might result in your class getting strangled in a tick.
  • Personal life issues – Even if the technical problems do not emerge, you may find your online teacher unfocused due to the excessive workload that he or she might be getting. In order to create a manageable work-life balance, it is imperative for online tutors to give themselves enough time after they get free from the class. If they encounter mental illness or a certain issue related to their personal life, it would become a major hindrance in their efficiency to hold an online class proficiently. Therefore, finding the right work-life balance would be primarily necessary for the teachers in order to live up to the expectations of their students.
  • Physically/mentally unfit – In case a tutor faces medical issues and seems to be unfit for teaching the class, he or she would be unable to communicate well and enlighten the students with the relevant information. Being mentally and physically fit is quite important, especially during the current scenarios. Online tutoring could get tiresome and therefore requires your optimal focus to render efficiently. In addition, remaining psychologically unfit or unbalanced would jeopardize not just your personal health, but also put the students’ future on the edge.
  • No growth from the employer’s side – Last, and primarily a significant reason why an online tutor might not succeed positively would be the sheer negligence of their efforts that are put into the online tutoring sessions. Most teachers usually do not get recognized for their hardships and struggles with online programs. If they do not find any possible sustainable growth from their employer’s end, it would not be worthy enough to put so much effort into the vain. That is why having your employer’s support might be a morale booster for teachers who start their online tutoring journey. 

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