Signs your child would benefit from private tuition

You must remember school- for both the good times and the bad. It was a time in your life when you were trying to figure out you who were and who you wanted to one day be. It was a great time in all.

Whether you excelled at Science or History, it was a time of learning and of fun. If you had a good guidance counselor, they must have helped you get into the right classes so that you could plan for college and also helped you plan your flourishing career. Now, does your child have a good guidance counselor, or do you need to step in and check on your child’s position in relation to his education and their career? Are they excelling, or are they behind the pack?

The one-on-one engagement offered by private tuition is priceless. There are no interruptions to break your child’s concentration and no other students to split the tutor’s time. This focused attention helps give your child not only crucial knowledge and understanding but self-esteem and confidence. These two go a long way when it comes to their educational evaluations. 

Could your child benefit from customized learning? Well, any child can go farther with customized lesson plans as not all children learn at the same pace. So why would you teach them at the same pace?

Your child may be worse at math than the child beside him but they may be better at composition and grammar. These are the types of issues that a private tutor can assess and customize a plan to approach. A child can have a hard time studying with their parents and some children just do not like certain teachers. A private tutor like Landon Schertz can offer a different perspective, taking some of the stress off of them so that they feel more at ease. A different perspective can also help in their actual studies. If they do not feel so stressed, they will be more apt to excel. 

Every parent needs to ask themselves- 
  • Is your child struggling in school? 
  • Are they unable to keep up with their peers? 
  • Is your child excelling in school, even showing enthusiasm for a particular subject?

If yes,  private tuition is something you should think about.

If your child is having trouble in school, private tuition could certainly be of help. Whether they are a little behind or terribly behind, private tuition could make sure the situation is assessed and addressed so that your child can move toward catching up and gaining the confidence they need to stay that way. If your child is excelling in school, especially if they are excelling in a particular subject they enjoy, private tuition can skyrocket their chances of turning that exuberance into a career they can enjoy for a lifetime. It can turn those general classes into AP (advanced placement) classes, which look great on college applications. 

If your child is preparing to attend college, it may be time to think about private tuition. College can be overwhelming even for the best students, at first. Just signing up for classes for the first time can seem stifling. However, private tutors such as Landon Schertz can prepare them by getting them up to speed both academically and generally. Besides, a student who is confident academically will be more confident facing the world.

Do you want your child to get into a good school? The classes they take now matter, and the grades they make certainly matter. Your child may even get a little advice on clubs to join to help his chances of getting into the school of his choice. Also, those SAT and ACT scores are vital to your child getting into the school of their choice. Private tuition can help to boost their scores by hundreds of points. And it matters. 

It is a technological world, and with each day that passes, it is becoming more so. Private tuition can prepare your child to excel with technology at their side and to use technology to get where they want to go in life. It is possible, with today’s STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education in place, that your child may want to pursue a career in technology. A private tutor like Landon Schertz can be of great help in this situation. Your child may also need to attend a vocational-technical college during their last year or two of school to better prepare them for college, and some of these classes can be challenging. 

Has your child missed any school this year? It is quite easy to get behind if you miss even one day of class. It may have been the day that the teacher covered a subject vital to your child’s success in a given class. Sometimes, it’s just one rule in grammar or one formula in algebra that can throw your child off their game. A private tutor can significantly bridge the gap by helping them understand the concepts they missed out on.