Signs Your Kid Is Struggling With Online Learning And What You Should Do About It

With the introduction of various means of online education and distance learning, the schooling routine of children has become much more flexible and easy. Now they have access to remote learning with new heights to achieve and get an instant benefit of setting up their learning pace.

For instance, a student gets the opportunity to study more or less depending upon his flexibility and time available, which helps him/her to improve the educational base slowly and steadily. However, there seems to be a struggling point in the online learning experience that students experience, that they may lack the facility of steady internet service, a smart device, or a quiet place to devote to studies.

Even if it helps you to learn much more efficiently, it may require you to devote a part of your day and take out time to learn via online means. Some students may get distracted by the smart devices and their family being around them, also your home might not provide a traditional classroom environment that helps you concentrate. Without reliable supervision, many students may also feel the burden of the online curriculum and could get disappointed and lose interest at the initial stages only. It is also observed that students fail to cope up with their sleeping pattern, which restricts them from a focused learning routine. Such hindrances hold students back from getting fruitful online learning assistance and fail to take advantage of such beneficient provision.   

How Would You Know If Your Child Faces Trouble With Online Learning

As parents, you should be able to observe the changes in your kid’s behavior and studying pattern. When they are exposed to online learning- do they experience any sort of difficulty while understanding the concepts off of the internet? do they require a constant instructor who guides them through the correct way? These things are common when students begin their online learning practice. Here are a few signs for you to look out for:

  • Less Time Dedicated To Doing Homework – Often students run away from completing their homework or spending time for revision practice. This is a clear signal that he/she is experiencing trouble in their education and requires your intervention. Learning from online platforms usually calls for a self-practice schedule and ceases to provide a comprehension that a student gets in a traditional school classroom. Therefore, when your child starts not taking out enough time for the homework, it means they require alternative ways to grasp conceptual knowledge from online learning platforms. 
  • They Are Not Comfortable Talking About School – It is also possible that when your child does not tell you much about his school practices, daily routine, or education-related things, they might be under educational stress that restricts them to concentrate better. Not talking about school or revising their classwork leads to a belief that their learning procedure is disturbed. It might be because of the unsupportive behavior of teachers, not able to get started with internet learning, etc. 
  • You See A Dip In Their Grades – With the help of online learning facilities, your kid should be able to perform well and score better than his/her previous terms. However, at times, they couldn’t match their productivity with the performance and scores they achieved, thus getting disappointed and downhearted. If you come across your child’s decreasing scorecards, it’s time to talk them through the ways to tackle such situations, getting proactive for doubts/queries.

Ways To Help Your Child

  • Help Them Create A Schedule – The first thing you should help your child with is to bring a routine plan into action that helps them to manage their activities and take time to devote to learning. A well-planned schedule allows them to increase their efficiency over time and focus better on conceptual knowledge. Further, sticking to a plan enables them to take time for other errands, doing things that they like, extra-curricular activities, thus helping them to take responsibility for their actions.
  • Encourage Breaks – A break is equally important for increased concentration as it is important to relax the mind. Taking small breaks during the learning sessions help their mind rest and focus again with greater efficiency. Also, if your child takes a couple of breaks, he/she can think about the rest of their day, compose their physical and mental state, and resume their learning practice.
  • Work With A Tutor –  Online learning could get tough without a tutor’s assistance and would fail to provide the real benefits. Thus, it is recommended to refer to a private tutor or a mentor who aids your child’s educational journey, boost confidence by letting them complete various assessments, correcting their mistakes, and allowing them to learn from them. 

Hiring a tutor like Landon Schertz will permit your child to acquire a personalized learning experience, gain insights as to where they lack, and take steps to overcome those challenges.