What not to do while preparing for exams?

Exams— often children are dreaded from this word and we all know the reason behind it. After all, those three hours of examination are going to evaluate your life-long academic performance and compile it as a report, which will go to your parents. Not to mention, the report will decide if you’ll be gifted a new bicycle or not! Well, if you desperately need that new bicycle and don’t want to disappoint your parents or yourself, we have a few tips for you. For some, it is life-altering decisions that affect their desired career path.

While scoring well in exams is all about studying hard and working even harder on memorizing important points, it also needs strategizing. Yes, you heard that right! Strategizing your time, efforts, and study material is important to score well. You have to take out time for practice writing, revising the study material, and attempting last year’s questions. Tutors like Landon Schertz help their students by providing a well-prepared strategy, however, if you are self-studying so make sure you avoid the below-mentioned mistakes:

Missing the time-table 

Discipline is the most important thing in our lives. And nothing ever goes well missing out on a routine, so here goes the first tip for you— never miss the timetable. As we are running in a time crunch, it is important that you time your breaks accordingly. Also, it is even more important to have proper nutrition so schedule your time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You know what else a timetable helps with? Allotting some extra time to that one subject you need to give the most attention or in other words, you hate the most! So, clearly many benefits can be availed by having a healthy routine

Narrowing down focus on making notes 

Reading the lesson, again and again, might be helpful but at times you might feel like it kills a lot of time. Thus, you will find it necessary to narrow down focus on making notes the first few times you go through a chapter or lesson. As the days of the examination approach, it will help you go through the main points, however this activity should be strictly avoided during the crucial days. It might prevent you from absorbing the knowledge and lessons, and you would end up spending time solely on making notes. So remember, making notes is to be done throughout the year and during your class— NOT as the examination approaches.

Collecting hordes of study material 

We all have been in that tight spot— out of syllabus questions. The mystery never fails to stress any student. Thus, it is your duty to stay prepared prior to your examination. However, collecting study guides, watching videos and staying aware of the specific topic sounds like a pain. This is why it is a good idea to hire a tutor like Landon Schertz who will prepare you thoroughly for attempting every kind of challenge to excel in your examination. Hiring a tutor will also guide you to focus on the necessary information rather than you feeling lost with hordes of study material.

Studying late at night 

A good sleeping schedule is always advisable to students, however many might ignore it for studying late at night. No matter how cool or peaceful that sounds, it is a big NO. The time you sleep at night will determine the time you wake up the next morning and within a few days, that will be your sleep cycle. 

Now, you do not want to wake up with sore eyes on the day of your exam, isn’t it? So, we recommend avoiding pulling off those late nights and preparing your mind and body to function well early in the morning (which might be the examination timing for many students.) Also, as per a study, morning studies are more productive and enhance the capacity of the brain.

How can Landon Schertz help? 

As we mentioned earlier, hiring a tutor can be extremely helpful for preparing you for the examinations. A private tutor who has more than 7 years of experience in helping high school students achieve their academic goals, not only by studying harder but also through personality development techniques. He believes in working on instilling confidence in students apart from teaching them test-taking strategies. 

With his brilliant and successful past record, he has helped many students excel in subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, World Literature, Biology, U.S. History, Economics, Health Studies, Environmental Studies, Anatomy, Physiology

and SAT/ACT/PSAT, SSAT/ISEE, SAT Subject Tests, MCAT, LSAT, GRE and COOP/HSPT/TACHS, being his other specializations.
If you are dreading your examination, you know whom to approach!