What To Expect From Your First Tutoring Session?

Tutoring could be a productive practice if you know what areas you need to cover in your tutoring session. Often, children are confused as to what concepts/subjects they should take into consideration as they don’t get such chances in a traditional classroom.

Private tutoring allows a student to raise any doubt to his/her mentor and get a personalized attention span that enables the student to comprehensively understand the concept. Since tutoring sessions are a great way to address those issues that a student might not get help within his/her school, it is a viable alternative to opt for a private tutor to meet the academic objectives and for betterment in scores. The first tutoring session is generally about knowing your tutor and setting clear objectives as to what you need to seek help with, and academic expectations as a student

It is imperative to know your tutor’s background, the subjects he/she has expertise in, to fulfill your educational needs and address your concerns efficiently. Your prospective tutor should possess effective communication skills, time management, and organizational qualities so you can develop and adapt to those skills. The first session with a private tutor often involves spending time to talk about your interests, career choices, preferred subjects, and areas where you lack. As a tutor, it is your responsibility to make your student comfortable so they can easily express their views and things running in their mind, about the upcoming tutoring experience. Every student inclines towards an experience that falls under their expectations and conveniently takes them through the process. 

Here are a few things a tutor could do on the first session of private tutoring – 

  • Scheduling – The first and foremost task to be completed is to create tutoring schedules and daily routines. Often, the first thing that comes into a tutor’s mind is to target that time of the day when the student feels productive, which helps them to focus and learn quickly. Scheduling is important to set a number of parameters for performance, the number of lessons to be covered in a set timespan, tutoring hours, etc. By adhering to a strict time frame/schedule, your tutor could enable you to spend a fixed time on various subjects, thus keeping the educational cycle consistent and moving with time.
  • Rapport building – A good rapport allows a student to express his/her issues, grief, examination stress, seek academic solutions, or discuss career possibilities. It is crucial for a tutor to build a positive image and present a helpful rapport in front of the student. Since the tutoring experience would be significantly affected by this, most tutors tend to make their students relaxed and ask them inter-personal questions and strike a responsive conversation which helps the tutors to understand the students’ views and analytical edge. Another way to build rapport is to find time to reconnect; tutors could connect with the students before the start of the session, ask them about their day or discuss any topic if they share similar interests. Such things enforce a positive image in the minds of the students. 
  • Identifying strengths of the student –  This step requires utmost focus and holds much significance. It is necessary to understand and identify the areas of strengths of a student to further proceed with the tutoring session. Having to know such details allows a tutor to adapt to a specific tutoring approach that motivates the students and encourages them for better scores. After a student realizes its core strengths, he/she will be able to set future academic objectives and explore various other fields of interest.
  • Discuss areas of improvement with the parents – Even if the student faces any difficulty after tutoring sessions, there are situations when their parents can be called in to discuss their child’s performance levels. Such meetings are held between the parent/guardian and the tutor, and these prep sessions include in-depth discussions about where their child lacks, training modules, completion of revision assignments, and many other things.
  • Setting up of goals – Lastly, your first tutoring session should help you stick to academic goals and objectives that you are required to achieve within a set time period. These goals could be an increase in marks for a particular subject, time-specific goals that help increase efficiency in finding solutions, etc. Your tutor will help you to set attainable goals by taking your current performance abilities into account, so you are not overburdened at any time.

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